Weekend reading = weekend indulgence

Hello everyone I hope you’ve had a great start to your weekend.  I’ve just had my morning fuel, homemade toasted muesli with homemade yoghurt and fresh local strawberries, yum!  I have a really busy weekend actually.  I’ve got data entry to complete for our BAS before next week, I’ve got illustrations to complete for card printing next week, I’ve got family visiting from Tasmania and a mountain of dry washing to fold and put away.

It is going to be so hard to focus on all of these little things though as look what arrived in our mail this week.  I have all of these gorgeous latest journals and mags to read.  My favourite type of weekend indulgence.  Curled up in bed at night with a cup of tea and a mag, or on the grass in the afternoon while the boys are pottering about outside in the afternoon sun.  Hmmm, probably the distraction I really don’t need though this weekend.  I have no idea how I am going to squeeze in any reading time.  I think my only opportunity will be in the car on our 45 minute drive up to Melbourne and then I’ll have to hide them for the rest of the weekend so I am not tempted to take time out to read.

I’ll share with you what I have.  First up a new publication that I am really, really excited about.  Look at its title for instance “Big Kids Magazine“.  How cool is this one going to be to read.  Yes I am a big kid at heart!  It’s also full of art, illustration and inspiration.  Yes definitely a fave this is going to become! 

There is also a free print in this first edition by feature artist Madeleine Stamer and I just adore her illustrations.  Happy, happy, happy to receive one of these X

The latest edition of Dumbo Feather arrived on Thursday too.  This as I have mentioned in the past is my all time favourite journal to read.  This is the one I’ll pop in my suitcase if lucky enough to be heading away for a break.  This is the one that is usually on my bedside table and back issues scattered about on the coffee table.  I am always reading one of these and always reading back issues over and over.  I love the depth that their interviews going into and gaining a real insight into people lives and paths. 

Then there’s our old faithful Inside Out.  This is a great resource for our Architectural practice.  It’s got stories on new houses and completed renovation / extensions.  Loads of information on latest materials and finishes.  It’s always full of interior decorating tips and the latest homewares.  I love how seasonal this publication it is and it’s always fresh and contemporary.  Our clients always love flicking through one of these too.

Last but not least is Frankie.  This I love, but I don’t always buy.  I can’t buy all the magazines and journals I love, they just cost too much money these days.  So, I usually borrow this from the library, although any copies available are usually 6 months old!  Yes they are a popular borrowing item.  Or I’m one of those people you see hanging out in the local news agents for hours on end, picking up mag after mag, standing there enjoying a browse and a read.  Well, I used to do more of this than I manage to these days.  It’s a little harder now with Tully and Flynn as they don’t really want to hang out in the news agents while Mummy reads mags, they want to be out walking in the fresh air and running around expending endless energy in the park.  I did manage a quick flick through this last week but was torn away by little ones demands and I saw an interesting article in this one about working Mums and how they juggle their time between work commitments and family.  So, I did purchase a copy of Frankie this month and am eager to read this article.

Well, I better run.  Family catch up this afternoon and I need to go and ice a chocolate carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, m mmmm.  Oh, and fold that mountain of washing!!!  Hope you all manage some quiet, indulgent, time out and reading for yourselves this weekend.  Enjoy!

Liza xxx



5 thoughts on “Weekend reading = weekend indulgence

    • Hi Kathleen, my pleasure, glad you enjoyed them. It’s sunday afternoon and I’m still to pick one up for a proper read. Ahhh well, they’ll be there when the time is available. Yes the cake was delicious and we’ve all enjoyed it over the past couple of days. Nice to have all the family around to share it too! Lxxx

  1. Dear Liza, Thanks for sharing these mags! I am also a fan of frankie magazine and Dumbo Feather. Inside Out is ok but I find it a bit Sydney/NSW oriented. I haven’t seen the Big Kids Magazine before and it looks really interesting. I am inspired to check it out. I love magazines too. I used to sit and read them at Borders. Its a pity they have now closed their doors :((

    • My pleasure Wini! Yes I miss Borders for that reason too. I always feel a bit guilty standing a newsagents flicking through the mags, but at Borders it was the norm and they had little seats n’ all. I agree with you about InsideOut we find it a good reference for Architecture more so. Big Kids is all about Fun, Freedom, and uninhibited freedom of expression. If you have any little nieces and nephews it’s definitely one to sit down and read with them. I’m going to spend some time with Tully tomorrow afternoon reading this with him, shall be fun hearing his expressions and comments. xxx

  2. Hi Liza, looking forward to writing back to your email! Fingers crossed for tonight! Love all these magazines! My sister Dana is featured in the working Mum’s article in Frankie! Mus go and buy it! Shae xo

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