Patterns, markings & imagery

Hello again (o:  Two posts in two days, woohoo!  That makes me smile.  Now, as promised yesterday I have some lovely new illustrations and sketches for you today. 

I had such a busy week last week, filling 8 pages of my sketch book in the past 3-4 days with little drawings, new concepts, book ideas and drawings, patterns and Christmas Card ideas.  Lots of black and white.  It still amazes me that my illustrations are black and white and my paintings are an explosion of colour.  Such contrast between the two mediums that I work in.









I’ve been recording all the patterns, markings and images that I use in my illustrations.  There are 3 pages worth of these in my sketch book now and more to come.  I love recording these, they’re mindless and fun to draw and I plan to do something with them all soon.






Yes and you did read right, I wrote Christmas.  It’s only 12 weeks until Christmas now so I need to get moving with my general card range and my Christmas card range.  The Etsy shop will happen!!  November is the goal.  Make sure you keep me to this promise won’t you (o”

I’ve had in the back of my mind that I needed to get thinking about my Christmas card collection and only yesterday did the ideas start flowing.  Just in time too, I was beginning to worry about timing.  I have 3 Christmas cards and 3 Christmas gift tags which I will have for sale next month.   I’ve used all my little patterns and imagery in each of these designs and they will remain black and white on thick quality archival paper.  I’d love to hear your feedback on these two designs above and below.

Last week was such a great week and a beautiful weekend to match.  I love a super productive week when you’re housework gets done, cooking is enjoyed and eaten, quality time enjoyed as a family and we were also lucky to enjoy having some lovely friends for brunch on Sunday morning.  

A week of perfect balance and it all just magically came together. Why though are some weeks so effortless and others are just hard work and nothing seems to come together?  Well here’s to another effortless, happy and productive week I say!  Enjoy everyone.

Liza xxx


12 thoughts on “Patterns, markings & imagery

    • Thankyou so great to hear positive feedback. Be sure to let me know any other feedback too ie. things I can work on or constructive critism always welcomed (o:

  1. Wow, these are all great. The tree is my favorite. I keep telling myself I’m going to sketch more, but never seem to get around to it. Your sketches are inspiration for me to get it going!

    • Thankyou yes the tree was fun to do, if only I could make it smell of a real christmas tree LOL! I have a star too. Love christmas and all the festivities and fun with friends and family. That’s great I’ve inspired you – yay! Someone said to me just sketch every day even if it’s the tiniest little scribble or happy face, just ensure you draw every day. This has been the best advice I’ve received as my confidence in my drawings has grown and there’s less of a roadblock when I sit down to draw now as I really don’t care what comes out. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s not so but it’s all practice and enjoyment so that’s what it’s all about for me (o: xxx

  2. I cant believe Christmas is that close..I am not sure i want to be reminded. I LOVE the holidays …and hate them. They are just carry too much expectation. Ok, your drawings are looking good. i would love to have a little sneak peek into your sketchbook. I also have mark making pages(will post later this week)..just trying to figure out a way to incorporate into painting.. Morning coffee – have to get kids to school.! later Julie

    • Hello again, lovely to have you back here (o: I know christmas it’s too busy, too frantic, too much pressure “we must catch up!? It’s not the end of the world, it’s just a day on the calendar. There’s a few posts in here with my sketchbook images. I know how you feel about incorporating your drawings into your paintings. I’ve been really conscious of developing my own style within my paintings. I’m seeing so much work copied, very blatantly too, and it really annoys me. I’ve also become a little guarded as sometimes you post things and then you see them appearing in others work. I’ve finally come to a point where I feel my own style of painting has emerged. I’m using my colourful abstract backgrounds, then usually an image appears or I use a form ie a flower or pod from my illustrations and within that form I am using my patterns and markings to add another layer of fine detail to my work. I’ve been so excited recently that my two styles are coming together as one in m paintings. I love it, feel comfortable that it is my own and therefore happy to soon sell and make prints from, I’m also finally happy to be merging my two mediums that I work in as both are completely oposite to each other so there’s been a lot of thought and trial and error that has gone in to this style emerging. A hard thing has been finding the right pens to work in and be happy with. You will find your way and actually I think you already are without realising. I love the bold beautiful painting with the red flowers, I think poppies, there’s a lovely element of detail like your drawings but the boldness of the black against the gorgeous happy sunny yellow background is just beautiful. I’d happily by this and hang it on my wall and it would have many wonderful applications I’m thinking too. I think you have a style and technique going on there for sure! (o: Liza xxx

  3. I love the Christmas designs and the poppy – love poppies! I’m tremendously jealous of your motivation to draw – even a little a day! Just can’t manage it – even when on holidays. Ill continue to be inspired by your success though – your art is gorgeous!


    • Thanks hun, ahh it’s my saviour at the moment, my little bit of me time, so to make a few minutes or to sit up late at night to have this isn’t a problem for me at all at the moment, and you know where I’m coming from (o: OMG what a few days we’ve had, he’s gone backwards again and that’s what made me end up painting for 5 hours on the weekend late into the evening because I just needed to calm down and relax somehow! Glad I’m inspiring you. Just pick up that pen or pencil Cid, a little doodle next to your daily plan of attack is all it takes xxx

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