What makes me smile …

I’m curious what makes you happy each and every day?  What are your favourite things that you hold close to your heart?  What makes you happy?  Today I thought I’d share mine.  My number one favourite thing in the whole, wide world is definitely my boys; my beautiful husband Michael, my gorgeous Tully and lil sweetheart Flynn.  Without them I would be a very lost soul.  I’m so incredibly grateful every day for their love. 

I also really just love, more than anything, making others happy.  Michael often says I spend too much time and energy putting myself out for others and he worries that it’s not always appreciated and that sometimes I’m taken for granted.  But, it just makes me feel so good inside doing something little for someone else.  I know that it will put a smile on their face, make their day a little happier, easier or both.  These little things make me smile within too and in turn make me feel good about myself.  I don’t necessarily have to receive a gesture or gift in response.  It’s simply the gift of giving that in return is a gift for me too – it makes me feel great and what’s better than that?! 

I’m not talking about gift giving in the sense of buying something, wrapping it and giving it to someone.  Although, I LOVE buying gifts, wrapping them beautifully and popping a hand-made card on top tied with some string.  I’m talking about doing those little thoughtful things for others, or just giving them something hand-made with love.  Sometimes it may simply be a note scribbled down on the back of a postcard, or when time is on side, a thoughtful, long, handwritten letter on some beautiful stationary.  It may even be making a cup of tea for your loved one without asking or being asked.  I know my husband loves it when I make a cup of tea, chai or hot chocolate for him at night and pop it beside him, especially when it’s accompanied by a piece of dark chocolate, biscuit or home-made cake!!  He loves my thoughtfulness. 

Recently I’ve enjoyed popping a hand-made sweet little card, postcard or letter in the post to a dear friend.  I’ll also be thoughtful where I can, such as recently when I offered to mind my friends children during the holidays on the days she was working.

Tully and I are always cooking something or baking, so I’ll often package up some of whatever I’ve made for a lovely friend or neighbour.


I’ve happily baked beautiful birthday cakes for family members and even made birthday cakes for people I barely know such as one of my neighbours who’s youngest of 4 was turning 1 and she just looked so tired and flustered about organising the big first birthday party that I said “would you like me to bake a birthday cake for you” and she said “really? would you mind? really? that would be fabulous” she was just so happy to have someone help her out (o:







I always show support, listen to those in need and show compassion to friends and family when they need it and I’m always putting others ahead of my own needs and priorities.  All of these things make my heart sing.  I really get so much joy from seeing those around me happy and relaxed as well.  If I could have anything else, it would be more time to do more for my friends and family and anyone who just needs a helping hand to pop a big, beautiful smile upon their face x

Liza xxx


4 thoughts on “What makes me smile …

  1. I love this post Liza, truly shows your generous heart. I love buying gifts and doing things that make others smile and you’ve reminded me to start doing it more regularly… I’ve always thought how sweet it would be to send a hand written note or card to my friends in this day of electronic everything! You’ve reminded me to stop thinking about it and just do it… thank you, and have a wonderful day.

    • Thankyou Nel (o: That’s lovely I’ve inspired someone to go and send a little hand written message to a treasured friend X It’s so important to remind ourselves of the simple pleasures in today’s consuming electronic world. Thankyou for popping in here Lxxx

  2. you made your neighbour’s baby’s 1st birthday cake, just because? amazing! what a thoughtful thing to do! what a kind, creative person you must be. my little family is also my most treasured ‘thing’ in my life. yay!

    • hehee yes, my husband thinks I’m mad (o: Definitely, family, so very very very special. Thanks for popping over here I was so excited to see a comment from you! xxx

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