2012: to simply “be”

Happy 2012 to you all.  It’s so lovely to be back here with you all & I’m really excited about 2012 and all that its to be and become.  It’s going to be an incredible year!!!

I enjoyed a lovely Summer break at home with my boys and enjoyed fun-filled visits from friends and family.  We were very much in need of some down time and relaxation by the end of last year.  It was just wonderful to go at our own pace, enjoy each moment completely, have no distractions and reasons to pull us away from simply being and enjoying.  I wish life could go at this pace all the time.  I am aiming to find more of this balance this year as a family.

2012, well, where do I start?!  With a single word that encapsulates all that I would like my year to mean and be.  I have been pondering this special word for the past few weeks.  Writing, thinking, listing, dreaming, assessing, believing and trusting what I am feeling within to discover my word.  Some words I wrote down are; courage, authentic, aspire, happiness, allow, inspire, nurture, be, clarity, breathe, believe, calm, peace, being, allow, enjoy.  In my mind I keep coming back to; just simply “be” or “being“.  These words appeared multiple times on my lists too.  I have sat on this for a week now and I am not sure if this makes much sense.  Does “be” or “being” without adding multiple words encapsulate all I want for myself this year?  I don’t know.  But, rather than force a word, or pick something that sounds “right” or “identifiable”, I will just allow this little word “be” to stay with me for now.  If you would like to establish your own special word for the year, you may like to pop over to Ali Edwards website as she initially came up with this lovely concept of selecting a word for each year that one can listen to, become aware of, meditate on, and learn from.  She has generated many discussions and thoughts and words through this little yearly excercise.

I am beginning 2012 with a whole lot of enthusiasm and excitement as I began my first class of “Hello Soul, Hello Business” yesterday hosted by Kelly Rae Roberts and Beth Nicholls.  WOW!!!  Day 1, and my mind is alert, active, and inspired by a whole new way of thinking and planning.  I couldn’t switch off to sleep last night.  All I wanted to do was sit, write and continue to plan.  This is going to be another super productive step forward for my art business this year and I can’t wait to start implementing all I learn.  I have some very exciting projects and ideas that I want to launch and make reality.

Much of my enthusiasm and excitement this week has also come about because I got the opportunity to start painting again last week.  I spent and entire day and night painting in my little studio, allowing my mind to simply be, enjoying my music and finding the rhythm within again.  This felt SO good!  The one thing I have really missed over my break was painting.  I feel such freedom, such joy and passion when I paint.  It is the one thing apart from yoga that really allows me to switch of that banter that often fills my mind, and to just be in the moment, in existence enjoying life for what it is, allowing what is within to come forth, and I guess to express itself upon my canvas.

Painting is what I dream about, think about constantly, and I’m always speculating on how I can squeeze in more time here and there to paint.  I have felt a constant pull and need to paint.  Such a need and desire to do something above all else, without procrastination and distraction is something I’ve not felt for many years.  So much so that I felt quite overwhelmed toward the end of 2011.

I had by August 2011 established all these goals and achievements that I wanted to accomplish by the end of the year.  But, one of them was starting to shine above the rest.  I have always drawn since I was very young, it’s come fairly naturally, I’ve enjoyed it and it is a “safe” hobby.  In other words I know if I practice daily and draw regularly I can do it with ease and confidence.  However, painting is new.  I first started to paint in March of 2011.  I essentially fell head over heals in love with it.  Well, I don’t really wear heals, but I was incredibly drawn to paint!!  It is not something I am trained in, I have not practiced this for any great length of time, and I have not done copious classes or reading or workshops on learning how to paint.  It is not the safe option and it is not familiar.  It is unknown, it is still to be developed, it’s raw, it’s exciting, it’s explorative, and I love it!

Only last night I became aware of my deep passion towards painting.  I have heard of these “A-ha” moments for a while now and always wondered, yeah, ok, so how forced are these moments, are they something we “want to be”, or “want to achieve” a bit like a forecast of our wildest dreams?  This concept felt very unnatural to me and I really didn’t think about the whole “a-ha” again because I didn’t necessarily understand it.  But, last night at about 10pm I experienced my first “a-ha” moment.  I suddenly felt clearer in my direction, certain of my goals for this year, sure of myself, and a kind of comfort and knowing within that I was heading in the right direction.  I suddenly realised that I was trying to achieve too much last year.  I was aiming to be both an illustrator and a painter.  I wanted to push equally in both directions and build a folio of work in both mediums in the aim of building a stronger business and income.  However, this wasn’t happening, I was struggling to devote equal time to both, and when I did sit down to draw up an illustration it wasn’t happening naturally or frequently enough.  However, painting was something I could easily throw myself into at any moment.  I will always draw, and I will continue to draw and illustrate daily in my sketchbook, and these drawings will still continue to influence and form a part of my paintings.  Drawing will always be a big part of me.  But, my passion lies in painting.  Painting is what I want to share, and give to others as something to feel inspired by.  I would love if my paintings evoked feelings of inspiration, happiness, comfort and also got others thinking and pondering themselves.  Painting is the area I feel I should focus my attention and time on this year.

I have been attempting to write this very first blog entry for 2012 for the past 2 weeks now.  It wasn’t flowing naturally as it normally would.  I usally just write without a plan, but more from my heart and what I’m feeling, or thinking about at the time.  I was stumped for what to write though.  I had all the usual Christmas, New Year, beach visits, and holiday stuff in my head and photographed ready to post, but it seemed insignificant and boring to me.  This blog is about me, my art, my thoughts, dreams, inspirations and discovery as I move forward little by little into simply being me.

May 2012 bring you much love, happiness and inspiration to follow your intuition and your inner being.

Liza xxx


24 thoughts on “2012: to simply “be”

  1. So nice to hear from you in what seems like a very long time! I kept popping back here, convinced I had missed a post. You have been busy! I always forget that you are immersed in the lazy days of summer..hmmm, how nice. Enjoy them. I love that picture of Michael lying in the grass while the boys run around. That is summer! (Please include some more sand and surf shots too)
    Beautiful post. I love the simplicity of your word~ Be. I always think of one big sigh when I think of that word. Its a grounding word for me.
    Wishing you only the best this year! I look forward to sharing it with you.
    Julie xo
    Very happy that you are painting again, but still want to see lots more of your illustrations!

    • I know it was a while wasn’t it. I just needed some time without obligations this summer break. Yes busy busy the past couple of weeks finding our rhythm here again. It’s a funny summer again hot one week, winter the next…that’s Melbourne though. I love the longer days though it’s beautiful being able to get outdoors at night and not have it be dark til 9pm. I shall definitely include some summer and beach photos for you over the coming weeks. I’m thinking about Sunday night wrap posts, ie. a wrap of the weekend just including photos and inspiration.
      “Be” has been with me the past few weeks and I kept trying to push it from my mind as I didn’t really understand it, or think of it as “my 2012 word”, it didn’t seem enough. But, I am very comfortable now and it’s already teaching me a lot and reminding me to saviour every little moment in every day. It is a grounding word, I totally agree with you, and it’s very much what I need. Last year was full on, a lot of change, much get up and go and energy full charge ahead. This year I feel I need time to contemplate, look within again, and feel the moments I’m living.
      You too honey, you are going to have an incredibly year. I’m loving the direction your work is taking, there’s been another shift, and I can tell you’re enjoying every minute (o: Keep having fun, Liza xxx PS. I am drawing daily still so will post photos from time to time.

    • Hello Malini, so lovely to see you over here, that makes me smile so wide X Your words are very special and held deep in my heart, they mean so much coming from you xxx PS. Happy New Year sweetie, may 2012 be a beautiful, joyful year for you, Greg and your beauitful family. Who knows what this year holds we might even meet too (O”

    • REally, that’s fabulous Ursula, I love that you are also focusing on “be” this year. It took me a long time to feel comfortable with it and not keep pushing it from my thoughts thinking it wasn’t a proper word to chose. I didn’t understand it at first, but it was very persistant in my mind, so I went with it and am so happy I did. I am discovering there is much to learn from this 2 letter little word (O” Wishing you a super year ahead Ursula and Happy New Year to you xxx

  2. hmmmm…you just made me stop and take a very DEEP breath LIza…thank you for that reminder…I seem to need them a bit in these past few months where everything seems to be speeding up for me. Just last week we had dear friends over and I was ranting a bit about everything on my plate and how I don’t know if I’m ready yadayada and whining in my small self voice and my friend Katie stopped me and said “but you have to remember you’re not Tracy Verdugo…all of this is just your ego talking’….WoW that took my breath away!! She is so right! what we have to share and teach and paint and learn and give is SO much bigger than these little personas we have taken on…i sense you are going to have an amazing year and I am going to take your prompt as often as I can remember and just BE…love you, your work and your heart 🙂

    • Tracy I am so glad this post bought you so time to sit, ponder and breath. I know how busy and dedicated you have been of late and how these stages can zap your energy and push you off balance. You are in a huge leap forward with your creative outlets and artwork at the moment. I think after this trip you will find your grounding again and be able to BE in the moment, BE in your heart, BE with who you are within again. Thank you, it’s been so lovely to have your encouragement, friendship and heart. I’m really enjoying and looking forward to the surprises and moments that are around the corner this year. xxx

    • ooo yay that’s exciting, can’t wait to hear all about it and move ahead together creatively for what is going to be an awesome year! Adventure, yes that is just perfect for you (O” and I can’t wait to see all these adventures unfold on your beautiful paintings xxx

  3. Hi Liza, “BE” is one one my favorite words and we have never spoken about it!!! I loved this post. It goes right back to the words at the top of your blog home page that describe you so perfectly!! x o

    • How could I miss this special ‘comment’ from one of my dearest friends…! Lynne I love that you love & learn & grow from this word. I know, I know, but you and I have so much to share and talk about, I think we’ve barely touched the surface as we’re usually juggling lil ones. Our time will be our own in time. Thank-you sweetie, lovely that you’re still enjoying reading my posts xxx

  4. Hi Liza, i love your word, simply being is a great way to be. Wishing you much joy in your painting this year, looking forward to seeing more of your passionate art. xx

    • Thank you Chelle. Wishing you also a fabulous year ahead with many more beautiful moments captured by your wonderful eye. You have already developed so much and achieved a lot last year, I can’t wait to see what 2012 will bring for you. xxx

  5. Dear Liza, Welcome back to blogland! Your word for the year BE, is wonderful, and its great to read that you have found some clarity and direction with your art already. Wishing you a fantastic 2012 filled with artistic creativity, rewarding and fulfilling activities, love, happiness and inspiration. And may all your dreams come true!

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