Seeds sown, beginnings grown

I’m so, so, so excited today to share with you some fantastic news about my first illustration “seeds sown, beginnings grown“, which I created earlier this year.  It’s now for sale!  

This is a very special and exciting step along the road in this new path I’ve ventured out along.  There have been both squeals of delight and shaky, nervous anticipation with this very special piece going up for sale out in the big wide world.

The awesome crew over at Duckfat have chosen this illustration of mine to add to their incredible range of artwork, homewares and collectables which they have for sale.  You will more than likely see more of my work popping up over there for sale here in time to come too.  Yay!      

Duckfat has just gone live this month and they sell an incredible array of interior furnishings from industrial pieces, classic mid-century design, stunning artworks from local and international artists to unique & sometime bizarre antiques and collectables from around the globe. 

The energetic Duckfat crew are experience, licensed 2nd hand dealers who pride themselves on their ability to source exclusive items that you won’t find anywhere else.  That’s right, you will not find my illustration “seeds sown, beginnings grown” for sale anywhere else.  They are also ready to help you source any piece that perhaps you can’t find yourself, so feel free to contact them if you do.    

I am also still working on setting up my own Etsy shop which will have my range of my illustrations, paintings and cards up for sale.  November is my goal.  These items will accommodate a variety of price brackets for you all too.  So you will find individual cards for sale, sets of cards ie. my 2011 Christmas range, gift tags, and both limited and open edition prints of my illustrations and paintings available to purchase.  So stay tuned for this, I can’t wait for this to go live.   

This illustration “seeds sown, beginnings grown” however, is exclusive to Duckfat and you won’t find this anywhere else.  It is printed with Giclee inks on 310 gsm cotton rag archival paper.  Each print is hand signed, titled and dated.  This is a limited edition print, so there are only 30 of these available. 

I just want to also thankyou for all of your beautiful words of encouragement, friendship and inspiration.  I love receiving, reading and responding to all of your lovely, thoughtful comments.  I’m blown away every time I pop online by the amazing connections that I continue to make, the openness, support, generosity of spirit and inspiration that you all give, it’s just beautiful.  Sometimes I feel more support and encouragement to more ahead on this new path from all of you, than from my life long friends and family.  It’s been a really insightful, fun and interesting journey so far and I just feel so lucky each day to have this opportunity to do what I love; to create, to enjoy and to inspire.

Liza xxx


28 thoughts on “Seeds sown, beginnings grown

    • Thanks Jan! (o” I just love the energy you omit and you’re cheeky humour always pops a smile upon my face. So glad we met, can’t wait til we get together again sometime (o: thanks for popping over here xxx

  1. Fantastic news! Oddly I feel like squealing for you too. I guarantee that I am not the only one. Our group has inspired so much support, encouragement and enthusiasm. You are a big contributor, always commenting and providing your own support, words of encouragement and general loveliness. This is well deserved! Juliexo

    • (o” I love that! You’ve been such a lovely support Julie, full of encouragement along this journey so far, thankyou X Indeed, it’s been such an amazing group. Thankyou, I just try to contribute, support and inspire where I can and when I have a few minutes. I often wish I could do more. It’s been incredible actually just in itself learning of all these amazingly talented every day people out there, hearing their stories, where they’ve come from, what they’ve achieved, seeing their amazing work and forming the beautiful friendships that have become. I find it so inspiring in itself knowing there are others out there working hard to realize their dreams and aspirations and also enjoying every minute of it. It’s so lovely to share this experience. xxx

    • hehee (o” thankyou Frauke. I’m really enjoying what I’m doing with my life now and it’s been really lovely meeting like minded people. Thankyou for your support and encouragement, very much appreciated xxx

    • Ohhh so sweet of you to leave me a comment, thankyou Kate. It’s so nice to hear from friends in here X I’m still working away and pushing forward along this new path, but I’m really enjoying every minute of it and it is really a great feeling to achieve some goals. Thankyou for your warmth, encouragement and continual support, Lxxx

  2. Dear Liza, I am just soooo excited and happy for you that your stunning illustration is now for sale. Congratulations and wishing you every success!! Wini xo

    • Thanks sweetie X The first big step is always the hardest, the one filled with self-doubt, deliberations, and hope. I think I’m ready to now confidently move forward and focus happily on producing artwork from my heart xxx

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