Festivities & winding down

Hello you’ve probably noticed my posts are becoming less and less frequent.  I’ve had great intentions of posting here for you most nights but somehow my body just won’t allow it.  Last night for instance I fell asleep again early at 8:30pm.  I’d only sat down on the couch for the purpose to fold the washing, not sleep.  You guessed it, the washing didn’t get folded!  I’m also having a few computer issues.  I think my laptop is a bit weary after working so hard too this year as it keeps overheating on me and shutting down on its own without warning, so I’ve got to try to fix this tomorrow.  Back up has been done, phew.   

I’m continuing to receive lovely feedback on my new Etsy site and some more sales came in last week which is so exciting.  I’m really enjoying sending out pieces of my artwork around the world, spreading some happiness and inspiration.  It’s such a wonderful feeling.  I plan to have more artwork available in the new year including my illustrations. 

I was excited on Friday night to give one of my very dear friends an enlarged reproduction of one of my illustrations on canvas.  She loves it!  It’s such a beautiful feeling to see someones face light up with joy when they’re holding a piece of your work.  I will hold this in my heart forever, so special.

Our families celebrated the festive season on Friday night together with a yummy meal and just relaxed, enjoying each others company.  Our friends bought a beautiful home-made chicken curry and I made a chocolate and chestnut mousse for desert.  Here are some photos and of my desert above and below.

I’d also been baking throughout the day as Tully had his daycare Christmas party that afternoon, so I made some shortbread stars for him to take and share with his little friends.  He had a wonderful afternoon with his friends at daycare, munching festive food, playing outdoors (before the thunderstorm rolled in) and meeting Santa who delivered books to each of the children and briefly spoke with them.  They all sang Christmas songs together as a group too for all the families, which I thought was pretty impressive for a group of 3 year olds!! 

On Saturday we had our local community Christmas Fair.  It filled the main street with local traders displaying their goods, the local fruit shop pulled in their big truck for the kids to see (Tully kept saying “Poppy’s truck!”).

There were craft stalls, a couple of rides, people cooking delicious food and local celebrities such as Paul Mecurio were also there, Santa was there for the kids, there was music and bubbles and decorations, and the local Fire Department were also there, and Tully and his little friend loved seeing and exploring the fire truck!It was a fun afternoon, although we didn’t stay to enjoy it all as Tully was tired from the night before and the heavens opened with yet more rain and thunder.  Today has been a quiet day at home with the boys; listening to more Christmas carols (Flynn loves to sing and dance), wrapping some gifts to place under our tree, and gathering ingredients to make our annual panforte, biscotti and French Forgotten cookies which we love to give as gifts and also enjoy on Christmas Day.  I tried to get a photo of Tully & Flynn under our tree together.  Both smiling at the same time and sitting still was not an easy task!!

I really can’t believe how quickly these weeks are flying.  I’m totally pooped and running out of energy now so it certainly is the end of the year and I’m enjoying slowing down the pace and enjoying some early nights in bed.  I will post again on here before Christmas though.  I hope you’re all enjoying the festivities, beautiful Christmas spirit and enjoying some family time in preparation for Christmas this year.  It really is so magically having little ones around to share it with.  Christmas has become even more special for Michael and I now we have our lil boys to share and enjoy it with.

Liza xxx


6 thoughts on “Festivities & winding down

    • Thankyou Lori, yes it is, time just goes so quickly it becomes even more apparent during these special times of year. I must find some time to pop back over to your blog soon too Lori, it’s been a while. Looking forward to some relaxing browsing and reading and catching up over the hols. Wishing you and your loved ones a beautiful Christmas time. Liza xxx

  1. Dear Liza, I hope you are feeling more rested now. I am so thrilled to hear that you have had more sales. Wishing you continued success with your store!! Thanks for sharing about your family time. It all sounds so wonderful! Wishing you much love, peace and joy at Christmas and through out the Holiday season. And may all your dreams come true in 2012! Wini xo

    • Still not 100% so I think it’s time to sign out for the year and take a well earned break and rest up now. Thankyou so much for your beautiful encouragement and warm friendship. It has been so wonderful to share my year with you and I look forward to supporting and encouraging each other for many years to come. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and Summer Holidays too Wini, enjoy and love to you and your family. Liza xxx

  2. Loved everything about that post from your excitement of etsy to gift giving, sharing with friends, family time and those adorable little boys. Life is sweet. Enjoy it! happy holidays to you and your family.xo

    • Hello that’s great, so happy you enjoyed this little post. Life is very sweet indeed, so precious and so much fun, I love it completely! I’m about to go and write my last blog post for the year, can’t believe it’s nearly Christmas. Thankyou so much sweetie, I have loved forming a new friendship with you and I look forward to many years more to come. Thankyou, you have the most wonderful white Christmas (must be so beautiful!!!) enjoy and love to you, Lxxx

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