Father’s Day Weekend 2011

Hello & Happy Father’s Day to all those wonderful Daddy’s out there.  You sure are special and a dearly loved bunch of guys!  I know my lil boys hearts would be very empty without their Daddy around daily to light their little lives.  I’m so very grateful to be sharing this incredible parenting journey with my beautiful husband Michael, I love you so much xxx   

I’ve had the most relaxing, enjoyable weekend that I’ve had in a long time, just having fun with my boys and making their Daddy’s weekend full of love and laughter.  First up though I finished off a busy week with a little me time enjoying a walk in our local reserve and a morning painting out on the deck in the lovely warm air with my beautiful friend Amanda.  I didn’t get a lot of painting done but I did trial something new I’ve been wanting to implement for a while.  I’m going to start merging my illustrations with my paintings by incorporating a fine layer of detail in my paintings.  Sometimes it may be pattern making and line work and other times it may be actual images within an overall larger image.  I’m so excited about this as I’ve been pondering how I can merge the two.  My paintings are free-flowing explosions of colour and my illustrations are finely detailed and black and white, so complete opposites.  I want to push my painting style further.  Here’s a little sneak peek of the early stages of trialing this.  Keep in mind it’s far from finished (o” 

I got quite run down towards the tail end of last week and even lost my voice yesterday, but I’m feeling much better tonight.  Must be all the fun-loving vibes!  This is lil Flynn snuggling with me on the couch and attempting to share his dummy with me x

This weekend was all about appreciating the special men in our lives, those wonderful Daddy’s out there that really know how to make you feel special, safe and loved.  We celebrated our Daddy simply by spending some fun times with him doing what he loves most; spending time outdoors.  Saturday we had the most glorious Spring Day.  The air was warm, the sun was shinning through the clear blue skies so we spent most of the day outside at home in the garden as Daddy loves to mow the lawns, build things, prune, dig and plant new plants in our garden.  I think he just loves getting dirty!!  Late afternoon we decided to head down to the local beach as it was still deliciously warm.  We had a great time rolling about in the sand, watching the waves, and walking along the beach together looking for treasured finds such as heart-shaped stones.

On Sunday, the weather had changed but we thought we’d head out anyway to our lovely local heritage garden “Heronswood“.  Daddy enjoyed perusing the array of plant specimens, collecting ideas for his future garden design.

The boys had fun crawling through the tunnel, digging in the sandpit and watching the ducks. 

And I happily soaked up all the stunning Spring inspiration for my illustrations.  It was a very relaxing morning. 

I hope you’ve all enjoyed a beautiful weekend, relaxing and unwinding with your loved ones, enjoying the simple life. 

Have a fabulous week ahead,

Liza xxx


3 thoughts on “Father’s Day Weekend 2011

    • Thanks Chelle, yes Flynn is our little sweetpea here, the real snuggly munchkin with the sweetest little gestures. I like that “look forward” thankyou that’s exactly what I need to do. When my friend was here painting with me Friday morning, she caught me looking at my painting and laughing and she said “what are you laughing at?”, “I said my painting!” Sounds so wrong, but the early stages always really make me laugh and think oh geez what on earth is this?! So here’s to looking forward (o: xxx

  1. Hi Liza, I am just playing catch up here. Great idea to merge illustration with painting!!! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with. It looks like you had a fabulous weekend and I love the video with your baby. You are a fantastic mum…!!! Thanks for sharing about the garden. I posted in the group about wanting to take photos and this garden looks like an ideal location. Love Wini xo

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