Finding my rhythm again

Hellooo, here I sit this morning with my staple bowl of energy (homemade muesli, homemade yoghurt and fruit), cup of green tea, water, a lengthy to do list, and my laptop ready to get started on a back-log of things.  I’ve really missed being here posting for you guys, and am so sorry I’ve been missing for a few days.  It’s been quite stressful to be honest.  Each day I couldn’t get on here to write, I was getting more and more anxious and stressed about not getting a post up.  I had made a commitment to post regularly 3 times a week and this didn’t happen last week! 

I’ve had a house full of sickies the past month and this last week was the worst with my lil man Tully under the weather again this time with Tonsilitis.  He wasn’t our usual lil bundle of energy, his eyes were glazed, his throat sore, he was off his food, and he was actually sitting still for a change.  His sleeping became even worse too as his tonsils became even larger than they usually are and he only had a tiny gap left in his throat through which to breathe, 5mm!  Even when he’s not sick his tonsils are so large that he’s developed sleep apnea and wakes constantly through the night trying to get some oxygen.  He wakes upset, disoriented and comes looking for us, he get’s thirsty from trying to breathe through his open mouth, sometimes he even throws up from the build up of mucus pooling in his throat.  This is the first time he’s had tonsilitis though.  Hopefully the last too before he has his tonsils out poor lil man.  I hate seeing him uncomfortable, exhausted and not thriving as he should be.  We’ve been waiting for some months now for this operation, and can’t wait to get everyone sleeping peacefully here in our home again.  It’s quite disruptive and exhausting to say the least.  It’s amazing how lack of sleep can impact on every part of your life.

I took this photo last weekend on a site visit to Red Hill.  I find it really refreshing and calming getting out amongst nature, amongst the trees, fresh air, with beauty all around you and feet firmly on the ground.  What ways do you escape the unescapable when you’re feeling tired, frustrated and a bit stressed?  Time is so precious to me lately that when I lose even a little bit of my planned week I get so frustrated and dare I say even a bit grumpy too.  I’ve noticed that my artwork is actually quite therapeutic for me.  I liken it to how addictive exercise can be when you’ve got a good steady, regular weekly routine set up.  As soon as you miss a day you get quite grumpy and a little depressed.  I get this way when I can’t feed my creative outlet.  That joyous, flirty, freedom flies out the door.  I’m definitely addicted to my creative side and know I now can’t live without it.

Today is about finding that momentum again and finding that happy little rhythm that I had going.  I have so many goals and ideas flying around my head, that I’m finding it very hard to focus on any one task alone.  My head is up in the clouds a bit again.  Do you ever find yourself in this head space?  How do you bring yourself to focus when you really need to?  And when there is so much to do?!  Lately I’ve felt my mind racing beyond my actual physical ability and find myself in this haphazard, multitasking state with things started, ideas scribbled, computer on, multiple tabs open, too much going on at once to really focus on any one item completely.  When I do start to pull myself out of this head space I often start to notice little patterns in what I’ve been doing.  For instance in the little random sketches I was doing last night, pictured above, I notice that the tones are predominantly pinks, oranges and yellows.  This tells me that I need to show myself a little care and nurturing to restore some balance, feed my imagination and enthusiasm, and allow joy and happiness to flow easily again.  Just like when I doodle with my patterns and markings, it’s a little activity that is a free-flowing simple pleasure that I find very calming and restorative. 

It’s really interesting how just a few days out of the norm can throw your rhythm completely.  Well for me it certainly does.  I find this is more obvious when I’m in the midst of something that I’m really enthusiastic and passionate about.  Now that I am older too I am more sure of my direction and path and just want to get moving with things.  You really do gain a true perspective of how short and precious life is the older you get.  I need about 50 lifetimes to do and achieve all I would like to!!! 








Now back to art and what I’m working on this week.  I’m back painting the large bird with the dashed line markings.  I finally finished all the little dashes on the bird last night so Friday I can start working on the background again.  I’d really like to finish this painting off very soon and start some more in this style.  I am loving bringing in a little of my drawing techniques to my paintings and finding my overall style.  I’m super excited to see where this will lead me.  Mind ahead of physical body again!!! 

I used a white marker pen this time to add the markings.  I thought about using a fine paint brush and white acrylic paint but due to the detail I would have been there forever and a day.  This is a 30″ square canvas.  I’m not entirely happy with the line quality as it varies a bit and is sometimes too opaque.  I would have liked the markings to be more solid and crisp.  I’m going to have to trial some more pens I think.  If anyone has any suggestions for this type of detail over an acrylic background I would love to hear them.  I’ve also tried a standard gel pen but it’s too fine and doesn’t work over the uneven surface.   

Well it’s lovely to be back here again.  I probably rambled on a bit today though, just where I’m at after last week, but I’ll be back here end of the week with a more considered and concise post for you all.  Someone asked me about my painting style and technique so I’ll have some feedback on that for you all.

Liza xxx




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