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Good morning.  It’s quite foggy here this morning, but I’m pretty sure the sun will break through in no time.  I LOVE Spring!  Well apart from the hay fever that seems to have returned since I’ve moved back down the coast… and I thought fresh air was meant to be better than pollution?!  I love the way Spring awakens your body, tempts you outdoors again and into the glorious sunlight and seductively scented air…ahhhhhchooooooooo!!  Yes well I almost love it completely.  This photo below reminds me of the colour of Spring.Ok here is what I promised you all a little glimpse at some of my paper loves from the magazine world.  Minus a couple I’ve already mentioned as they double up as online reads too; Paper Runway & Spoonful.  I’ve been thinking I’ll have to delve into a post about my favourite reads in book form sometime too…First up my absolute favourite, top of the list and number one is the mook called “Dumbo Feather” which was started by Kate Bezar .  What is a mook I hear some of you asking?  It’s part book part mag, I would say definitely more book than mag.  I stumbled across this back in 2008 at The Melbourne Design Market one cold, grey Melbourne morning with my new bub Tully snug against my chest, happily enjoying a browse around the market with Michael.  It caught my eye straight away with its humbled beauty, muted tones, intriguing images and curious title.  Dumbo Feather?!  It sounded rather cooky, yet playful.  I soon found my self rummaging through the pile of back issues they had up for sale with no idea what this strange little publication was about or even what the theme behind it was.  I was simply picking out issues based on whether or not the front cover evoked my visual senses!!  Yep, it was all about the cover; which one had the most beautiful colour combination, which image took my breath away, which cover was most intriguing. 

However, it wasn’t long before I was completely submerged in this little stall chatting away to the two lovely, natural girls behind the trestle table asking them sheepishly what the stack of journals I was holding ready to pay for were actually all about?!?  That was when I truly fell deeply in love, as this wasn’t just any ole magazine or journal or book, this was a mook!  It had substance, intrigue and longevity, finally a decent read in a magazine.  Each issue focused on a substantial, in depth interview with a handful of select people of interest.  I’d hit the jackpot.  I love nothing more than reading about the lives of everyday people.  Even better, there was very little advertising in between each of the articles.  Loved it, and this is the only publication that I subscribe to today.  If you’ve ever been teased by a so-called cover story in a magazine, gotten to it and begun reading, turned the page and bang, found an ad and turned again to find yet another ad instead of the rest of the story that apparently had ended before it began, then I highly recommend picking yourself up a copy of Dumbo Feather.  It’s a little hard to find and spot amongst all the glossy, garbage filled rubbish out there and only a select few of your really good newsagents will stock it. The other option is to pop over to their website and subscribe, I guarantee this is not a waste of money and you won’t regret it.  Very inspirational, humbling, thought-provoking reading, not browsing, or flicking through, just pure, silent, indulgent sit for hours with a cuppa and read….

Next up is one I came across last year that I regularly sneak from my husbands desk.  He was gifted a subscription to this last Christmas and it’s called Green.  I love the feel of this magazine.  This one is all about sustainable design; Architectural and Landscape.  It also highlights the latest sustainable design products such as lighting and furniture.  I recently loved learning about the Karton range of cardboard furniture!  There’s also a feature on designer tips, and it has beautiful spreads on light filled, sustainable and natural looking Architectural homes.  Very, very inspiring and I love some of these homes.  Dreaming again…to build our own studio or home one day… 

Another love is Frankie.  I think the first time I picked up a Frankie mag was before I had my beautiful boys whilst indulging in a hair cut n’ colour one lazy saturday afternoon sitting in the hair salon.  I like Frankie because it’s a bit of a girly girl magazine.  Not your typical one, but it covers a little bit of fashion, more the affordable type, a few interviews on interesting people, usually a recipe or two, a piece on the latest good reads, music, and featured artists and illustrators all put together with cute little images and pastel drawings, very day dreamy indeed.

Another fave is Inside Out.  I’ve read this for years, usually in my lunch break in the office.  The designer in me can’t resist the stunning homes and pieces of furniture.  Great for Architectural design, interviews with designers, amazing designer furniture and the latest products from tapware to incredible designer rugs such as the ones from Loom that I love.  Always a beautiful browse and great to specify from and keep up to date with the latest products if you’re a designer. 

Along similar lines to Inside Out yet with a more casual, relaxed air is Real Living.  I’ve heard many people secretly love this mag for a little bit of lazy leisure time.  I’ve loved looking through it from time to time for new inspiration, colour trends, styling ideas, interviews with graphic designers, architects, artists and illustrators, it’s beautifully photographed and they also have the most deliciously tasty recipes that are simple and easy to make.  So a little bit of joy from all my loved interests.  Michael and I are excitedly awaiting the next publication which is on sale September 19 as it’s got a little feature on our Architectural practice Zenibaker Architects and a little renovation we completed for one of our lovely clients recently.  Look out for it in your local shop or newsagent and you can also subscribe.

Well I think I should wrap this up as this has turned into a mighty long post, and they’re usually lengthy to start with.  Woops!  I would love to learn of any other enticing mags that you may like to recommend, post them up for us all in the comments section.

Wishing you some leisurely reading time this weekend, enjoy!

Liza xxx


One thought on “Mags, Journals & Mooks

  1. Hi Liza, Thanks for sharing your great list of mags!! I also love Dumbo Feather and bought a whole bunch of copies at the designer market. Its so inspiring to read about real people doing amazing things and making a difference. I also love frankie and enjoy flicking through Inside Out and Real Living. Congrats on being featured in the September Issue of RL!! I also like Marie Claire Idees , Stampingtion publications and a few online mags. Wini xo

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