From uninspiring to making hearts happy

I’ve been a very busy bee this week.  Look at this for just a start… Yes I’m just a little excited about this painting, but more on that later.

My mind is always overflowing with ideas and this week I’ve managed to get quite a bit out of my head and onto canvas or paper.  Doesn’t it always feel great after you’ve had a really productive and satisfying week?  I’ve just got to keep up this momentum now, through next week and the week after, and the one after that, and all the way through to Christmas.  Yes it’s creeping up on us again, but faster than ever this year!  One of my goals is to get an Etsy shop or my own online shop up and running by November.  I’d love to offer you a range of beautiful hand illustrated cards in time for Christmas.  So the countdown is on.    

I’ve always got my eyes peeled for new inspiration.  Look at these gorgeous “blushing brides” above.  I couldn’t resist these on Friday and shall enjoy sketching them too.  Inspiration often comes from my usual places such as a browse in my local florist, a walk along the beach with my beautiful boys, a wander through the visual delight of a garden that is Heronswood, or our local nature reserve that we enjoyed walking through this afternoon, pictured below. 

I make a little visual diary in my head with everything I see, from colours, shapes, patterns.  But these days with a Mama brain a quick snap from the camera is a far better record!  I had a spark of inspiration in the funniest place on Saturday night.  I was showering my boys and as usual my head was in the clouds and I was gazing at the markings in the steamed up glass of the shower wall.  As soon as the boys were done, I grabbed my camera and clicked away to capture the sweet speckled rainbow that I was seeing.  I know pretty funny, and no I wasn’t drinking – ha!  This is my new inspiration for my next painting.  Can you see it below in the photo?  Maybe you see something else in the fogged up shower screen, dappled in splashes of water.  We all see things differently.  I love that!  Different minds working in different ways.

Saturday here was very, very miserable as it pored rain all day, was dark and gloomy and we were all stuck inside doing boring things such as housework.  These things just have to be done unfortunately but along with that and 2 little boys and 1 big boy who wanted nothing more than to get outside it just made for a day of grumpiness.  So the evening came along and having had a late lunch Michael and I weren’t hungry so fed the boys and got them off to bed and I took the opportunity to spend the evening in my studio painting.  I had to do something to change the mood I was in.  Soon enough I was I in my element.  And 5 hours later I emerged, getting a little tired, and a little hungry, and rightfully so as it was midnight!  Well actually I came to find out the next morning that it was actually 1am because daylight savings had started!!!  Hmmm seems I didn’t get time to watch the news or read the paper or engage in much of the outside world this week.  Anyway my night of painting began preparing a new canvas to start on next week for my little rainbow idea.

Next up I dragged out a large canvas I’d started a couple of months back.  This one had been sitting around as I’d started it and then didn’t know how to proceed.  It’s more rigid and actually gridded.  Usually my backgrounds are quite organic.  I was also a little hesitant as a couple of people had said they loved it as it was, but I wasn’t at all happy enough to leave it as is and thought it was far from finished.  What do you think?

Anyway I was enthused again to get going with this painting and happy to just simply paint and not worry to much about thinking too hard on what exactly I should do.  I started by selecting a palette of colours and I chose these by looking for the dominant colours that were present at this point.  To me that was the warmer tones and the green hue.  In dived my fingers and I began mixing and merging the colours on the painting but sometimes sticking between the gridded lines when it felt appropriate.

I was also consciously leaving particular areas that I liked free of any more additional layering of paint.  I continued to work my way around the canvas until I had gone over the entire original background layer.  And this is where it finished up for now…

I’ve also been busily sketching all week and weekend, filling up 8 pages of my sketchbook.  But I might save these for a new post tomorrow.  So pop in here again tomorrow evening for a peek at these.  Happy Monday to you all.

Liza xxx


10 thoughts on “From uninspiring to making hearts happy

    • Thanks Michelle, I shall keep taking pics as it progresses and share them. Sometimes I get lost in the moment and think ooo should’ve taken a photo a couple of steps back and then other times my hands are sooo covered in paint that it’s too hard to take a photo – HA!! Actually Michael commented this morning “there’s paint on the camera Liza!” ooops

    • Yes I have and it’s felt like a really good week. Better than all the business swirling around in my head anyway. I’m surrounded by Australian natives here at the moment so it’s all of these colour tones and combinations that are popping into my head this week and you’re right I think it’s coming through in this latest painting I’m working on (o: I wish you a lovely week ahead Kathleen xxx

    • Thanks Chelle, yes me too, I have just realised just how quickly the festive season is going to sneak up on me, I need to get this range of cards up and out there. Silly me originally designed them to a size that there isn’t a standard envelope to fit them…back tracking now. xxx

  1. Liza, I had seen that piece on the KRR facebook site. So nice to read how it all came about. How do you use so many colors..I painted last night and was just paralysed by color. I need to be brave and just slap the color down. Great post…love when I can relate to it! My etsy shop still isnt open….

    • Oh me to Etsy is a looming head fog for me at the moment. A real must on the to do list, but there’s so many other more important things to get going at the same time. I’ve really come to realise the fulltime plus commitment this requires. So happy you enjoyed seeing where this new painting came from and evolved. It’s still evolving too as I have more work to do on it. I will keep you updated here with it’s progress. Yes be brave with your colour. I really don’t think about it too much, other than getting as much bright, happy, cheerful colour on my canvases as I can. I LOVE colour and the affect it has on us subconsiously. The only rule is not to make mud! Something I have to be very aware of when I get swept up in the freeness I feel when painting. So if you have a colour wheel, take a look, and the colours that are side by side when mixed don’t make mud. If you say mixed the colours oposite each other, ie. green and red, then you will end up with mud. However, the colours red/green that are oposite yellow / blue are complimentary colours. Hope this helps you out (o: Just go for it and experiment, you can always have fun again painting over it (o: I keep meaning to write a post on colour and I will do this so stay tuned. Keep me pupdated on your etsy shop too I love your work and am a big fan, having enjoyed reading your blog recently. You’re doodles, which by the way are superb and more than doodles, they’re art in themselves, remind me of my illustrations and pattern work. We’re quite similar their. I’m also working on a book to hopefully have ready sometimes next year and there you’ll see more of my illustrative work which is made up of pattern, imagery and line work. The link to “zentangle” reminds me of little excercises I used to do when I was little. I can’t remember where I learnt it but it’s the same concept and I’ve also love doing this. Reading your post and their website made the penny drop for me. As my husband Michael often says how can you sit there for hours and make all those little markings and patterns and not get bored…but you and Zentangle reminded me or made me aware that it’s the meditative, relaxing nature of doing this and that’s what I love. It’s so calming!! It is the same feeling I get from practicing yoga and that and drawing are the only two things that really quieten my mind. Thankyou I look forward to chatting more with you over time. Have a great week, Liza xxx

  2. Dear Liza, yes Saturday was quite a miserable day wasn’t it? Great to hear that you got some painting done. Good luck with the Etsy store! I also hope to get mine up and running some time soon…! Your painting looks beautiful and I like the direction its heading. Great colours too!! Wini xo

    • Thanks Wini, for some reason I keep thinking you have an Etsy store, I think due to your successful website maybe. I’m sure yours will be up and running and successful in no time, I’m really enjoying your digital girlie art, they’re so sweet and will make for beautiful gifts and I can think of so many applications for these. Yes I’m so glad there’s some lovely sunshine again today after the constant rain on friday and saturday. I think I’ve had enough of the wet, grey weather for the rest of this year now (o: Thanks for your feedback Wini, always appreciated and welcomed. Liza xxx

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