2011 Christmas Card Illustrations

I’ve been promising you all a sneak peek at my Christmas Illustrations that I’ve drawn for my Christmas cards this year for a week or two now.  Well, I finally have them for you tonight – woohoo, finally, I hear you all saying.

I’m not going to write much tonight as I am heading off to bed very shortly as I’m really quite run down and now have an ear infection.  Not great timing for all my goals and deadlines I’d set for this month.  But I just have to keep going, just at a little slower pace than usual. 

I am also doing my best to get my work uploaded to Etsy for you so that finally I have a range of art available for you to purchase.  And yes, that will include Christmas cards.  So those that have requested them, please hang on just a little bit longer and I’ll have them ready for you very soon.  I will be doing test prints tomorrow of the cards which is very exciting (o:

So, I won’t waffle on any more.  Short n’ sweet tonight.  Here are the designs for my 2011 Christmas Cards.  I’m looking forward to adding to these designs each year to come now.  I may add a little more detail to a couple of these, but other than that they are complete.  I would love to hear what you think. 

Not great photos tonight either, sorry I should have taken them during the day.  Goodnight and sweet dreams everyone, I’m off for some rest and recovery.

Liza xxx



28 thoughts on “2011 Christmas Card Illustrations

  1. i LOVE them!! Especially the first 3 or so… the ones with the little swirls & flowers & doodles… i love it. Love the simplicity of it. I’ll be keeping my eyes open for these cards on your ETSY shop. Hope you feel better soon.

    • Thankyou Pauline, the first 3 with the little detail bits repeated over the shapes are from some of the patterns and markings I use in my other work. So it was a nice way to bring it all together at the end of the year (o: Etsy shop is set up just waiting to upload my work but trying to get my email fixed as it’s not receiving at the moment, no long now this week I hope!

  2. Jingle Bells and Fa La La La La La! Oh my you have so captured the holiday feeling with these. I love the snowflakes again, I love the snowflakes!!!! The last one is my favorite. Repeat that illustration a few times and what a lovely pattern it would make.

    Sorry to hear you are under the weather. Tough with the kids I am sure. Take naps with the them so you can rest up.

    • Yay (o: thanks Deborah. Yes I’ve loved drawing these snowflakes and the possibilities are endless so it’s going to be fun drawing more to add to them each year to come. I’m really keen to look into pattern making for wallpaper, material and wrapping paper. I’ve had lots of comments from many saying my work would suit this medium. Thanks for your wishes and support lovely xxx

  3. Well you know I love them! I think you have combined the perfect amout of detail,but have managed to still keep it simple and fresh. Love simplicity around christmas..too crazy otherwise. Keep us posted on when they will be available. Hope you are feeling better soon. I will send you an email soon…had a great weekend with Flora:) Julie

    • Thankyou Jules! Yes I find Christmas crazy too. They’re ready to upload now just awaiting my email to be fixed as I can’t seem to receive that the moment which is really really frustrating and delaying me being able to sell my work…hopefully this week will post on here and FB. Getting better slowly, something definitely has knocked me for 6. An email would be lovely, FB if I don’t reply as things are going astray. So glad to hear you loved your Flora filled weekend (o: Liza xxx

    • THat’s great to hear. I think my husband was a little worried about the Christmas ones being black and white. But that’s the way all my illustrative work is so I wanted to keep it consistant. Thankyou for your feedback I love to hear what people think (o:

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