balloons, books & Christmas cheer

Ok Monday, well you guessed it the weekend post never made it.  I did get to this point twice but lil Flynn was unwell and unsettled so just wanted cuddles and nurturing from Mama Sat and Sun nights.  He’s so sweet I wouldn’t swap these treasured times of closeness for anything!

So what did I promise you all…?  I think I’ve got to promise myself to stop making promises in terms of time constraints and deadlines, because every time I do this something throws my plans out of whack.  At least while the boys are little anyway.  I know I promised you that there would be cards and my illustrative prints up on Etsy.  Guess what…it hasn’t happened yet.  I did get this beautiful little print up online though.  See above, the beautiful floating balloon.  I think this print would look beautiful in a childs room.  Or if you’re a childlike day dreamer like me then it could also look beautiful beside a bed or upon a bookshelf in a crisp white frame. 

I also promised you all some book reviews.  I love books!  Never get enough time to satisfy my cravings for reading them, but I will never lose my love of books.  I’m not talking E-books either, blah!  It has to be those you can hold in your very own hands, those that you can smell and feel.  Those that engage you and draw you in so that you’re no longer aware of anything going on around you in the real world.  I have had a dream to one day have my own little library with a wall of books, dappled light through a south-facing window with a lush green outlook, and a cosy, comfy arm-chair to snuggle up and read in for hours and hours and hours.  Now that would be heaven!

image courtesy of the Creative Women's Circle

A few weeks ago, I received a little brown parcel in the mail.  Always shouts of joy from the boys and hopeful eyes from Michael, but this parcel was for me.  It was my pre-ordered copy of “Conversations with Creative Women“, by Tess McCabe.  This is a great little book, quite a quick one to read too, so wonderful if your time is limited like mine, but you want to read something interesting and relevant.  This is a self published book of little conversations with a selection of inspiring, creative Australian women that have achieved their goals and dreams.  It covers a nice little range of women from different backgrounds ranging from a jeweller, a blogger / stylist, a milliner, a graduate Architect, and more.  What I loved about this little read was that these personal stories were very much that, personal and truthful.  They provided a real insight into the journeys these women have made in seeking their truth, their passion and their dreams.  They each gave a very honest insight into their journey including the difficult times and the lessons learned along the way.  Tess McCabe the author, herself is one talented multitasking woman.  She has a background in Graphic Design and is currently responsible for the fabulous initiative that is the Creative Woman’s Circle which you can learn more about hereThis is also the place to go should you want to order a copy for yourself.  If you do, don’t delay, as there was a limited print run of these little blue books.  They would also make great a great Christmas present.   I have 3 other books I’d like to share with you, but fearing another lengthy blog post I’ll share them over the week with you.I also want to say a big thank you to you all for taking a peek over at my new Etsy store.  It has been just wonderful to hear everyones feedback and I really appreciate the support.  I do plan to add to the work that is currently available there so keep an eye out for updates if you are interested.  It was so much fun packaging and sending out my first few packages of artwork out into the world on Friday.

I’ll wrap up and leave you with some images from our beautiful family weekend.  We had a lot of fun this past week just enjoying each other and the beautiful family time and togetherness that Christmas brings.  We had a trip to the Christmas tree farm, sang Christmas carols and decorated our tree, we enjoyed the Red Hill Christmas Market and relaxed at home baking, reading Christmas stories to the boys and just spending some quality time together.  I hope you’re all winding down a little and just enjoying each day and moment as they come.  So precious, you can’t have them back tomorrow. Tully running between the rows and rows of Christmas treesOur beautiful Christmas tree.  I love the aroma our lounge room is now filled with.I couldn’t resist trying out this chocolate salted caramel slice recipe to give to a friend for their birthday, m mmm!Lil Flynn has gained some confidence this past month & is so proud of himself!The boys just loved seeing the animals at the Red Hill MarketFlynn would squeal with delight as he patted them, but if they in turn approached him, his bottom lip would tremble and he’d duck for cover between our legs or under our arm, so cute xTully said the chook was too heavy, poor chookie!

I’ll be back with some more books tomorrow night, sweet dreams everyone.

Liza xxx


6 thoughts on “balloons, books & Christmas cheer

  1. Liza, that slice looks heaven & so does the idea of sitting in your future cozy library, think i’ll have to check out that book, thanks for sharing, have a great week xx

  2. You may need to share that salted caramel recipe!! I LOVE the photo of Tully among the Christmas trees! Next years Christmas card?

    • hehe I actually thought of you when I posted this photo and was thinking it might have to be made for your birthday this year too (o” That’s a great idea for next years Christmas card! Wish I had a photo of when he ran through the spider web too, poor lil man, it certainly stopped him in his tracks and from running around (o” xxx

  3. You included so many wonderful things in this post! I love your balloon print, that book sounds fantastic (I, too, like to hold books in my hands), the salted caramel looks yummy and your boys are precious! Thanks for sharing all of your joy with us.

    • So happy you’ve enjoyed this little post and glad it came accross interesting and visually enticing. I’ve become really aware of keeping my word count down but still sharing my thoughts and always beautiful images and inspiration to accompany them. My pleasure, thankyou so much for continuing to visit my little space in here xxx

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