A finished painting – “Hibiscus”

A start of a new week, the sun is shining, my boys are happily playing, and I have a finished painting to share with you all.  Yay!!!  Finally, I feel that I can actually use that word, “finished”.  I seem to be struggling a bit to know exactly when to stop with my paintings, to know when they are complete.  I’ve had a few people now comment when they view my work in person, how they think I should actually stop working any further on a few paintings, or “Liza, I think it could actually be finished, what do you mean you’ve still got work to do on it?!”  It’s a very intuitive process, but the intuition to tell me when to stop isn’t quite working effectively yet.  I’m too caught up in losing myself in the process and also am a bit of a perfectionist.  That may stem from my architectural background I think where everything did need to be perfect and exact.  However, painting is a completely different process that I’m still tuning into.  I’m also celebrating this week as I’ve been painting now for 6 months, woohoo. 

I thought it was timely that my business cards should arrive today too.  They say; Liza Zeni, artist & illustrator.  These really state the fact for me that now I am following a profession as an artist & illustrator and that this is my professional title.  This is such a huge step forward for me and something that my inner voice still struggles with on a daily basis. You may remember this completed painting that I’m about to unveil.  I posted an unfinished photo of this a little while back.  I loved painting this hibiscus flower and had so much fun doing it with a big smile was spread upon my face the entire time.  It sat for a little while before the last little element was added, the stamen. 

Some people didn’t even realise it was missing something.  I just required the stamen to be painted and for a while I didn’t know whether to do it in colour, white or black.  I finally picked up the brush and painted it in black with some silver highlights and I am really happy with the end product. 

This painting was the first test run for painting finer detail as another layer across elements of my work.  I’ve developed a way to merge my illustrative work with my paintings.  I feel like I’ve found my own style and method of painting now and something that is true to me which feels wonderful and a very comfortable place to be in.  As you’ll see I’ve used some of the markings I use in my illustrations across the petals of the hibiscus flower.  I was quite random with the application this first time and didn’t think about what markings I was using or where I was painting them at all.  It was purely to see how I went painting in detail with a fine detail brush and thinned white acrylic paint.  Now I know I can do it, I shall do a series of these paintings with different flowers and perhaps stick to just a few markings and patterns to use as a veil across the petals. 

I’d love to hear your thoughts, comments and feedback on my hibiscus painting.  I’m learning so all constructive criticism is definitely welcome (o:  I’m wondering whether I should make this painting into prints to sell on my up and coming Etsy store too?

Have a lovely day, I hope the sunshine is out wherever you are,

Liza xxx


8 thoughts on “A finished painting – “Hibiscus”

  1. Just brilliant Liza. I’ve only just started painting again after a 23 year lapse. I’m excited at the possibilities, and looking forward to seeing more of your work. Paula 🙂

    • That’s lovely, thankyou Paula, it’s great to be encouraged by one another. Great to hear you’ve gotten back into your painting after so long. I love hearing stories like this. Creativity I think is such an important piece in all of us and opens one up to so much. Liza xxx

    • Thankyou Nel I shall keep working, working, working to complete some more for a series of paintings of flowers in this range. I really enjoyed working this way and it just flowed beautifully and easily so that’s always good especially when moving on to do more in the same style. Lxxx

    • Thankyou Ann Marie, it’s really lovely to hear words of encouragement and positivity as this was very much a trial run with this painting. I’m really happy with it and loved doing it so am going to complete a series of these. Next up is an apple blossom which I took a photograph of in our yard at the start of Spring. I love flowers so I have loads of inspiration around me at the moment. Inspiration overload at times (o” xxx

  2. Enjoyed your post. I was a professor in education before becoming a poet full-time. I had to learn to read again–say to myself “you’re not teaching about this, you don’t even have to finish the book!” And with poetry, I keep learning how to “show and not tell.” Yet having been a teacher helps a lot too. All very interesting! Blessings, Ellen

    • It makes me so happy to hear people say they’ve enjoyed a post, thankyou Ellen. I often sit to write a post with a clear outline, and then I begin and it completely heads off on another course. This creative path is definitely one of constant learning, re-adjustment, and learning to trust our intuition. This is what I love about it, it’s stimulating, ever changing, fun, invigorating and free, no rules. It is interesting though what we take from our previous careers or learned path. I often wonder if my illustrations or paintings would differ if I hadn’t studied Architecture. Or is this completely coming from deeper within. xxx

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