Spring blooms and a new illustration

It’s certainly feeling like Spring more and more this week.  I’ve been sneezing my head off and I haven’t worn my socks to bed all week, ha!  On a nicer note though the days are holding out for early evening walks, each day brings a little more warmth, beautiful golden sun lights up the tree tops at dusk and there are beautiful blooms everywhere.








I’ve had some fun in the kitchen this week.  We enjoyed ricotta hotcakes last Sunday morning for brunch.  This is a family weekend favourite in our home that leaves sweetly stained pink lips on all my boys.  My excuse for stealing more kisses from them xxx

Tully and I baked a delicious & very healthy (no sugar or white processed flour) banana loaf and made a fresh batch of my daily staple; toasted muesli.  I can’t live without my muesli!

Michael kept me going with the best daily coffees made with a fresh bag of beans from Villino Espresso in Hobart.  Yes it is that good that we get our beans all the way from Tassie!!  M, mmm this is my saviour after sleepless nights up with little ones!

Friday night we enjoyed home-made spelt pizzas and chocolate orange and almond cakes with hot chocolate sauce and fresh strawberries for desert whilst relaxing with friends.  I just love sharing moments like this together doing nothing particularly special.  It’s simply the people, the moments and the smiles on faces that make it special.I do love spending time in the kitchen cooking and baking as you can see.  I miss my old oven though, this one bakes unevenly which annoys me.  Cooking is a bit like my art in a way.  I’ll pop some music on, unwind and relax and it just makes my heart dance to see people enjoying my food and the simple pleasure of eating and sharing together around a table.  I love the way food brings people together to talk, share and laugh.  Happy faces and happy belly’s, gotta love that!

I got busy creatively this week too.  I drew a mock-up of a new design for a print which I’ve really enjoyed doing.  I love the simplicity of this piece.  I wanted to see how it appeared on paper and tweak a couple of thoughts before the final illustration is drawn for this one. 

I also spent a couple of hours working on the background of my latest painting.  I’ve still got some work to do on this one but I’m loving the bottom left and top right hand side.  It would be heaven to have a full day to paint at the moment.  That would be wonderful as my work feels a little disjointed at the moment and I think that’s due to the little snippets of painting time I get. 

Before I sign off from this post I really want to know if you would like my posts to be shorter or if you like them as they are?  I know they’ve been quite wordy, so let me know what you think.  That will either put my mind at ease, or give me a kick in the butt to be more concise (o:  Wishing you all a fabulous week, get busy, have fun, laugh and play, and I’ll be back here mid-week.

Liza xxx



4 thoughts on “Spring blooms and a new illustration

  1. What a delicious post! All that food is making it hard for me to stick to my healthy diet 😉 We have been enjoying late afternoon walks as well with this gorgeous spring weather, so gorgeous to get out in the sunshine and fresh air! Love your paintings, so much color and detail, beautiful! xo

    • Hi Nel, thankyou I’m glad you enjoyed it. I know when we get that first hint of warmth in the air it really makes you realise how much you’ve missed it. I love the extended daylight each day too. Thankyou for your sweet words, I really appreciate the wonderful encouragement xxx

  2. I love seeing your sketches and work in progress, and the way it comes together Liza. I know how hard it can be to find time to be creative and often when we do find a moment to be ourselves without distraction, it’s tricky to flick the ‘creative switch’! I really love your piece with the clouds and stars, so beautiful. Keep blogging and sharing!! xoxo

    • Thankyou so much gorgeous girl for your words of encouragement x It is certainly a juggle and I can definitely see how this could easily be a full time job. Some days I wish it could be too (o: It’s been a lot of fun and I’m learning more and more about myself each day which has been a wonderful surprise. It’s opening up a lot and I’m hoping this comes through in my work. I havn’t forgotten my little project either that I’ve talked to you about, I’ve just been busy getting this side of things up and going. Can’t wait to get back on to it with more time soon! Love to you, xxx

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