Beautiful inspiring books

A few months ago now I entered a little online giveaway courtesy of one of my favourite journals Paper Runway.  The giveaway was for a signed copy of Pia Jane Bijkerk’s brand new book “My Heart Wanders“.  I was super surprised to receive a lovely email from Paper Runway’s editor Nikki saying that I was the lucky winner.  WOW!  I was thrilled to be the recipient of such a beautiful book.  So, today I am sharing it with you.

Where do I start?  Pia Jane Bijkerk is an Australian internationally acclaimed stylist, photographer, blogger and author.  She has previously published “Paris: made by hand” and “Amsterdam: made by hand“. 

This new book of Pia’s is one that I can look at over and over, and over again, and still find a new delightful image or illustrative detail that had previously gone unnoticed, or written words that spark my imagination in a completely new way the second time around.  A beautiful journey for ones own mind to reflect and ponder their own life journey. 

A photographic diary to evoke even those not usually drawn to photography.  Pia’s signature styling is key to bringing her words alive in ones own mind.  My Heart Wanders is simply stunning, visually delightfully and such a beautiful book that I will keep beside my bed always.

Just recently a lovely old uni friend of mine messaged me the details of a book she thought I might enjoy and gain some valuable insight from.  It is called “The Divided Heart; Art and Motherhood” by Rachel Power.  This intriguing book literally arrived on my doorstep yesterday.  Needless to say I’ve been desperate to read it.  I turned the first page last night, however it was nearing midnight and my eyes wouldn’t stay open after more than a couple of pages.  Certainly not for lack of interest or a dull start though.  I was hooked and so keen to pick it up again that I tried this morning and encouraged the boys to read their own books beside me on the couch.  This didn’t really work though (you don’t say Liza), of course they wanted me to read their books to them.  I managed to get through the introduction in a disjointed fashion and have loved every word so far.  As I can’t review it completely for you yet, I have found this book review for you. 

Last but not least another book that has been moving back and forth from our coffee table is “The Artist’s Lunch” by Alice McCormick.  Two of my favourite subjects Art and Food, now how could I resist a peek inside the cover of this bold book?!  It’s fabulous.  Full of colourful, beautiful photographs and conversations over shared meals between photographer Sarah Rhodes and writer Alice McCormick, and some of Australia’s most well-known artists.

Oh to be in the home of and sharing a meal at the table of John Olsen, or Mirka Mora!  A glorious insight into the lives and minds of these inspiring artists.  A sensory delight in every sense.  If only I could have been there!

Liza xxx



12 thoughts on “Beautiful inspiring books

    • (o: fabulous to hear that! That’s lovely you’ve been able to finish your list with my help. I love books, I’m always saying if someone doesn’t know what to buy me then a book, you can’t go wrong. They are something to have and hold forever. Wishing you a beautiful loving Christmas xxx

      • Hi Liza, so glad you are enjoying the Divided Heart – and thanks for mentioning me…I assume it was me!! It seemed a perfect book for you. Hope we can catch up soon. I read all your posts and am inspired by your energy. Kate xx

      • Hello Kate (o: yes it was indeed you that I was referring too. Thankyou I LOVE this book so far and am actually about to sign out for the night and go and sit quietly with a cup of tea and enjoy some me time reading it. I’ve only read the introduction so far, but wow, powerful and really interesting, gotta make the time to read it all now, I certainly don’t want to put it down. So thankyou so much. I love nothing more than a really great book referral, especially this time of year when I have a little time to endulge and read X I would really love to see you and your beautiful family. We are at home kicking back all summer and have certainly settled into life here on the peninsula now. Do you have my new email and my mobile is the same. Let me know what your plans are and lets make a date. So lovely to hear you are reading these posts, I’m not completely sure where this new path will take me yet, but I’m just happy to bring some joy to peoples lives, encourage them to follow their hearts and to inspire people, that really does make me smile. Liza xxx

    • They are beautiful books Michelle. You may be able to find them in your local library too. I often head down to the library with my boys on a Monday morning and love to look through all the new books and beautiful images, pop ones I can’t find on reserve and sometimes I also borrow cook books and write out recipes I really like. I started doing this about 3 years ago and was so impressed with how much the library had improved since I remember it from long long ago (o: xxx

  1. Thanks Liza for sharing! I love Pia’s books. I need to get My Heart Wanders. I just love the cover. Your suggestions come at a good time. December is full of celebrations with birthday and Christmas coming!

    • Pia’s new book would make a beautiful birthday present for you, I have my fingers crossed for you sweetie X I just saw yesterday that your birthday is coming up, how lovely to be celebrating it during such a fun, festive season. I shall endeavour to remember to send you a person wish on your special day Lx

  2. Dear Liza, What beautiful books and congrats on your win!! So happy to hear that it arrived safe and sound. And what a coincidence that you mentioned the Artists Lunch too. I just saw it while browsing in a bookstore today!! It was such a treat!

    • Hi Wini, thankyou and yes it finally arrived which was a relief, the first one did go astray in the mail somehow. That’s lovely you spotted the Artists Lunch today and had a browse through it. I just loved it as soon as I saw it which was some months ago now. Such beautiful rich images and fun stories and insights into their lives. I managed to pick up a copy of it reduced just recently which was great timing, for a gift for a family member for Christmas (o” I hope you’re enjoying your time in Sydney Wini xxx

  3. Liza,

    I am a classmate of yours in “Hello Soul!” just wanted to pop over and say hello…Really enjoyed reading/ taking a look at your book review section…I jotted down a few of them that were new to me and am looking forward to ordering them.

    ~Jessica Jane

    • Hi Jessica, so lovely to meet you! Isn’t “Hello Soul” just incredible, day 1 and I already feel I’ve learnt so much. I’m glad you enjoyed this post. I am about to jump back into my blog today (while my littlest naps) after a nice summer break focusing my full energy on my family. So stay tuned as there will be regular posts at least twice weekly from now. I hope you enjoy your books when they arrive, I am still reading a couple of them, but have found them so inspiring. I look forward to getting to know you better through our blogs and class, enjoy! Liza xxx

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