Colours; my favourite is yellow

I was feeling really energised upon waking this morning.  I’m not sure why as I didn’t get to bed until 1:30am and was awoken by morning cuddles from my lil boys bright and early at 6:30am.  I really believe their energy influences my own energy and vibration for the day.  I was however eager to maintain this positive, flowing, happy energy throughout the long, busy day that lay ahead.  I was acutely aware that it could start to fade at any point due to the lack of sleep I’d had.

I had my shower and was thinking about what to wear for the day and my choices are almost always inspired firstly by colour.  I dress according to how I want to feel, what emotions are within me, my energy levels, and what I’m feeling inspired by.  Colour relates to all of these decisions and influences each choice.  I also often have a strong desire to be completely cocooned in one particular colour; my little protective shield for the day, or what I want to radiate outwardly.  This morning it was a very spontaneous, yet swift decision; yellow. 

My mind must have been very clear and focused this morning.  I believe if we have a clear mind then we are easily attracted to particular colours.  Colours that our body is drawn to for replenishing of our body, mind and spirit. 

I love thinking about and analysing the psychology of colour.  It’s probably one of my favourite topics.  I’m fascinated by how it influences our lives and health.  Why it is I make my choices based on a particular colour. 

How do they influence the day ahead.  How individual colours can affect our moods.  How our environment feels when it is decorated by a particular colour, and how colour can stimulate our mind, body and soul. 

Each colour has its own unique vibration.  Each colour has its own individual meaning and this definitely plays a role in our psyche, our physicality and the choices we make throughout the day.

The colour yellow is all about joy, happiness, optimism, vitality and communication.  It symbolizes Spring.  It is actually Springtime where I live at the moment and this was really interesting as yellow has been a feature colour of late in what I chose to wear, to eat, my paint selection and even flowers that I am drawn to.  

Physically the colour yellow is a stimulant.  I definitely needed that today.  Yellow activates our memory, stimulates our nervous system and enhances creativity.  I’ve certainly felt the buzz of creativity too lately. 

This morning whilst hanging out a load of washing I was dreaming of how wonderful it would be to spend two full, solitary days in my studio creating new paintings and illustrations.  I have a full memory bank of ideas and inspiration for new pieces at the moment and I am desperate to let them out to become real! 

Yellow is also my all time favourite colour.  I have really vivid memories of yellow as a little girl.  Fields of yellow flowers in the springtime, daisies in our front lawn, pure yellow sand hot beneath my feet in the height of a hot W.A summer, my favourite yellow sun dress that I was so sad to eventually grow out of (wish I still had this).  What is your favourite colour and why?  I love yellow for its energy, warmth and joy.

I just wanted to mention also that I was completely overwhelmed by all of your lovely comments on my blog post yesterday.  I shall come back here later to personally respond to you all.  Wow, you guys are really amazing, I’m really feeling your warmth, friendship and support, thankyou so much X  Happy Friday everyone.

Liza xxx


11 thoughts on “Colours; my favourite is yellow

  1. So beautiful. First of all–the picture of you–you are simply beautiful and glowing. What a great post with great pictures and sweet inspiration–love the snuggles from your little boys in the morning.


  2. Liza ~ you caught me with the “love snuggles” from your little boys. Oh I remember those days with my own 2 kids. Sweet days indeed! I like just a little bit of yellow along with other colors like blue, red or orange. It is such a powerful think ~ Yellow! Radiates like the sun itself. Enjoy your spring time. We are enjoying fall currently. I love the golden yellow glow of fall leaves & grasses against the bright blue sky!

    • Hi Linda, yes they are special times, I wish my two would slow down with the rate they’re growing and changing. It goes so quickly these early stages. Beautiful! Yes yellow is pretty stimulating, I certainly can’t wear it every day, but I do love the feel it encapsulates me in when I do. Some days I just need that energy (o: It’s been really interesting the past few years since I’ve had my little boys I’ve felt a real pull towards pink and wanting to wear more pink. I didn’t actually have much pink in my wardrobe so it’s been tricky to accomodate, but I feel such a sense of warm, calm and I feel very centered when I wear or surround myself with pink. I might have to write a post on pink sometime soon I think (o” Fall is a beauitful time and actually my favourite season. I remember one year we went hiking during this period in beautiful Cradle Mt in Tasmania and the colours in the leaves were incredible. Enjoy, it is such a nurturing season. Liza xxx

  3. What a beautiful, well illustrated post on yellow. I’m going to be more aware of color in my day — thank you! And the sweet visual of snuggling little ones — I’ve never been a morning person, but I sure loved those early morning snuggles when my children were little. And now I’m getting to experience it with my granddaughter.

    • Thankyou Constance. It is a fun thing to start to notice the way colour influences our choices and everyday lives and what these choices mean (o: The bond between Grandparents and Grandchildren is so so special. I’m currently listening to our little boys playing out the back with Nan and Poppy; they’re so happy and it’s such a special union between them. I still have both of my Grandmothers which is really special at 37. My Father’s Mum is especially special to me and we have such a close bond; always thinking the same thing, tend to be thinking of each other at the same time and we just feel so happy and relaxed in each others company. Enjoy those special times, they’re beautiful xxx

  4. Dear Liza, sorry I have not commented here for a while. The pic of you is great and yellow is a really lovely and sunny colour! Yes and I agree that the psychology of colour is a fascinating topic!! Wini xo

    • Hey sweet Wini, don’t you worry about that, I already value your encouragement, valued comments and continual support. You’re a very special new friend and I really value all that you’ve contributed to my journey. Now you take care of yourself this week, rest up, nurture YOU, and I look forward to seeing some more of your beautiful Art too. xxx

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