an exciting announcement

I’m so so so terribly sorry for not posting here in ages!  I can’t even remember which day I last posted, sometime last week, or was it the end of the week before?  I really wanted to jump back here and post you a lovely little update of where I was at and along with some new inspiration or a review of some sort as I normally would.  But, I just couldn’t do it.  I just couldn’t bring myself to post another post to you all saying sorry but my Etsy store still isn’t quite live, I know I said last post it would be up, but sorry it’s not, but it’s nearly there…

So I finally have some good news, I am happy to announce Liza Zeni on Etsy is up and live and full of beautiful inspiring artwork for you all.  YAY!  I’m so excited to finally have achieved this goal.  I know I did plan to have it up and live at the start of the month, but better late than never and little ones and my fatigued body are still trying to drum into my head that I shouldn’t set deadlines but rather just stick to the goals and just “breath freely, enjoy the process, I will achieve my goals”.  That was my mantra for the day today and it worked (o:

At the moment I have currently listed A4 and A5 prints of some of my paintings.  There is also an A5 illustration listed that I did for the 2011 Heart Exchange.  It’s funny at the start of this project I thought the harder pieces to get right would be the scans and prints of my colour paintings.  But, haaaa was I so so wrong about that.  The hardest ones to get right have been the black and white illustration, and especially the card range.  So enough said on that but I’m a perfectionist, especially when it comes to black and white drawings, so they have to still be perfected.  I am planning, that’s right “planning”, not committing to, having the prints of the A4 illustrations up by tomorrow night, and the cards up by Friday night.  That’s the plan, we’ll see how I go. 

Well I am going to celebrate this Etsy achievement with an early night.  It’s now 10:30pm and I’m heading straight to bed for a beautiful, peaceful, restful sleep.  I promise you though I’ll be back here very soon.  Sweetdreams

Liza xxx


6 thoughts on “an exciting announcement

  1. Congratulations Liza!! I am SO excited and happy for you. Your artwork looks so beautiful! Wishing you every success and hope you have heaps of sales!!! Have a wonderful sleep. You deserve it!! Wini xo

    • Thankyou so much Wini, you are such a gorgeous light and have been an amazing support during this year. Gosh without your encouragement and tips along the way this store may never have opened. Thankyou for your continual inspiration and friendship xxx

  2. Yay! I am so excited – it is such a tremendous relief to reach a goal, especially one that has taken longer than you thought. Why do we do these things to ourselves? Why are we so much harder on ourselves than we would ever be to anyone else? I am glad that you are learning to be more gentle with yourself. Way to stay with it and just keep moving forward. I can’t wait to see what happens next. xo

    • Thankyou so very much Kathleen. It has been wonderful chatting and sharing messages with you online. It has been an incredible and extremely fast pace 4 months or so. I have truely loved every minute of it, but yes I have learnt this past month that I need to have a little more balance in my life, ie. rest and recovery for sure. When you are so passionate about something it is so hard to not spend every spare minute of your time on it, especially when it comes in second. My family will always be my number ones, they are so beautiful and I love them so very much. I really want to inspire my children to follow their hearts, their dreams and to never say no to possibility. I believe we can achieve whatever we want if it is our true calling and what is in our hearts. It certainly doesn’t come without hard work, but it’s been quite different to my Architectural path. It was also hard work and continual learning, but my art is so much more rewarding and enjoyable for me. It takes time and effort and constant pushing forward but it doesn’t really feel like work. I love it (o: Thankyou it is a huge relief to achieve this goal, I am really looking forward to getting back in my painting studio over summer. I’m not sure why we are so much harder on ourselves? I guess it happens when we are truely passionate and love what we do. Thankyou for your wise words, encouragement and continual support Kathleen. Liza xxx

  3. Hello friend,
    What a day for you! I like how you said to stick to goals instead of deadlines. Congrats on the Etsy goal. Your work is just spectacular, I love it. You are going to do so well. It has such a great vibe to it. Your energy jumps off the canvas/page!
    Stay healthy, keep the balance!

    • Thanks Deborah (o” Your friendship and support has been wonderful on this new journey and I look forward to sharing our journeys for many years to come. I’m quite pooped at the moment, think it’s time to wind down for the year now, enjoy this festive time with my boys and replenish some energy ready for next year. Can’t wait going to be super exciting and even more fun than this one! Healthy & balance, YES, so very very important. You too honey (o: Lxxx

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