colour, reflections, moments of inspiration

I found some time to draw a quick sketch of the beautiful apple blossom that I shared with you yesterday.  As I said this will feature in my next large-scale painting.  Can’t wait to get started on that!  Ohhh for more time, or 2 of me, or for a genie in a bottle and 3 magic wishes.  There I go daydreaming again…here’s that sketch of the apple blossom…

A little midweek inspiration for you all today.  I’m always drawn to colour, fabrics, wallpaper, materiality and texture, nature and flora.  What inspires you? 








What captures your attention?  I’m certainly drawn to certain colours at the moment.  Such as the two photos I chose to feature above today; the colours in each of these have been featuring a lot in my paintings recently.  I’m so intrigued by colour.  How it makes us feel, what colours we’re drawn to for different reasons.  Colour combinations.  Colour and memory is a really interesting aspect as well.  Our patch of grass running alongside our deck is covered in daisy (see photo below) at the moment and I have a very vivid memory of a hot summers day playing out on the front grass when I was about 4 or 5 making daisy chains with these exact flowers. 

I love that we all see things in life differently too.  Some people are drawn to the detail, some will just see the colour, some the form, others may see every single element that makes up the whole.  This is what I love about art and creative expression too.  I love that you could give 5 artists the same subject matter, but they would each come up with a very unique, individual piece of art in response.   My eye is often drawn to the smaller detail, texture and structure when I’m looking at things, especially flora.








What makes you have to stop whatever it is that you are doing and record that thought or image before it’s gone?  What are you drawn to in an object, in nature, when people watching, when looking out over the ocean?  I was drawn to the tone, and detail of the branches in the dead looking tree below, in beautifully contrast against the clear blue sky.

I’m having so many of these inspiring moments of late.  Moments of thought, of visual inspiration, of a great idea that I just want to capture and hold in my memory until I have the time to develop it.  Ideally a photo, a sketch or a few words help me to remember but I just can’t get it down on paper when I need to and I get a little frustrated with that as I can never remember every little idea and spurt of inspiration that crosses my mind.  I hate forgetting these magical moments of inspiration.  I’ll sit back later, reflecting on my day desperately trying to remember my ideas and inspiration, but often they’re long gone.  How do you capture those moments in your day?  Our multiple visits to the beach yesterday were so inspiring and invigorating.  Such a magical place no matter what the weather is like.  It’s better than medicine for me.  Instant calming of the mind, rejuvenation of the body, and soothing on the soul. 

I love it and so do my little boys, they were so relaxed in the evening last night and happy, happy, happy!  As promised here are some photos for you.  I remembered to take my camera on our 3rd beach visit for the day!! 







I hope you have enjoyed this little post full of midweek inspiration and reflective thoughts.  I’ll be back here tomorrow with some exciting news to share…something to do with my first illustration that I did.  Stay tuned as I also have an awesome new online store to share with you all that I know you will just love!

Liza xxx


8 thoughts on “colour, reflections, moments of inspiration

  1. Oh wow, I love your drawing of the apple blossom. I can’t wait to keep up with your progress. It seems that you and I love the same things. I sketched what will be a painting for me the other night based on designs on one of my cushions. I also take photos of lots and LOTS of plants, flowers, leaves, etc. Inspiration is everywhere.

    • Hi Paula, yes there is soooo much inspiration all around us. My favourite thing is to take the time each day to notice it. I also try to draw something no matter how small each day. Sometimes this can be tricky in the daily busy schedules we all follow now, but it’s so worth it when you can achieve this. Thankyou for your lovely encouragement (o: wishing you a happy time painting those lovely sketches of yours also x

  2. Love the inspiration Liza!! currently my two passions are robins egg blue, and red/magenta combos. Just cant get enough of that. And I miss the beach, thank you for taking me there, even if its just in pictures 🙂

    • Hi Kelley, so glad you are enjoying the inspiration. Sometimes, I wonder if I’m just boring people with what inspires me. Blogging is still so new to me as you know. Ooooo (o: they sound like beautiful colour combos too, warming on the heart and soul. I will definitely be sharing more beach photos from now on in as it will almost be a part of every day for us now that the beautiful warm is in the air again here. We all love the beach and it’s our little escape from the fast pace that life is now and our daily dose of medicine so to speak. L xxx

  3. LOVE the daisy…never seen one quite like it! I’ve been feeling much the same inspiration you have, and mostly have been grabbing the camera. I have no idea where it is leading, but I’m feeling the need to capture on film (hahahahahha! Film! I’m dating myself!) everything that grabs my attention lately, from plants to architecture, to unusual texture or color combinations…I’m driving my family nuts.

    • Haha, you made me giggle Janet as I can defnitely relate, Michael is often commenting on my frequent camera grabbing, clicking, moments…”I just want to eat, by the time you photograph this it will be cold”, or “can we just go for a walk without stopping every 2 seconds to photograph something”…LOL so yes slowly driving them all nuts. Today he had a good look at my blog posts and said “ahhh I can see why you’re always taking photos now!” It’s actually a good thing though as we’re now recording the every day moments and snippets that may have been forgotten otherwise. Happy snapping (o: xxx

    • Thanks so much Clare. I often worry about the quality of my photos. I’m not the best photographer and I don’t have a great camera, but it is nice to have pictures that capture a moment or a special image or moment and include them in here as often as I can. I can’t wait to get going on the full size painting…I have so much to do at the moment and I just want to paint…I shall keep you posted with it’s progress (o: xxx

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