seventy four films doci & illustrations

Hello I’ve been missing in action again for a couple of days.  I’ll be here a little less frequently over the next couple of weeks.  Yes last week was a treat!  I am working on a number of different projects at the moment that have to be finished preferably by the end of this week!  Self inflicted deadlines are always the worst…An Etsy store is still to be set up, illustrations to complete, greeting cards and Christmas cards to print and package, gift tags to print, and multiple paintings to finish.  So, I am indeed one very busy bee.  Sometimes I think I just need a holiday.  Not your usual rest & recoup holiday.  A solitude art retreat would be timely right now.  One that was productive, creative, flowing and peaceful.  Where there were no obligations or distractions and nothing to do except indulge in my illustration and painting.  That would be total bliss for me right now!

BeforeI forget, here’s a little preview for you of a new illustration I’ve been working on this past week.  I shall write a post about this in the next couple of days, but I couldn’t resist sharing a little sneaky peak of it now, see below.

I’ve also been meaning to write a post for a while about what I got up to a couple of weekends ago.  A few months ago an old high school mate of mine rang me up and asked me if I’d be happy to participate in a documentary series that he was planning to film.  Adam Wright founded Seventy Four Films and loves to escape his routine editing work and spend time out in the community directing, filming, editing and inspiring others. 

This particular project is a series of short documentaries for a new project in collaboration with Keke Robertson.  This series aims to inspire people through the everyday lives of their fellow people.  Initially this series will include 3 short documentaries and I am one of them.

equipment amongst the outdoor toys

This little doci on me was shot at our home over 2 days using a Canon 5D.  It’s quite amazing to see what these guys can do with such a small camera and such little equipment.  They had a laptop, a microphone, a couple of lights, a dolly (that Tully loved riding on), the camera and that was about it.  I can’t wait to see the end piece.  How on earth they cut 2 days worth of footage into 6 minutes or so I have no idea!  Super clever, talented people that’s for sure.

Keke being extremely patient with curious Tully

Keke Robertson’s beautiful wife Katrin Koenning was also involved on the 2nd day taking some photos of us all together.  Her work is just astounding.  I find it captivating, intriguing and mesmerizing.   My words certainly don’t do her work justice so best you go and check it out for yourself, now!

It was a great weekend in all.  I was quite anxious in the lead up to it, wondering how I’d go in front of a camera, sometimes with a camera a few inches from my face, answering questions in an interesting, inspiring way, yet truthfully from the heart, talking clearly and not stumbling over my words, and talking without rambling.  I did plenty of rambling when I got nervous and that is why these guys are super awesome at what they do.  They have a lot of editing ahead of them (o”

Tully loved being amongst the action!

At the end of the weekend I was calm, happy, relaxed, and I actually found that I really enjoyed it all.  These guys really did make me feel comfortable, at ease and confident the whole time.  It was a wonderful project to be involved with and a really great experience.  I must also mention my beautiful husband Michael who did the most amazing job at keeping our 2 little boys occupied, happy and out-of-the-way for most of the 2 days.  Not an easy task.  I look forward to sharing this short documentary with you all when it’s completed.

Michael & Tully in our teeny tiny tent

Hope you’ve enjoyed what I’ve shared today.  I’ll be back here in a couple of days to share my new illustration that is going to be available as prints.  It is a part of a series.  Have fun those of you celebrating Halloween.  My boys are too young and get scared at the mention of ghosts and ghouls, especially Tully who’s scared of the dark.  I think we’ll lay low here this year and just relax and enjoy the rest of this long weekend.

Michael, Tully & Flynn making mint tea in the billy, in our backyard, pretend camping

Might have some fun on Tuesday though and back a horse in the Melbourne Cup, a yearly ritual.  We’ve had a good time camping in our backyard as in the end it was too wet to go away and camp on the beach.  Always plenty more times for that though, and it’s always way more fun when it’s not raining the whole time.  Enjoy your weekend everyone.

Liza xxx


4 thoughts on “seventy four films doci & illustrations

  1. Sounds lovely! Youy have presented yourself as such a professional, Im sure you will succeed in all you do. Wish I could get my brain together for more than a few minutes to accomplish everything you accomplish. Cant wait to see your Etsy store and all your goodies 🙂

    • Thankyou Kelley, that means so much to hear someone say this and is so lovely of you. On the brain function front, don’t worry, mine completely switched off on me completely on Friday night without my consent and shut down completely for 13 hrs LOL!!! Lxxx

  2. Inspire me…. Both you and Adam inspire me… Maybe just maybe one day I will return to my art. Keep up the good work guys.

    • YAY, that’s great we inspire you (o: Just start a sketchbook Sal and draw in it every day. It doesn’t matter what you draw, how big, how small, whether it is something or just a doodle. It can even been stuck in your sketchbook if you happen to doodle something somewhere else. It might even be a thought, an idea, a dream, just put it in this “visual diary”. Best thing anyone has ever told me to do. Next step, right down all your dreams, aspirations and goals. They will become a reality for you if you want them to be. You will return to your art if it’s what you want to do and it’s in your heart to do this. Thanks for popping over here Sal and for your lovely comment. Hope you got my reply message a while back on FB. I’d love to see you and catch up, with or without the kids, so don’t hesitate to call me any time hun. Lxxx

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