My latest paintings have me confused…

I’m full of happiness and energy today.  It’s a perfect Spring day here.  Warmth in the air and a clear blue sky, just beautiful! 

Our resident lizard has begun to sun himself in the warmth again and we’ve seen him every day this week.  The boys get so excited!

I’ve just spent the morning with my two lil boys Tully and Flynn playing in the park and then we also ran around the beach, jumped in and out of the lapping water and looked for heart stones in the sand. 

I think we’ll be back there later this afternoon it’s just too nice to stay home today.  Must take my camera this time and share some photos tomorrow.

I have another couple of small paintings to share with you today.  The first pictured above.  I love the colours and movement.  It reminds me of a watercolour.  These two pieces have me stumped though.  You see they’re only at the very initial stage of where I journey with my paintings.  I’m stuck though as I actually like them as they are now.  Part of me wants to keep working with them and develop them and the other part of me wants to just simply leave them and appreciate them for what they are.  Hmmm, what do you think?  I love the beautiful heart that appeared in the centre of this one, can you see it?

I’m about to start working on a large painting in the same style as my hibiscus flower that I shared with you yesterday.  I want to work through a series of these.  Here is my inspiration for the next piece, the gorgeous blossom on our miniature apple tree that was just so beautiful this year.  I’m glad I captured it, as they didn’t last long.

I have a day to myself tomorrow as the boys will be at daycare.  I have a mountain of book-keeping to do though unfortunately and I know it’s going to be so hard to focus.  I have so much creative energy building within me today and the weather is just glorious, so inspiring.  I might be taking my book work and laptop out on the deck to work tomorrow to at least enjoy this weather, but I’ll have to keep focused until it’s all complete.  My aim is to power through it tomorrow so I can spend all day Thursday drawing and painting.  I will stick to my promise though and pop a post up here everyday this week, so see you tomorrow everyone with some inspiration for you all.  I hope you’re all enjoying a beautiful day as I am.  I really love this time of year and trips to the beach are so refreshing and calming, I feel like I’m on holidays (o:

Liza xxx



20 thoughts on “My latest paintings have me confused…

  1. Hmmm..loving all the white space in the first painting. Also love the colors and softness. It does look a bit like watercolor. Sounds to me like spring is in the air! Julie

    • Hi Julie, thankyou (o: yes the white I found a really nice balance to the busy colourful central flower. I think that’s the only way this painting could work LOL Spring is definitely in the air and it’s been beautiful. We’re back to frequent trips to the beach, eating outdoors, energized to keep moving ahead with all there is to do in the next couple of months. And it has definitely been influencing my colour choices. I don’t necessarily select particular colours to paint with, but I have noticed that yellow, pink, white and orange tones are all appearing in my work of late. I love how the seasons influence our choices, mindset, etc. Lxxx

    • Hi Shae, thankyou beautiful. Did you see my unveiling of the hibiscus? It was nearly complete a while back, I just had to add the stamen. I still havn’t sealed or signed it yet….see sooo hopeless at being content to leave and call a piece finished!! Can’t wait to start the next one, apple blossom, just need time, time and time (O: Heart stones and finding messages of love is so much fun and it really is all around us (o: I’ve been trying to teach the boys about these special finds, they’re still a little young though. (o: that reminds me this morning I put a skirt on as it’s going to be a beautiful warm Spring day and lil Tully said to me “why you dressed up Mumma, are you going dancing?” LOL, so funny and where do they get these sayings and questions from, makes me smile (o: Enjoy this glorious weather Shae xxx

  2. I love both paintings, but I can see you working more on the top one. Expanding on the movement and adding some depth. I love the second painting as is. Just perfect.

    • mmm so hard to know paula I think I’ll sit on them for a bit, start a new one and come back to them with a clear mind (o: thankyou for your great feedback, so nice to hear others reflections and thoughts on your work, very helpful thankyou X

  3. I love the first painting with the white and trails of paint. It is gorgeous as it is. I would be tempted to work on the second one a little more but I am a chronic over worker of pictures so I’m not sure if my perspective is valid :0. I know what you mean about the journey of creating an image hence my tendency to spend to much time working on one. I often think of setting a time challenge to be more spontaneous. The thought of it stirs a mild panic!

    • Thankyou Elizabeth. I can so relate to that, overworking a piece, I’m easily slipping there from time to time. I think in time we’ll perhaps be more comfortable to stop and be happy with a piece and not take it beyond. So so hard to trust that I’m finding at the moment. Time challenge, now that would be hard! I often see our flying friends whipping up pieces in such a short period of time and them looking great and I just can’t seem to manage that. My work takes ages and I tend to sit and ponder and potter with it for months. Don’t worry you’re not the only one who feels this way (o: xxx

  4. I need to paint that flower!!! Gorgeous! I Just love gifts from the garden. I do like the paintings. I wonder if you should just walk away from them for now. For just a bit then come back and then see what the inner conversation sounds like. The top one is my favorite and it does look like a watercolor, even cooler.

    • Yes those blossoms were gorgeous and I just love the yellow stamens in the centre of those delicate white petals (o: It would be awesome to have the comparison between your interpretation of this bloom and mine as our work is such a great contrast. Yes walking away from each of those paintings is defniltey a good thing for now. I’ll start another and focus on my illustrations for a few weeks I think then take a look with fresh clear eyes. Thankyou for your feedback, much appreciated xxx

    • Isn’t it Chelle, lovely to feel inspired and full of energy to accompany it (o: Yay I think most states are enjoying glorious spring weather at the moment. Just spoke to our friend in Adelaide and sunny 33 there today. Love it! xxx

  5. So many lovely thoughts in your post. Love the stones, your paintings and that flower is beautiful! We get blue tongue lizards here. They love sunning themselves 🙂 I took my computer outside yesterday and worked out in the sunshine and fresh air. It’s amazing what a difference it makes to feeling better about doing ‘work’. Have a lovely day! xo

    • Thankyou Nel X Yes, don’t you just love the blue tongues (o: What a great idea taking your computer outdoors. I’m still worried I’d sit there daydreaming across the way with my mind elsewhere instead of looking at the screen. Writting todays blog post has been enough distraction in itself LOL! A lovely distraction from the bookwork though (o” I plan on finishing up a little early though and enjoying another trip to the beach with the boys before dinner or at least a walk to pick them up from daycare today rather than driving. Just glorious weather we’re having!! You too, wishing you a fabulous fun day xxx

    • My pleasure, so happy you enjoyed it. Yes I think you’re definitely right, I’m going to leave both of them for now and start another new painting towards the end of this week and come back to them later with fresh eyes and a clear mind. X

    • WOW, thanks Joana! I was just over visiting your blog admiring you’re beautiful depth of colour and gorgeous forms. I’m definitely going to leave tose two little paintings just for now and am desperate to start a new one, a larger piece now of the apple blossom…just need some time this week and might have to wait til the weekend with everything else I have to do today and tomorrow and meetings on Friday. Unless I paint all night and sometimes that’s a lovely thought haha! As it is right now I’m meant to be completely focusing on our bookwork and MYOB today for our Archi business…I had to write this new post though too…what a lovely distraction (o” thanks agan lovely xxx

    • I think you already know me Tracy (o: I’m sure you’ll be right…they’re currently still sitting there though, not for want of me to go and paint some more on them, rather for lack of time…been a week of book keeping…soooo looking forward to next week and more time for creativity (o: thankyou so much for visiting my blog post over here, very appreciative xxx

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