smiling from the inside out

Hello, just a little post tonight.  My mind is in a very hazy place at the moment and for once I’m wondering what to write here tonight.  This could take me 3 hours as I’m not sure where this post is going to go.  At the start of the day I was all geared up to write a fabulous post and now after some things this arvo I’ve lost my thoughts.  Anyway enough of the negative stuff, maybe I should use this space to lift my spirits.  So what makes me smile (o:

Flowers always lift my spirits and pop a smile on my face.  Last week while I was feeling unwell I treated myself to some beautiful white flowers after my trip to the doctors.  Don’t ask me their names, I am hopeless.  I always make a point of asking the florist, but I always forget by the time I get home.  I must start writing them down or looking them up. 

I always look for something new, something with beautiful form and interesting detail so I have something new to draw.  Flowers and flora are a fantastic source of inspiration for me as well as making me feel happy.  

I have had so much on my mind this month from work, to friends, to art, to home life, to the ever nearing end of year, that it’s hard sometimes to maintain my focus and remember everything as well.  I found myself a couple of times thinking oh I just want to relax for a week and put my feet up and take some time to refresh and replenish.  Drawing each and every day is a wonderful form of relaxation for me and always makes me smile on the inside.  It makes me feel good and it’s also very meditative I find.  Well my IT people have finally gotten their butts in to gear and are sorting out my email issues.  They told me today that the whole team are now onto it and that the problem is with their end.  So I should have my email back to normal by tomorrow and then I can get my Etsy shop open sometime on Wednesday.  Woohoo now this makes me smile. I love to cook and bake and this always pops a smile on my face.  The flavours, colours, textures, smells, it really tickles every little sensory part of our bodies and it’s something else I can share with others and sometimes do with others.  My little boys now love getting in the kitchen with me and preparing something yummy to eat and share.   

These lil munchkins of mine also definitely make me smile the bigest, widest, happiest of smiles.  It doesn’t seem to matter what mischief they get up to, their love and laughter and little personalities always make my heart sing.

One more important thing for me is doing for others and thinking of others.  This really warms my heart and always pops a happy smile on my face because I know I’ve done the same for another.  My beautiful husband Michael often says I go out of my way too often for others, but I don’t mind, I love to do this and it makes me feel great and I would not be happy any other way.  Having consideration and respecting people is so important in life but to go the step further and do for others when it’s not asked of you is such a beautiful gesture.  The little things in life are so special and small gestures can make such a difference. 

Well I might leave it there for now, I’ll be back here midweek I’m predicting with some fabulous, uplifting news that’s sure to put a smile on my face and hopefully yours too.

Liza xxx


18 thoughts on “smiling from the inside out

    • thankyou Isabel, it’s improving (o: my cards are all scanned in and cleaned up with test plots done, I’ll post these tomorrow for you all. Now just to finally sort my email so I can open my etsy shop…small steps, but love to always be smiling (o:

  1. That was a beautiful post and a reminder to step back and just appreciate the simple things. Thank you! (I wish I could help you with the names, but I cant:)

    • Yes that’s just what I’ve been reminding myself of all week and it’s worked I feel more relaxed for it. You know what’s on my book list a great book on flowers and a great book on seeds and pods, one day I’ll be able to recognise and name them (o” thankyou Jules, you’re such a lovely support and I’m so happy to have met you xxx

  2. Liza, you always manage to put a beautiful positive spin on life, especially the everyday moments. You are an amazing “juggler” – I know what your day involves with the boys!! Your posts always make me inhale deeply and bring a smile to my face. GORGEOUS photo of the boys!! x o

    • Lynne you’re so beautiful for sending me a message here X It’s really special to hear words of encouragement and support from my “real life” friends, and you are indeed a very special one of those xxx

  3. I am learning that whenever I am feeling out of sorts, just thinking of all have to be thankful for helps to turn my mood around. Seeing all the things that put a smile on your face, put a smile on my face, too! Thanks for the post and I loved seeing your two little boys – so cute!

    • You are so very right Kathleen. It’s a great way to turn things around and take your mind of negative happenings. YAY (o: I love hearing that I’m putting a smile on people’s faces with my words and art, that’s the best feedback of all, thankyou xxx

    • Thankyou Kelly, that vase was given to Michael and I by some good friends when we eloped and it’s a great splash of colour in a neutral space – love it too (o: Yes always tomorrow and always something in each day to smile about x

  4. Hi Liza, I have just found you via Tracey’s Heartful Musings blog and I love it. This is such a lovely post. So many lovely things to make us smile. Funny, I get the same comment sometimes from my husband, but it is part of who I am and it makes me supremely happy.
    I’m off now to grab a coffee and go through your older posts. Nice to meet you, it sounds like we are almost neighbours

    • Hi Lee, that’s lovely you’ve found my blog and another Melbourne girl yay (o: Hope you’ve enjoyed my other blog posts, I am a bit over due with posting another one, it’s coming, just focused on my etsy store this week, trying to get it open. Thanks for visiting, hope to chat again. Liza x

  5. Dear Liza, all your photos bring a smile to my face too!! I love flowers and your illustrations are simply gorgeous!! You have such a beautiful and creative spirit. I hope you are having a lovely weekend! Wini xo

    • Thankyou Wini for your always lovely comments. I’m glad you like the Christmas illustrations, I wasn’t sure about a couple of them. My weekend’s been really nice, but oh gosh I’ve been so fatigued; fell asleep and missed all of saturday afternoon, and did the same mid afternoon today. I’ve made some progress tonight though; test prints of “colour” prints of a few of my paintings and I’m really happy. It’s so exciting all of these little steps, I just want them all done yesterday though LOL! Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend too Wini x

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