Weekend wrap up

Happy Monday everyone.  If you’re groaning about the start of another long week, I wouldn’t worry as they’re flying by so rapidly at the moment!  I won’t freak you all out and mention how many weeks there are left until Christmas, LOL!  I’ve freaked myself out though.  I have so so so much work to do, and most of it needs to be completed a month before Christmas!!!

I hope you all had a great weekend.  Mine was busy.  I had so much to do on the creative and production front but family took priority and we all enjoyed a lovely weekend together.  I’ve designed the final illustrations for my 2011 Christmas range.  I shall share these with you later on in the week.  I did sneak into the studio too for all of about an hour and dabbled in a little detail on one of my canvases.  I’m not sure whether I should have done this or not but it was fun (o:  Michael is of the opinion I should have left it, but it’s too late now, unless I try to paint over it.  Ahh well always learning through my experimentation.  Here’s what I did…

Yesterday was such a great day.  Michael’s folks were visiting from Tasmania for the weekend and we had the most glorious day outside in the sunshine.  We enjoyed a BBQ out on the deck while the kids squealed with delight running under the hose and jumping in and out of the jumbo blow up pool.  Dad did an awesome job blowing this monster up manually! 

Tully was having so much fun that he didn’t want to get out of the water and as it’s not summer yet the weather really isn’t that warm so after an hour or so he was shaking and his lips were actually blue.  We kept saying Tully go stand in the sun and warm up, Tully time to hop out now, Tully are you hungry (offers of food usually works), but he was insistent on staying in.  He was so funny though saying “Mummy I’m shaking, Mummy Tully’s teeth are going to fall out”.  He thought because he was trembling so much and due to his chattering teeth, that they’d actually fall out.  We eventually got him out, dried him off, refueled him with some food and got him dressed, only to have him jump in again fully clothed an hour later!!!















This morning it’s grey and raining again.  Typical Melbourne weather, sunny one minute, raining the next.  So we’ve been stuck inside much to Flynn’s disappointment.  I found some old empty boxes so we have been keeping busy making cardboard planes to dress up in. 

They’re yet to be painted (too wet outside, and too much mess to risk painting inside with these two boys) or decorated but Tully and Flynn have had a ball zooming around in them, making sound effects and crashing into each other.  Somehow I don’t think they’re going to last the day, so they may never get decorated.  Ahh well, they’re enjoying themselves. 

I should also mention for those of you that enjoyed the last issue of EST, issue 3 is now live online free for you to browse at your leisure.  I enjoyed a delightful read of it last night and it is full of stunning interior styling, beautiful homes, a feature on the Hampton’s, and the latest homewares.  It’s a really elegant and contemporary issue with some beautiful images, so make sure you check it out.  It certainly makes you want to go out and re-style your home!

Well that’s a wrap for today.  I’ll be sharing more illustrations with you this week, new inspiration and hopefully a feature artist too.  I  also haven’t yet shared with you all what I got up to the weekend before.  I’ll be filling you in about this later in the week.  Until then a couple of hints; it involved me talking and a camera…

Liza xxx


10 thoughts on “Weekend wrap up

  1. Well obviously Micheal doesnt know what he is talking about! Details look great! i also have a Michael here at home. Your cardboard box pics made me laugh as I just made a car garage and lego wonderland out of styrofoam boxes today for the boys…hours of entertainment.(we are on vacation and toys are limited….)Do you celebrate halloween down under? Julie

    • Hahaha thanks Jules X Another hubby called Michael, they’re good the Michael’s aren’t they (o: Agreed, though I think he should stick to Architecture (o” Ooooh I’d love to see your car garage and lego wonderland, my boys would LOVE a car garage! It’s funny I don’t remember Halloween ever being a big deal or properly celebrated in Australia before, but last year certainly was huge where I live. We only moved here end of last September, so I don’t know if it’s just being in a new area or not. There’s a lot more kids around here. There has also been a bigger deal made of it in the media and the shops. I think it’s definitely picking up momentum and taking off down under! Enjoy your holiday xxx

  2. Love the box planes. Such a clever and cute idea. Your boys are adorable. And…I like the details you added to your painting. Here’s to a wonderful and creative week for us all.

    • Hi Ann Marie, my eldest Tully is mad on planes, and rocket ships and anything that relates to the sky at the moment, and little Flynn just copies everything his big brother does so it was a fun morning (o: Thankyou I shall keep working on this one and the finishing details then, hope to share the finished result soon xxx

    • Oh that’s good Ruth-Mary. I always hesitate with the close ups as I’m not the best photographer and don’t have the best camera either, so always worry as I’m forever hearing / reading good quality photos are of the upmost of importance, ahhh! I know, very special times. I completely understand how quickly they grow already as at the moment I’m looking at our eldest Tully thinking when did you start talking? When did you lose your cute lil baby face? When did you start running, jumping, riding….it goes so quickly! Have a great week Ruth-Mary x

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