Heartfelt gestures of happiness

I was delighted by my little afternoon stroll down our driveway yesterday with my little munchkin Flynn giggling and chatting away beside me, collecting little pieces of nature.  He loves to announce a car driving by, or a bird whistling overhead and so much more.  I love this age, 18 months, they are so much fun!  It’s a tiny little part of our day but one that I love so much.  There’s something so magically innocent about walking hand in hand with your little ones, outdoors in the fresh air, their minds wide open to all of natures beauty, ready to discover the world around them.  Our little walk down to our mail box this time was a pleasant one.  Usually we excitedly open it to find snail poo and bills and junk mail half eaten by the resident snails.  We take out the mail and clean out the poo with the back of a bill and remove any snoopy snails, but upon returning the next day they are always back and munching upon our mail.  This visit though we had no bills, no junk mail, one letter from the hospital and a beautifully illustrated envelope addressed to me.  Laaa lala lala lala my heart began to sing and I always, always get excited whenever I receive an envelope that doesn’t in the slightest way represent a bill, work related mail, or junk mail.  Yipeee, I thought to myself and excitedly showed Flynn and said “look Mama’s received a letter, look at the pretty pictures Flynn”.  He pointed at it and said “ooo”. 

Walking back up the drive with Flynn I thought the days nearly out, I’ll save this lovely envelope for this evening with a cup of nice tea and some quiet time for me.  So there it sat beside me at the table for the afternoon and during dinner teasing me all the while.

The evening arrived, the boys were snuggled up in their beds, the dishes were done, the folding done and my emails and posts checked and on went my red kettle, a green tea with honey brewed and down I sat to open my sweet little envelope with the cute munchkin faces perched one on top of the other.  It was from my dear friend and she had surprised me as I wasn’t expecting anything from her, in fact it is actually my turn to pop something in the mail to her.  It’s even more lovely when something is sent to you as a little surprise, a little cheerio from a friend, to know you are in their thoughts and hearts.  

On the back of the envelope it reads “indigo child exhibition edition” I like the sound of this and will have to go google it.  Out I pulled the most delightful postcard which had the most detailed illustrations across the front.  The gorgeous little munchkin faces playing with hearts amongst some tree branches, that actually bend over to form what looks like to me a larger heart.  Below is a man with a cheeky monkey on his shoulder and he is holding the hand of an excited little girl.  I love it!  It will definitely be posted up on my inspiration board after it’s spent the next couple of weeks next to me on my desk. 

The message on the back began with “Saw this card & thought of you <8”.  This is the most thoughtful thing anyone has done for me in a while and it’s really made me smile from inside out.  It doesn’t take much to light the heart of someone you care about and we should all take a few minutes out of our busy schedules to do something for someone to simply make them smile.  I hope this inspires you all to do and give to others.  I was made so happy by this simple gesture that I just had to share it with all of you.

Liza xxx


10 thoughts on “Heartfelt gestures of happiness

  1. Awww, i loved that age when my daughter was little. the world just opens up for us as adults all over again. Handwritten cards are too far and few these days. what a lovely thing to do. I save stuff like that too when I receive it, to savor in a special moment. thanks for sharing 🙂

    • My pleasure Kelley. With our 2nd lil boy Flynn I’ve really been aware just how quickly the days, months, years go by, too quickly! It would be so easy to have more children on this level (o: I’m sure there’s lots of pleasure and special times as they get older too xxx

  2. I miss re-entering the world of wonder now that my little ones are all grown up. I loved your post. It sounds like a perfect day. I am definitely going to rediscover the art of letter writing. It means so much more than an email. I now want to surprise all my friends and family with little illustrated letters.

    • This makes me smile, so nice that to hear that I’ve inspired someone to make someones day. I enjoy letter writting myself, it is very hard with little ones though, there’s always something more pressing to do so it’s definitely a gesture as it’s in your own time I find (o: Enjoy it’s so fullfilling xxx

  3. Special times with the little ones; I do remember. My son is 20, and our time together these days is much, much different. Sometimes when I come across a picture of him as a toddler, my heart aches a little for that chubby, silly, wonder filled child. Precious times for sure for you and yours. 🙂

    • Hi Ann Marie, I know I know, I am so aware of how quickly they grow and change that each week I’m saying oohhh I wish we could have them when they were new born again to remind me of that sweet little time. Not that they’re not still sweet, but just each stage early on changes so quickly. I can understand why people have a couple of kids and then say 10-12 years later they have another and do it all over again. Lxxx

  4. So glad the little card brought you so much joy – I just couldn’t bear to leave it in the shop, had to send to you xxxxxxx I can say thankyou to you too, as you have given me the same happiness in the mail many times over the years :o)

    I know what you mean about taking time every now & then to make others smile – mum sent me a lovely card just the other day which sais “stay the course, light a star, change the world wherever you are” Richard Le Gallienne xxxx. When feeling a bit lost, kinda helps answer the “why am I here” question in some way even if it’s not exactly changing the world but affecting something or someone in some small & positive way ;o)

    This is the first time I have properly looked at your blog home page and its just beautiful and I don’t think i had seen your painting of the flower finished it is just divine. So inspiring and talented at whatever you put your heart toward. xx KK

    • Thankyou KK! So nice to see you here, another suprise for me xxx
      I completely understand and can relate to all you wrote, yes sometimes you get little answers from the universe or others when we have those moments of doubt and wonder. It really is nice to receive a little something from a loved one every now and then just to make you smile. I think there’s nothing nicer than a gratious unexpected gift of kindness. It’s great that we still do that for each other, I know we ran astray for a while and got lost in the life of toddlers so to speak but always thinking of you and so nice to make regular contact when so far away. It certainly brings us closer together when we communicate more. Thankyou fre the flower, yes still busily trying to grab moments of painting time in aim of selling some work from November. Thankyou, miss you, and thanks for inspiring a blog post (o: It was so easy to write about this lovely gift from your heart! Lxxx

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