My Drawing Journal

Today I thought I’d share a few little snap shots from my drawing journal and a little bit of what’s been happening there during the past month.  My drawings or rather sketchy and sometimes whimsical scribbles are nothing fancy, they’re unrefined, and sometimes even include colour studies, words and inspiration.  My journal is about freedom and expression; a place to be me. 

It’s all a bit random and jumbled at times.  Pages are usually an array of little drawings, of inspiration and words to remind me of thoughts or places.  But, the great thing about this little journal is that it allows me to practice drawing, recording patterns and line types, shapes and form, any little bits of inspiration that connects me to my pen or pencil and ultimately allows me to develop ideas and designs for cards and illustrations to be printed. 

I love looking back through my drawing journal, being reminded of places, things I’d seen, moments, thoughts and even emotions.  There’s often wonderful stories to be found in between the pages of a drawing or art journal.  

Just recently however, I began to feel quite nervous for some reason about drawing.  This threw me completely as usually I do it without thinking.  It’s even a form of relaxation, daydreaming and thinking through things for me.  The problem was that I was thinking too much about what would be once I put that mark on the page instead of allowing to be what may.  The more I thought about it and the possibilities that could arise from this one simple action, the more I put it off.  Then before I knew it my simple mindless pleasure of drawing was no longer a pleasure, it became a fear, a little form of anxiety and I began to avoid it. 

This was all very short-lived, thankfully.  However, I was totally thrown by how such an initial silly little thought in my mind could become a real anxiety for me.  I kept thinking how stupid it was, but just directing my thoughts to that negative pattern of thinking only made it worse. 

I began to voice these little changes and I was given some simple, but affective advice.  Advice that should have been obvious to me, but wasn’t at the time.  I was to draw every day.  It didn’t matter how little, how much, or how terrible or unrefined it may be, I just simple had to draw something every day. 

I took that home with me and began to put it into action.  I thought what if I don’t want to draw one day?  Well…I will make the effort to at least do a squiggle of lines or shapes if need be, or a smiley face to remind me of the essence of this task.  That being to free myself up and remind myself of my love of drawing and that it shouldn’t be a chore.  This process has allowed me to be free again when I draw.  I am able to simply practice my drawing, practice it freely without hesitation, to be in that mindless gap where you’re simply doing and ultimately with a bit of luck creating. 

Do any of you struggle from time to time in your work or creative pursuits with road blocks or what I tend to call head blocks?  How do you move through them?  It’s so valuable to have a little toolbox in your head of ways to make it over these little hurdles we come up against during our creative pursuits.  I would love to hear your experiences.

Happy drawing to those who do,

Liza xxx


11 thoughts on “My Drawing Journal

  1. Liza, I just wanted to say well done on opening up & sharing your vulnerabilities, it’s definately not an easy thing to do, so thanks for sharing 🙂 I like your journal. I was having a bit of a photographers block cause I really want to make some great Christmas cards & an planning to shoot later in the week but was having trouble thinking of how I would like to photograph my subject & after reading your post a thought popped into my head to make them rrepresentative of me instead of just pretty xmas pics. So again thanks for sharing a piece of yourself x

    • Hi Chelle, it’s funny you know because while I’m writting it I’m fine, it’s more when I go back to proof read it and then post it I hesitate and think hmmm…and I re-read it again and usually I think well this is me, this is what’s going on in my head, there’s really no harm in sharing it, so I post it, and then about a day later I feel vulnerable again, but by then it’s too late LOL. It really is a rewarding process though when you’re blogging and sharing your inner thoughts. You begin to realise you’re not alone, many people are experiencing very similar if not the same thoughts and vulnerabilities through their own journeys. So happy to hear it helped you work through your own stumbling point, that’s really great to hear (o: makes me so happy when what I write can help or inspire someone in some way, that’s special to me. I love your photography and your new cards that you’ve been posting. I just love the warmth in the light and the moments you’re able to capture, really special, so don’t hesitate keep up that beautiful work that IS truely you. Lxxx

  2. How timely for me is your post! I used to draw all the time, very similar to what you do, and haven’t done it in ages. I have even started to wonder if I was still capable of it at all? I have a couple of unfinished drawings that I look at and then freak out that I can’t still do it so don’t finish them off. Another aspect is time of course. I guess I need to figure out if it’s still a passion or if it’s become a chore? Thanks so much for opening up. Your journal is just lovely, a wonderful reflection of you 🙂 Nice to have met you through flying lessons x

    • HI Nel, reading your message brought back all that has gone through my own mind at times. Time is a hard one & I still struggle with time on a daily basis, especially when you have a burning desire to release some creativity and you can’t because of family or work obligations. I believe you will always have your drawing skills within you. Is there another creative outlet that perhaps you’re enjoying more at the moment, another medium? Your heart will sing out to you when it’s right for you to delve into your drawing and unfinished pieces again. I can’t impress enough though from my own experience just picking up a pencil or pen mindlessly on a daily basis and allowing your hand and mind to wander accross a page freely is a great way to free up and shake off some of those hesitations and doubts. It worked for me and I think we get stuck with our own self doubt and expectations. Just have fun with it, it’s not such a chore then (o: Let me know how you go, lovely to have met you too! Liza xxx

    • oh thankyou Michelle, I really need to draw more regularly though, trying to do it daily now rather than every few days as I tend to lose momentum and the flow. Thankyou for popping over here x

  3. Your blog is looking fab!! love it, and your journals. One of the happiest periods of my life was when I was drawing each and every day – I filled around 3 notebooks in 8 months and loved it. I drew everywhere and anything – mostly doodles and meanderings. That was before I had broadband though!! 🙂

    • Ohhh thanks Siobhan for your compliments and popping over. Yes the internet is a huge distraction, I just get caught up in all the amazing inspiration I see on line and before I know it time has gone. I’m learning more and more to actually close my laptop when I want to get some serious stuff done haha! You’re so right, there is really something special about the simple pleasure of sketching, it’s so wonderful x

  4. Enjoyed your drawings very much.
    Drawing is an illuminating activity.
    We can draw what we see, and it deepens our perception.
    We can draw ideas we cannot express in words, and it deepens our understanding.
    We can draw things that are dreams, that are past our understanding.
    How is it that we can draw these things?

    • Thankyou very much for popping over to my blog. I really love what you’ve written in your comment and the way you’ve written it, you have a beautiful way with words. I’ve written this down in my diary as it certainly resonates with me. Thankyou for sharing this (o: I do often wonder this myself about our creative expression and how it makes that process from thoughts, feelings, emotions, experiences into a real and tangible piece. Liza xxx

  5. Dear Liza, your drawings are really lovely! I can relate to what you are saying about feeling nervous. I think that we need to let go of our judgements about outcomes, and remind ourselves to play and have fun, and focus on the joy. I think the hurdles are all part the creative journey with all its ups and downs. If we embrace the hurdles, I think it becomes easier to then let go of them and keep moving forward. I hope this makes sense! Wini xo

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