parcels, packages & prints

Don’t you just love it when the postie comes knocking on your door. It’s way better than when he just visits your letterbox as it means it’s something BIG. This also means it can’t possibly be a bill because bills don’t come in boxes and bubble wrap. We have had a couple of parcel deliveries already this week. I did know what was in each of these parcels when they arrived as I’d placed a few orders recently. I love it though when something unexpected arrives, or a gift from someone special, they are the best
deliveries of all! I shall share what was in these packages with you in a minute. Now are you as curious as I to see what someone’s work space looks like?

I’m always intrigued to see artists work environment, their studio, their desk. Are they neat, messy, or organised. Are they surrounded by their inspiration, their artwork and nick knacks? I just love seeing their working space captured in the moment. So I thought I’d share mine with you today as it sits right now. I’m not actually at my desk today as I have my little munchkins at home and am spending most of my time with them. So my laptop is out on the kitchen table as I need to write this post, but here’s
what the rest of it looks like…

You’ll see there’s a new illustration on the go. Another mock-up beside it that is waiting to be drawn up properly. I’ve got my favourite pens there, my crystals to the right, some heart rocks, my sketchbooks and diary leaning up against my mags, journals and zines. Little cards, images and a mini Calender pinned to my magazine holders, iPod earphones, something to fill out and take back to daycare tomorrow, and to the left of the photo 3 more jars filled with coloured pens, coloured pencils and you guessed it more pens.

Now, what was in those packages… I have received 3 packages in 2 days this week.
Yesterday (no photo sorry) a big box arrived to the delight of my little boys. They automatically assume Nan & Poppy have sent them something, so I had to explain that this one was actually for Mummy. They had fun helping me unwrap it though. Finally, my envelopes for my card range has arrived, all 500 of them!

Today’s parcels were more fun than the box of envelopes. You see I am an absolute stationery addict and so any excuse I have to buy some new stationary is swiftly taken up. I had run out of my beautiful cotton rag archival paper that I draw my original illustrations on. I have a great paper supplier Magnani Papers and I had placed an order with James late last week. Today the beautiful package of paper arrived, yay! I had been patiently awaiting this package as I have a few new illustrations to draw up ready for print making and card making.

The second package I received today was probably the most fun of them all. I’d ordered a new diary for 2012 a few nights ago. I was given this years diary by my best friend last year and I have loved it so much; it’s gorgeous pink linen cover, the beautiful paper and it’s layout. I spent some time online until I found a supplier for this particular brand so I could get another for next year. I came across this great Australian website called Notemaker. They supply everything from beautiful pens and stationary, cards and accessories, to diaries and journals, to sketchbooks and notebooks. Definitely my kind of store! I’m also still of the old-fashioned nature too when it comes to daily journals, diary and record keeping. I just love to do things by hand and write with fine pens and on lovely stationary. So yes, I am pretty excited about a fresh new diary ready for 2012. Also included in this order was some fun coloured and patterned masking tape which I shall have fun wrapping gifts with for Christmas and sticking my inspiration up with in my studio. I have also nearly filled another sketch book so I had ordered a new one. It was slightly reduced too, a happy bonus for me.

I’m looking forward to sitting down tonight and having a doodle in my new sketchbook, taping some snippets up on my wall and starting to fill in my new diary. I’ll also get busy and finish off these two illustrations. I have a busy day of data entry, cleaning the house and a food shop tomorrow so there won’t be any time for artwork. Hopefully I’ll be able to get back into my artwork and prepare to open my Esty store later in the week.

Liza xxx


7 thoughts on “parcels, packages & prints

  1. I love getting things in the post too. May-be we should suggest to the group those of us who like sending and like to getting Chrissy cards in the post, we could make a list and be brave and leave our addresses !

    • Hi Shae, no rush re: my email, I know how time flies and particularly at the moment. I have no idea where October has disappeared to? I want it back though! Oh wow congratulations to your sister, that’s fantastic to have a piece written and published about her. I havn’t gotten around to reading that article yet, busy family weekend and busy couple of days with the boys. I shall make sure I read it tomorrow in my lunch break now I’m even more keen to read it. Chat soon beautiful xxx

    • Hi Helen, I love that idea and would definitely be happy to get involved with popping the odd surprise letter, card, etc in the post and off to someone to surprise them and lighten their day (o: Agree about the “brave” leaving our addresses. It is a hard one when we don’t know each other personally and I keep remembering back to some of KRR words. I’ve never really been that cautious or protective until I did her course and it kind of made me quite aware of what can happen. I havn’t even put my contact email up on here yet which is probably really over protective. I love the idea though, hmmm, will think some more (o” xxx

      • Yes I know. I keep my blog tight. Not happy about who can see it and know it is me. That is why I used HAN. However I have put a link on it to my FB Pro page so my cover is blown. I had just thought we would only do it with the Aussie page ladies ! We could do a post to see what they think, after we give it some more thought. Or we could do an email list. One of us could collect the addresses and then email it out to every-one who wanted to be in it. So it wouldnt be up there. How ever isnt our Aussie page closed ? But yes it is where do you draw the line of living and feeling safe. May-be things are different in the USA.

      • Hello sweetie, that sounds good to me I’m more comfortable with that I think and the emailing of our addresses is a great idea too. I can see you’re email here on my blog eventhough nobody else can, so I might pop you an email in the next couple of days (or today if I end up even more distracted from my bookwork!!) too. It is very hard to keep your full identity closed to the big wide world. I just clicked over the our Anzac page and it’s up. Could have been down last night, I know I had trouble with my FB Fan page, still am today with moving about to and from home etc. I’m happy to go ahead with this let me know if you need me to do anything to help arrange it (o: hope you’re having a lovely day xxx

  2. Congrats on your parcels Liza, awesome!! Thanks for the peek at your studio too. You have a nice set up. My studio is tiny and rather messy. I also love parcels!! Looking forward to the opening of your store. Exciting times ahead!! Wini xo

    • Thanks Wini, it is a nice space to work. I share this particular space with Michael my husband who’s on the other end of this desk. I tend to do my illustrative and card work here. My studio however, is not as tidy usually…it’s our spare small room which I also have to share with Michael’s large plan printer and the fax and the work files…I often get into trouble for leaving paint, and canvases and brushes and stuff all over the floor … “Liza I have to use this room too, I need to get to the fax, can you please make sure you don’t get paint on the floor or the walls!!” LOL he says it in the nicest way, but ahhh it never really seems to sink in and I am always in my own world in there so cleaning up isn’t really at the forefront of my mind. And my gosh, I’ve got multiple drop sheats down on the floor and tapped to the skirting but paint still somehow seems to make it’s way onto the floor, woops (O= Dreaming to one day have my own, larger, lighter studio to do as I please in (o: Lxxx

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