Bespoke Giveaway

Hello I’m so very excited to announce the first of our giveaways!

The gorgeous Jess, Editor of the Bespoke zine has kindly offered a copy of Issue 4, the latest publication of this delightful, Australian, quarterly zine for me to give away to one of my lucky readers.  Yes, how lucky are all of you!  I had to purchase my own copy, still it was well and truly worth it (o: The other exciting thing is that this giveaway is open world-wide.  That means my loved overseas readers also have equal opportunity to win this beautiful zine.

Jessica Van Den; Editor Bespoke Zine

So to be in the running for this beautiful giveaway here’s the details;

  • Giveaway ends on Friday 14th October, 7pm EST.
  • Entries will be drawn at random.
  • Winner announced Sunday 15th October here on my blog.
  • Please pop over to the Bespoke website, check out their blog, and leave a comment for Jess and mention that you’re visiting from here.
  • It would also be great if you could spread the word through your own blogs, or Facebook pages, or via your friends and family about this lovely little giveaway we’re having here.  That would be so lovely xxx
  • Finally leave a comment here so I know you’re in the running for this cute zine (o:

My weekend has been very low key.  We’ve been looking after our lil man Tully, playing with Flynn who’s becoming very animated and vocal, Nanny came for an afternoon visit on Saturday and today it’s raining and cool so we’re staying in for a relaxing day together.  I’ll pop some photos up over on my Facebook page tomorrow as we’ve had some fun baking & creating in the kitchen again.  Blueberry smoothies, chocolate & nut filled cookies, chorizo, capsicum and potatoe frittata, syrian chicken, been a yummy weekend as always!  Yesterday was lovely outside so there was fun planting herbs and blowing bubbles to catch.  Now I just need a little bit of time out for some creative fun to top off a lovely, relaxing weekend.

Liza xxx


26 thoughts on “Bespoke Giveaway

      • Yay so glad you like it (o: No the cup isn’t mine, I asked Jess if I could use some images from their website as they were so clear and beautiful. Gorgeous isn’t it!! LXxx

    • I’ve just edited and hopefully made clearer the details to be in the running for this little giveaway. You’re in the running though Helen, thankyou for the interest. So far it’s between you and Michelle from WA (o: that’s great odds LOL!!! It is great over there at Bespoke I agree. I’m hoping to gain a little more traffic for them as I really enjoy her blog posts as well as the beautiful zine. Did you see the bird pendant? It reminded me of your beautiful ceramic pendants. I’ve finally properly found your sites too. I was sure I’d found them a while back and joined up, but obviously I hadn’t. So now I can keep in touch some more. Oh and in response to your comment on my FB page, I think you said funny you responded to me here. Sometimes or often I’m on here during the day while juggling my 1 & 3 year old and I’ll just comment then and there wherever I first see something so I don’t forget to respond later or get distracted (o: I think at the time I just remembered to go back there and post to you again. Anyway, best be off join in some family fun time. Hope you’re having a lovely weekend, chat next week no doubt (o: Lxxx

  1. What a great giveaway! Haven’t checked out this magazine yet but thinking I need to. Sounds like you had a lovely weekend 🙂 xo

    • Yes do I think you’d definitely enjoy it Nel. I still can’t remember where I stumbled across this zine but I’m so glad I did, it’s beautiful. It was a lovely weekend thanks, just nice to really do nothing for a change (o: Have a great week, I’ll pop you in the draw xxx

  2. Dear Liza, Thank you to you and Jess for the chance to win this lovely magazine. Please count me in! I have also spread the word and am about to head off to the bespoke blog to leave a comment. Have a lovely week! Wini xo

  3. Hi Liza! This would be a wonderful gift to win! So inspirational–I love to read pieces from other creative souls. It always makes me feel more motivated.



  4. Hi Liza, Just popped over to bespoke & left a comment, fabulous giveaway! hope i’m not too late, i’d love a chance to be in the running 🙂 i’ve fb’d & tweeted so hope u get some more entries xx

    • Hi sweetie, not too late at all, thankyou and you’re definitely in the draw (o: Thanks for the tweets and more, that’s awesome. It’s a cute lil zine, and I just knew you’d all love it! Sorry for the lack of blog posts this week, feeling terribly guilty. Back to normal again next week so stay tuned xxx

  5. Hi Liza, I’m a subscriber and adore the Bespoke zine 🙂 You don’t have to include me in the giveaway as I’m already a devoted fan however I wanted to show my support for your giveaway and spread the word via my facebook page ~Inkspired Wings ~ hope it goes to a lovely reader x

    • Hi Jane, yay another Bespoke fan and reader (o: It’s so cute, love it! I only just recently stumbled accross it, but I’m so glad I did. Thankyou for your support on your page, that’s great and I’m sure Jess would be super appreciative, that’s really lovely of you. Good luck with your blog and I look forward to seeing your posts (o: My appologies for the lack of regular posts here this week, been a busy week of looking after little ones, but I’ll be back on track again next week. Liza x

  6. Hi Liza, just in time to enter your giveaway. Bespoke looks very interesting thank you for introducing us to their website and mag.

    • Hi Kirily, my pleasure and you’re in the draw (o: Yes it’s a cute lil zine, lots of lovely ideas and tips as well as inspiration for all the crafters out there and I know there are many! I’m currently appologizing to everyone for my lack of regular posts here this week. It’s not due to the little giveaway, I’ve just had my hands full looking after my little one. All should be back to normal here again next week though and I’ve got a range of cards to share, a finished painting and more. Hope you’re having a more productive week than I am! Liza x

    • Thanks Cecylia, but that’s not actually me (o: The photo you’ve referred to is actually Jess the lovely Editor of Bespoke Zine. Cute blog you’ve got there, you are one seriously busy girl though! My pleasure, always fun to have a lil giveaway. xxx

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