shared love & laughter

We’ve had such a beautiful weekend.  Springtime always awakens my spirit.  We got busy out in our garden, which we all really enjoy.  Nothing better than the outdoors and there is something to be said about “touching the earth” as they say.  I find it super soothing.

Some time was enjoyed allowing my creative spirit to roam free and have fun painting.  The warmer colours of the glorious sunshine has definitely inspired my choice of colour this weekend.  My all time favourite colour is yellow.  I have loved yellow every since I was a little girl and will never forget my favourite yellow summer dress.  I’m still enjoying the exploration of mixing my illustrative work with my colourful, free-flowing paintings and merging the two mediums.








Many fun times were had playing with our beautiful boys.  We read books together, we drew pictures, we sung (probably out of tune), we danced, we cooked, we giggled, we shared and we loved.  They are at such a beautiful age now.  I keep wondering though, am I going to say this comment with each year as they grow older, wiser, and even more intuitive?!  I find I’m repeating myself in regards to this quite a bit.  Throughout the weekend we often found them giggling together as in this photo below where Tully was tickling Flynn’s foot with a wooden spoon. 

We had such a great time relaxing and laughing with beautiful friends, old and new.  I love nothing more than sharing a meal, a conversation and many laughs and treasured memories with my friends.  Friends are incredibly special people in my life.  I hold them very close to my heart.  I am finding though as I grow older, now I have my own family, and life’s pace speeds up and you find yourself juggling everything more and more, that I long for more time to spend with my friends.  I wish I could see them all every single week and just share a smile together.    

And now as a new week is about to begin, I’m feeling so relaxed, happy & full of gratitude.  I’m incredibly happy.  I feel loved and supported and so lucky to enjoy all the simple pleasures and happiness around me.  That in itself is very satisfying, life’s great!

Liza xxx


8 thoughts on “shared love & laughter

  1. Those boys are sure beautiful. I love your last paragraph–I usually go into the new week dreading saying goodbye to the weekend, but now I’m going to look at it differently–I’m going to think of all the good things about the weekend and good things in my life overall. A great way to start the week-thank you for this!


    • They are cheeky munchkins, but yes I love them to bits! Oooo I like that Jill! Yes take all those sweet n’ happy weekend memories into the new week with you, & sneak in something nice throughout the week when you can. Maybe a relaxing walk through a garden or on the beach, put on some music while you’re cooking dinner at night, meet a friend in your lunch break. They may be working, busy weeks, but that doesn’t mean we still can’t enjoy them and a bit of fun time in between. Hope you’re having a fabulous week! Liza xxx

  2. Loved reading about your wonderful weekend ! And I can only second what you said about the color yellow, it is my favourite color, too. So many people are afraid of using it, and to me, it is just the happiest color on the color wheel ;-))
    Have a great week!

    • Hi Frauke, thankyou for coming over for a read (o: I know why is it that people shy away from yellow. I totally agree with you, it is the happiest colour there is (o: I love your quilts too. They are incredible pieces, so much work must go into each of them. They are like paintings in themselves. What I love is that they are so different to all the other quilts that are out there at the moment. Very unique and I’m sure they are a representation of your personality. Liza xxx

    • Thankyou Cid! Yes I’m going to keep on playing with the pen ink work in my paintings, I love it! It’s definitely me; mixing up the wonderful free flowing colourful world that are my paintings with the more structured and detailed work of my illustrations (o: You too, and have a fabulous time in Tassie! Lxxx

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