Sketching Spring blooms & munching on wholefoods

I thought I’d share few highlights from my sketchbook today as I’m working on some new illustrations.  I have a range of cards and gift tags to finalize and so I’ve been sketching beautiful blooms from the abundant array of Spring flowers.  








I’ve also been distracted this week by healthy food blogs and websites.  Some years back I was suffering terribly from IBS, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, or rather what they diagnose you with when they have no idea what exactly is the cause of your tummy problems.  After trialing many eating plans, and going on many cleansing diets I came to realise that it wasn’t at all what I was eating but rather stress that was causing my issues.  Stress is a major cause of disease and illness and I can’t impress on you enough to keep it in check.  We’re all working longer and harder these days and carry many burdens on our shoulders but there are ways to lessen the daily load and reduce the stress in your body.  For me yoga, walking, music, reading and recently art have been my top ways to eliminate stress from my life.  I no longer suffer from IBS symptoms either.

I came to realize that it was actually stress causing my problems and not my diet while I was holidaying in Paris back in 2007 and my daily diet consisted of; espresso coffee, croissants, white baguets, cheese, deli goods, and wine.  I didn’t suffer in the slightest from tummy aches, bloating or any other nasty side affects (look flat tummy).  I was incredibly relaxed, carefree and happy though!






Some positivity did result out of the unfortunate IBS period though.  I did gain a love and interest in nutrition and wholefoods.  Over the years I’ve read loads on healthy eating, what food does to our mind and bodies and what’s actually good for you.  I even took up studies in Kinesiology, completing a Cert IV and part of my Diploma (of which I’d like to finish some day).  I love creating my own recipes and altering ones that are full of refined white sugars and flours to suit my preferences.  I prefer these days to mostly cook with wholegrains,  I love spelt, I love Bonsoy and I sweeten my foods with natural fruits or agave syrup.  Even though I don’t have the health issues anymore I definitely feel much better, brighter and energized when I eat wholefoods and cut out the processed foods and refined sugars.  It’s also important because I want my little boys to be the healthiest they possibly can be. 

Anyway, I should share some of these great links with you all.  My favourite is Green Kitchen Stories.  I came across this via a lovely post from Bespoke today.  What caught my eye was the colourful display of Spring flowers decorating the top of a delicious yet healthy looking desert.  Now this is my kind of food; healthy, delicious, and it looks like a piece of art!

Another healthy eating website I found today is My New Roots.  Ginger Roasted Carrots with Mellow Miso Dressing, m mmm.  Doesn’t that sound enticing?!  This blog has loads of healthy, nutritious, yummy sounding recipes down the right hand side listed under subheadings such as deserts, snacks, grains, gluten-free etc.  Amongst the recipes you’ll also find heaps of info on wholefoods, nutrition and health.  My beautiful husband cooked me lunch today too.  I know, how lucky am I!  He prepared a very delicious zucchini, pea, mint and ricotta Frittata.  It was so nice to not have to worry about what I was going to eat for lunch and also not have to prepare it.  Awesome!Well by now you’ve probably gathered that I have a keen interest in food and eating it.  I better get to bed now though so I’m ready and rested to finalizing some new illustrations tomorrow.  This blog is about my Art afterall (o:  I’ll share these with you all at the end of the week.  Have a great week everyone.

Liza xxx



6 thoughts on “Sketching Spring blooms & munching on wholefoods

    • Thankyou so much Helen (o: I’ve been thinking about my recipes that I’ve created myself and as cooking is such a large part of my life as well, I’m thinking about ways to incorporate them with my illustrations and paintings so stay tuned…. Friends are always asking for recipes, I love to share them too. Gosh, I have so many ideas flying around in my head lately and little projects on that I really need to stop and focus on completing one at a time I think. KRR e-class certainly stimulates the creative ideas and momentum. xxx

  1. Oh here i was thinking that you were going to blog about illustrating and bam…yummy gingered carrots. Fantastic…two of my fav thongs, art and food. I look forward to going through your recipes!

    • (o: Yes I get slightly distracted!! Each time I sit down to write a post, I have a clear thought of what I’m going to write about, and a little list in front of me, but it nearly always changes course completely. Me too, I love them both and I think you’ll more than likely see more foodie related stuff popping up in here from time to time (o: Glad you enjoyed this post. I’ve been worried I’ll lose readers with my wandering mind and wandering words. Liza x

  2. Hey Liza,
    Where do you get the agave syrup? I just bought the only stevia I’ve found which is in the brand ‘Natvia’ as a replacement sugar but find it tastes a little too artificial sweetner ish. hmm


    • Yes Cid I’ve heard that about Stevia, I nearly bought some last week. I go to the health food organic shop on Main St, Mornington, I’ve liked them on my person FB page, name escapes me now but oposite cotton on for kids pretty much. I got her to order it in larger though so 1L as it gets expensive buying it in smaller amounts. Lxxx

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