Feeling fearless

Hello, I really LOVE writting these posts a couple of times a week and receiving all of your encouraging, kind comments and connecting with you all.  A big hello to all my lovely, supportive, super enthusiastic Flying Friends too, thankyou for popping over here, this blog would not have taken off without your help and support.  And also to my beautiful husband Michael X.  If it wasn’t for him pushing me to let go of hang ups, career ties and worries then I wouldn’t even be embarking on this creative journey.  I am so lucky, and so grateful for the support and encouragement I’ve been receiving.  I’m also super happy to hear you’re all enjoying this little place in my heart.  Thankyou, you really know how to put a big, broad smile on a girls face X  I’ve got so many thoughts and ideas on topics and posts that I’m thinking I might start posting more often each week, although it will have to wait another month until my Flying Lessons ecourse with Kelly Rae Roberts is completed as that is keeping me mighty busy at the moment.  This week the course has focused on inspiration, time management, actualizing goals, getting press and published, and licensing.  My brain is in overload at the moment with all I’m learning and all my ideas and thoughts are whizzing around crazily in my head. 

Above is one of Kelly Rae Roberts beautiful wall canvases with the message “Fearless”.  I had been feeling so “fearful” up until maybe only the last couple of days.  However I am now thankful to be feeling a huge shift in me as a person, in my energy and overall balance within.  I have a little courage inside me now.  I am for the first time in my life feeling more fearless.  I feel like I have the courage, inner strength, trust in myself and support to grow in a new direction that aligns completely with my heart and soul and also compliments how I want to inspire and encourage others. 

I’ve always been a great dreamer, away with the fairies, head in the clouds, unable to focus on one thing for very long before my mind takes me to another place, space or thought; this has always been commented upon!  Who else would notice a tiny piece of bark (pictured above) lying on the ground as they walk freely and briskly along their morning walk?  A piece of ordinary brown bark, dusted in yellow pollen, but what I see is a perfectly outlined heart.  Can you see it?  My dreams and aspirations have been so strong and persistent for so long.  I’ve tried to supress them, ignore them, and push them from my mind.  I’ve even thrown myself into other things to distract them or throw them of course, but all with no success.  Why was I not listening to these messages from within?  Because I was scared.  Scared of what might be.  Scared I might look stupid.  Scared of what others may think.  Michael would always say “would you just stop worrying what everyone else thinks, and focus on what you think”.  But I was still scared I might fail.  Scared of what these dreams might uncover and scared of the new path they would take me on.  It is incredibly scary when you’re nearing 40, should be well on your life’s path, settled and content, to then take an immediate detour and set out on a new, unknown, vulnerable, open path.  Especially when very few had even heard me speak of my inner dreams and secret aspirations.  “But what about Architecture, what about your business, but you’re good at what you do now”.  I had to trust myself though and like my husband kept repeating trust what you think or you’ll always be wondering, always floating and never be completely happy.  Has anyone else felt this uncertainty in life and this desire to do something but they just don’t have the courage to take the first step, so they push it aside yet again?  With a great deal of encouragement from those closest to me, huge inner strength and eyes closed tightly shut for the first big step forward, I am now more “fearless”, more trusting of myself, more open to vulnerability, and most importantly more willing to trust my heart and soul.  I am comfortable being me.  I’m breathing freely for the first time EVER in my life.  I may be 37 but I feel that little free spirited, utterly happy and uninhibited girl is back and I LOVE it!    

Look what else is back,… I’ve started drawing again the past day or so.  Yay!  It comes much more naturally when you’re not feeling so pressured, so unsure of yourself, and so worried about making a mistake.  Well now, this post was suposed to be all about the inspiring printed magazines and journals that I love to read and browse through.  {giggling} It certainly wasn’t what you got though was it!!  You’ll begin to see the more you read this little blog, just how far my mind can wander off track at times…so, so sorry.  I shall post those magazines and journals here for you to read and peruse tomorrow, I promise!

Liza xxx


10 thoughts on “Feeling fearless

    • Hi Michelle, I was just thinking that to myself tonight; that I should and need to draw everyday, no matter how small and insignificant, or how terrible, or how unrefined, I just need to keep the practice up to gain my confidence in myself and get to know my style some more. I appreciate the tip and thankyou for reinforcing it for me x

    • Very true, I’d much rather be standing up facing the music (o: You’re now on your own new path and following your dreams and I think that is fantastic!! I’m really excited about where your dreams are going to take you (o”

    • I don’t know about a natural, they do take me hours to compose, but the content is coming naturally at least. I worry when I finish them that they’re too long, but if you’re all enjoying reading them, then I needn’t worry. I love that you’re reading a reflection of your own journey. There are many of us out there with very similar journeys. If only we’d known of one another when we were scared to embark on this new adventure!! Thankyou Shae, hope you got my recent email, Liza xxx

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