And the Bespoke Winner is…

What a week, what a weekend, and what a lot of blog posts I owe you all to make up for the lack of posts here this past week! 

My little man Tully has been recovering well after his operation, but he really needed his Mummy there to give him concentrated, full attention and loads of love this past week, so that’s where I’ve been.  Now, I’m sure you’re all waiting to find out…  

who has won my first little giveaway.  Da da, da, daaaa… This is so much fun; announcing the winner of this copy of the latest edition of Bespoke zine. 

Entries did close,7pm, EST on Friday evening, I hope you all got your entries in!!!

Names were written down on paper, popped in a hat, and held up for me to draw the winner.  All captured on camera for you as you can see (o:  And the winner is….

Ruth-Mary Smith of Patchwork Families.  Congratulations Ruth-Mary, YAY, you’ve won yourself a copy of the latest Bespoke zine.  I will forward your email to Jess at Bespoke who will contact you to arrange delivery of your copy of one beautiful little package. 

It’s now super late here and I’m exhausted after a very long week.  I am going to hold on to all my news for now and pop up a little post every day this week.  Yes, you did read correctly, EVERY day this week!  I think that should indeed make up for the lack of entries here last week.  It’ll definitely get me back into the swing of things that’s for sure.  So, make sure you pop on over here so you don’t miss out.  I have so much to share and tell you this coming week.  A little project that’s been happening behind the scenes will be shared, finished paintings will be shown, my first ever range of Christmas cards will be shown, I’ll share what inspires me and I’ll write some more about all that’s been whirling around in my head this past week.  And on top of that I’m sure there will be more fun and surprises to be found here.  So for now I’m off to get some sleep and I’ll see you back here tomorrow.

Sweet dreams,

Liza xxx



6 thoughts on “And the Bespoke Winner is…

  1. Yarhoo!!! I’m very excited- thanks so much!!! I was really hoping it was going to come my way but since it rarely does it’s a big surprise- it looks great! thanks for running this Liza!♥

    • That’s lovely, I’m really happy for you Ruth-Mary. I know how you feel as I won something for the first time this year a little paper and envelope writting set for me and my best friend and I was so happy and felt so lucky. There will be a couple more giveaways soon, so stay tuned, imagine if you won again! Liza xxx

  2. Well done on you give away. You look like you had fun. It was fun and breath holding to keep scrolling down and down.
    Congratulations to Ruth-Mary.
    The rest of us shall now have to look out for it in the shops. Thank-you for telling us about this magazine and blog.
    Best wishes to you little boys. Looks like he was very, very brave.

    • Yes it was fun. I’ve always loved giving things to people, popping a smile on their face, brightening their day, so when the oportunity arose to host a Bespoke giveaway I thought why not, that will be fun (o” My pleasure, and I will be having a couple more giveaways before Christmas so you never know you may be the lucky one next time around. Thankyou Helen, I love hearing from you. I shall pass on your lovelyness to Tully and Flynn, yes Tully was very brave. He actually said this morning full of amazement and excitement “Mama my throat isn’t sore anymore, it’s all better”. That was so nice to hear! Liza xxx

      • Very good news, and we are all so much happier. Tully said to me yesterday in the car on the way to the beach; “Mummy Tully all better, no sore throat now and Tully’s not angry”. Very interesting choice of words I thought and we have definitely noticed he’s calmer and happier. Previously he was wired, frustrated and this built up into anger and outbursts a lot of the time. Sleeping peacefully is definitely much better for the mind, body and soul. xxx

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