Spreading our Wings blog hop

Hello, happy 1st day of November.  Today I’m sharing with you my latest illustration, see below.  It is still to be named but it is a very special piece and this is why…

As some of you already know, 3 months ago in August this year I took part in Kelly Rae Roberts, Flying Lessons tips + tricks to help your creative business soar E-Course.  I have learnt and implemented so much from this course that I am still totally blown away by Kelly’s wealth of knowledge, openness to sharing this knowledge and warm and encouraging nature.  She is so inspiring in everything she does and I’m not just saying.  During the course Kelly set up an online Facebook Group only accessible by the participants in this course.  It was made available so that we could all connect and further share our information, ask for assistance on anything related to the course and our creative journeys and most importantly share our creative journey and experience collectively.  It was all about inspiring and encouraging one another to fullfill our dreams and continue on our creative paths.

Recently a few of the participants made the suggestion to organise a blog hop amongst us all.  Setting up blogs was probably one of the first and biggest steps a lot of us took.  I know it was one of the the first goals I set myself and YAY I achieved it after I got over all my fears.  For those interested we were requested to write a blog post about our Flying Lessons experience and the group.  It was also suggested that we create a piece of art or a written piece inspired by this experience to include in our post.  Here is my experience and journey since enrolling in this amazing e-course.

I had never enrolled in an e-course before and barely understood what an e-course was.  Something however drew me to this course and these minor details didn’t really seem to matter I just knew I needed to enrole in this course.  Well, did that awareness unfold as soon as the first lesson was posted by Kelly.  I was blown away by the content, incredible warmth and spirit (I know all through a computer right?!) and inspiration that was presented to me.  This was just day 1 of the proceeding 5 weeks worth of entries by Kelly Rae Roberts.  I was captivated.  Sounds completely corny but I was.  And, then for the next 6 weeks I found myself totally immersed in this online course and community and was even sitting up late working through it all to ridculous hours in the morning and surviving quite happily on a few hours sleep.  3-4 hours sleep is not usually something Liza does gracefully.  But, I was happy, not just la di da happy, but giddy with happiness happy, over the top happy, laughing out loud for no reason happy, smile perminently upon my face happy, mood as light as a feather happy.  My husband was the first to notice this overnight transformation and yes he love it and felt it was about time.  Something BIG had shifted within me and it felt amazing!I had moved out of this feeling of uncertaintly, unknowing, floating, bored, lack of sure, clear direction and unfullfilled self.  I’d emerged with a new vision and a different outlook on life.  I felt sure I was moving in the right direction.  I felt a true connection between my heart and soul.  And, I have never felt this kind of fluttering within before.  It was different, it was warm yet energized in a gentle rhythmic way, it was deeply known from somewhere before.  That is the best way I can describe this feeling to you.

This journey so far has been elevated even more by the beautiful warmth, encouragement, inspiration and friendship that has surrounded me within the Summer 2011 Flying Lessons Group.  I’ve connected with many and formed close friendships with a few people whom I havn’t even met in the flesh yet.  Yes, something I thought I’d never do…form friendships with unknown identities online, Liza does not do this, Liza you should not do this!!!  That reminds me this is how I came to meet Flora Bowley in real life by talking to her online and inviting her to come and stay at my home.  Yes, my husband Michael had thought I’d completely lost my mind at that point and was initially quite concerned with my new online activities.  “What do you mean you’ve met some art chick online from Portland and you’ve invited her to stay here?!”  I think that was his words at the time.  He was also about to ban me from any internet use from that point on, until he met Flora and said “ok I do trust your judgement after all”.  I should mention that I came across Flora through one of Kelly Rae Roberts blog posts too.  Without stumbling across Kelly, I would not have met Flora, I would not have started painting, I would not have enrolled in Flying Lessons, and I would not have started this blog.  Wow!

Well back to the Flying Lessons group, these souls are amazing in their generosity of spirit, their willingness to give of themselves, to share, to open up and to be there for each other.  I really didn’t believe in this concept when Kelly initially presented and offered it to me through her Lessons.  I’m so glad I had a little faith within me to trial it and give it a go for a bit.  I really don’t think I would have made it to this point without the strength of this group.  They are amazing.  This illustration (below) was inspired by Kelly’s Flying Lessons and this amazing group that she initiated.  Below is a list of all of their blogs if you’d like to skip across and visit each of them.

Thankyou Flyers for your warmth, generosity, encouragement and never ending inspiration.

Liza xxx

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58 thoughts on “Spreading our Wings blog hop

    • Thanks sweetie, you’ve been such a wonderful support and contributor over the past few months, always giving of yourself to others. It really has been so lovely to have met you. Hey, hopefully we’ll meet face to face in the flesh possible through a return visit from Flora one day, that would be awesome! If not if I ever make it back to Perth would be great to catch up! Lxxx

  1. I ♥ Our creative group they are all so amazing. I have only recently been exposed to Flora She seems very inspiring. Beautifully detailed illustration Liza and lovely post x

    • Yay for another oportunity with Flora, fantastic isn’t she! Between her and Kelly Rae I think that’s all I’ve needed to get my head in the right place and my mind and body moving forward on my own artistic journey through life now. I’m very grateful to those two beautiful souls. Lx

  2. Oh my! I do love your work, and your words…spoke what was in my heart. I know what you mean about the “happy.” My husband, too, has commented on the change. Amazing what following your hearts desire can do for all aspects of your life!

    • Thankyou Mary and yes our husbands are always the first to notice such changes which is great. It is really insightful seeing and experiencing the changes I’ve noticed since I have done this. Wishing you many more beautiful, happy art filled moments ahead too x

  3. Liza, I’m so glad I hopped over to see your blog today. For whatever reason I seemed to have missed it somewhere along the way. Your artwork is fabulous.

    • Hi Carol, I have also stumbled across a few blogs I hadn’t yet reached so this blog hop has been wonderful for that. Your cottage is gorgeous, what a beautiful environment to paint and create in. Thankyou for popping or hopping over here, glad you enjoyed what you saw (o: I still have another half of the list to go, but it’s been so fun reading and seeing what everyone has contributed. Lxxx

  4. Liza, Your work is beautiful and I truly enjoyed your photo journaling of the story with your art as we read! Beautifully done and so proud of you for taking the leap and doing the blog hop! Thanks for hopping with us! Amazing job! Kris

    • Thankyou Kris for popping over here for a look and thankyou for organizing this almighty blog hop. I’ve never been part of one now so it’s been a fabulous first one and great to discover some fellow flyers blogs I hadn’t yet come across. Huge effort on your part – thankyou X Thankyou also for your lovely comments on my work. I’m glad it made sense and came accross the way I’d envisaged with the detail photos amongst the words I’d written (o: Liza x

  5. Liza – it has been such a blessing to spend time with you through your blog. Your illustrations are beyond amazing! I especially enjoyed all of the detail pics from this illustration – your work really is incredible. Thanks for your honest, heartfelt posts.

    • Thankyou Kathleen it’s been so lovely to have met you on this incredible journey. I’ve really enjoyed this blog hop, reading and sharing all our own stories and inspired pieces from our time together. Thankyou for your beautiful words too, Lxxx

    • Ohh not to worry, at least you’ll be able to hop around and join in the reading of all these blogs (o: I’m sure there will be another. I missed the very first one. Thankyou for coming by to visit again (o: x

    • Thankyou Lori, you’ve been such a wonderful light in our group, wonderful to have met and I look forward to many more wonderful times together amongst our special group Lxxx

  6. Hi Liza, the detail in your work is amazing! I’m so glad to have found you and am looking forward to watching how far you soar. I see big things for you. Thank you for such a warm post, your happiness is contagious!

    • Thankyou Lenore for your lovely words. I’m glad my happiness is contagious, that’s just wonderful and the best way to inspire, if we can all just be happy, life would be a lot easier for many I think (o: This really has been an incredible journey and I have felt nothing but happiness since I began earlier this year. I am so grateful for all I have learned, the friends I’ve met and the wonderful exchanges that are taking place. Thankyou so much for coming by Lxxx

  7. Liza, yet again your beautiful words and sweet nature show through. You have an amazing gift not only in your art but in your encouragement of others!! So so glad you are part of ANZ Art Community♥

    • Thankyou Ruth-Mary, it’s so lovely to have met you and I really appreciate your thoughtful comments. I’m so happy to be a part of the ANZ Art Community it’s a great little group of ladies and it always feel safe and open to share and care in there (o: Lxxx

  8. Thanks for sharing your story about how this course opened your creative heart. I can totally relate to so much of what you shared especially the warm energized happiness you described. I had an aha moment like that several years ago like that, but the clarity and sense of purpose has kind’a lapsed. Reading your post brings me back to the moment when I felt this for myself, thank you.

    • Hi Amy, I love that I’ve reminded you of that time and feeling, that’s really great. I am very quickly learning on this new path that there are many of us out there in a similar place, feeling and experiencing similar things. It’s so nice to be able to share these and our journeys together. Lxxx

  9. Liza – your illlustration is amazing!!! And the Flora story – OMGOSH!! I love her. Would LOVE to have been at your home while she was there. How fun. Happy flying!!

    • Hi Melanie, thankyou (o: Keep an eye on Flora’s website and blog as I think amongst the always new locations and dates for workshops she runs there will be a few additional surprises in stall for next year; I know she is working on her own book which is due in 2012. I can’t wait to read it! Lxxx

    • Ohhh thankyou Lori, it’s always lovely to hear from you (o: I know things always go really really well when we learn to listen to those inner thoughts and just trust them. So got to learn to do this all the time now! And another thing I’m learning is to not rush, take my time, and saviour every moment along this special journey. Lxxx

    • Thanks Linda, wasn’t his blog hop fun! I’m still enjoying it, still hopping around a little each day (been a busy couple of weeks). It’s so lovely to have met you! Lxxx

    • Thankyou very much. I know! Happy joyous places in our hearts are the most wonderful places to be. Got to hold on to this now and stay true to me and just really enjoy every day and every moment. Life is so precious. Lxxx

    • Thankyou so much Kell. I am actually so in awe of your lovely detailed work, it really is beautiful! So it’s extra special to recieve such a compliment from you, thankyou xxx

  10. Liza, I am visiting late, but it seems timely. Congrats on your Brave Girls Club feature. How exciting is that. Such a lovely piece. Your blog is beautiful. Seems your creative life is treating you well….as you are it. Love having you in our group. …..Rae Payne

    • Lovely to have you visit Rae, don’t worry I am still hopping around to blogs, a busy time of year. I didn’t get onto my computer until the end of the weekend but I was really excited to see the Brave Girls Feature yesterday. That was a lovely end to my weekend. Thankyou, I am really enjoying my creativity, it is busy, but it is so very much enjoyable. I think about it day and night and am constantly drawn to it in any little bit of time I have, so it’s definitely for me. So lovely to have met you (o: Lxxx

    • Ohh that’s so lovely thankyou (o” I would love nothing more than to be involved in everything and contribute more. A week or so ago now I made a real effort to post a blog every day and keep up with the FB side of things as well. It was great! But, I have two little boys 1 & 3 so they are my first priority for now and my artwork and creative side comes second. I also manage some of our Architectural business with my husband so I am a busy busy girl at the moment. I am very much drawn to my artwork though and any little bit of time I have is devoted to it. I’ve been putting myself under quite a bit of pressure this month to get more work completed and get an Etsy site up and running, it’s been hard to achieve it all with my other obligations. But I will get there, slow, small steps. I’ve got to remember to enjoy every moment of it aswell and not get caught up in the must do this this and that side of it. Thankyou for popping over here, I will endeavour to post more regularly and usually do 3 times a week anyway. Just focused on Etsy at the moment as I have all these cards ready to go so need to do that asap (o: Liza xxx

  11. Dear Liza, I LOVE this illustration! It looks amazing and I love all the details. You are really talented, original and unique. I am so happy to have met you and share this creative journey with you. Wini xo

    • Thankyou Wini, I feel so happy to have met you at the start of my creative journey and to have had someone like yourself to share every part of it with. I really look forward to our friendship growing and seeing us grow too and move ahead with our art. Thankyou sweetie xxx

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