Inspiration; music

Music.  What is there not to LOVE about music!  Music is diverse, it covers many different genres, it accommodates many different tastes and personalities.  Music offers something for everyone.  Today I just wanted to share some thoughts on how music inspires me and my life and I’ve included some links to some of my faves.  Enjoy X

Christmas decoration made by me last year with my Grandmothers old piano music

I LOVE my music!  It’s a part of each and every day for me.  It stimulates my soul, loosens my mind, frees my spirit and awakens my senses.  It’s also the best stress reliever I know.

Matt Corby is an incredible talent.  He’s only 20, yet his talent and tone in his vocals stretches well beyond his youth.  Michael and I were lucky to attend one of his recent Secret Garden Parties.  I’m patiently awaiting the release of his new EP, here’s a sampler of a new track Brother from “into the flame”.

If I’m having a bad day, or I manage to get myself into one of those moods where you’re just grumpy no matter what, then music is my out.  If I’m feeling sad or reflective music can bring a sense of relief, inner peace and new-found joy.

Another fave; local folk, electronic, ambient group Part Timer from Melbourne, Australia.  Here’s a little link to a track from an earlier album.  They have a new album “Sissors & Sellotape” soon to be released. 

I love the way music can stir up the emotions, evoke wellbeing and bring about various memories.  I have such strong memories of my childhood when I hear specific songs.  Reminders of happy times with both of my parents.  Flashbacks to living in hotels and feeling the vibration and beat of the music pounding downstairs as I slept above.  Vivid images of those colourful, flashing disco dance floors and mirrored glass balls.  Yes I am a child of the 70s and one of the hotels my parents managed when I was about 4 had one of these dance floors straight out of “Staying Alive“.  Whenever I hear the Bee Gee’s those memories come flooding back.

Music influences the way I paint.  I always have music playing when I’m painting and I love to lose myself in a track.  I’ll often just put my iPod on shuffle and let each track take me where it wants to lead me.  Sometimes I’m bopping away, flicking paint everywhere, careless and carefree.  Other times, it’s more methodical and the music is moving my mind to another place and time and I find myself moving slowly across my canvas but not really conscious or aware of what I am doing.

This track by Frazy Ford, “Bird of Paradise” reminds me of the start of my paining journey, when I participated in a Flora Bowley workshop in March this year.

I love to exercise to music, cook to music, dance to music with my little boys.  I love to drive in the sunshine, with the windows down and the volume turned up, blissful and happy.  I’m always getting told to turn my music down.  But I love it loud!  I can really immerse myself, let go and be carried on a journey; through emotions, through memories, through varies mindsets, through my imagination.  I LOVE that.

I have been a fan of Feist for a few years now.  Loving her new album “Metals”.  This is one of my favourite tracks Anti-Pioneer.  Last year I watched a documentary on Leslie Feist and the journey behind the making of her album “The Reminder”.  I was blown away, best doci I’ve watched to date.

Music and its many different genres is a part of my many daily routine.  I love it and couldn’t live without it.    How does music effect you, make you feel, and influence your daily activities?  Who are your favourite artists and what’s your preferred genre?  Today I’m listening to Radiohead.  I’m currently loving Lotus Flower from their latest Album Tkol Rmx 1234567 available on Itunes.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this little post, not many photos and images, but I hope you enjoy the links to you tube.

Liza xxx


2 thoughts on “Inspiration; music

    • Thanks Michelle, I thought it might be fun to share some of the music that inspires me as music is always playing here in our home. LOL, it’s not been a very popular post though…glad you at least enjoyed it (o: Don’t you always wonder what people driving past wonder when they see us singing our hearts our to ourselves in the car, heheh, I often find myself singing away, out of tune, blissfully unaware of anyone else, … until I have to stop at the traffic lights and become aware of the other cars next to me (O” hope you’re having a lovely week xxx

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