Why I love to paint

During the previous week I found myself needing to find more time to paint again.  I think with all the information I’ve been learning through Flying Lessons and trying to implement on top of my usual weekly routine it’s really tied me up again; in the sense that I needed to unravel and unwind again.   This mini canvas above I’ve worked on over the past week.  I love where it’s at now but I can’t decide if it’s finished or not.  Previously all my paintings have had some form of imagry in them, but this piece doesn’t.  Shall sit on it for a bit I think.

To paint is pure relaxation for me.  Above is a glimpse of my studio at the end of this week.  When I paint, I put on some tunes, grab myself a drink (usually green tea, or water with some lemon and fresh mint which I forget to drink), load my palette and simply have fun with as much colour and freedom of expression as possible.  Time disappears.  I relax and my mind feels relieved. 

Above is a new canvas that I started on Friday.  When I begin a new canvas I get so excited I’m dancing on the inside and a big smile emerges on the outside.  My husband Michael will often comment what’s so funny?  I guess it looks like I’m laughing at something to myself, or reminiscent of a little kid about to get up to some mischief!!  That exactly, but in a fun filled, free, experimental way.  I love the anticipation of the unknown journey that my painting process takes me on.  I have no determined thoughts on what each painting is going to be, what colours I’ll use, or what it will look like when finished.  

Above are a few mini canvases that I have on the go at the moment.  I love painting as it is the exact oposite to my trained profession of Architecture.  There are no constraints, rules, boundaries, briefs, budgets, expectations, or deadlines.  It’s just me, my music, my paint brush or rather usually my fingers, a canvas and some paint.  Whatever happens, happens.  If something emerges that I don’t particularly like or I end up mixing colours together and make mud rather than rainbows, it doesn’t matter, I can sponge it off, I can paint over it, add another layer, or change the composition completely. 

I love that nothing is permanent, everything is a possibility.  It is very intuitive.  I love the sponteneity and non programmed journey it takes me on.  I trust my instinct, feel the music, allow my emotions to emerge, breath and just let go and what appears on my canvas is often a surprise.  More often or not, they start off a complete chaotic mess, sometimes muddy, flat and with little popping out at me.  But with a little trust in myself to let go, enjoy the freedom and fun of simply putting paint on a canvas and playing with colours and textures and patterns, I always find it will evolve into something interesting.

Above is where I ended up for the time being on this new painting.  It’s starting to take shape, still a little messy for my liking, but there are some lovely elements emerging and I know it will take me somewhere special, somewhere where I can just enjoy the process, unwind and enjoy.  Below is some of the magic that sometimes appears in my paintings.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the first mini canvas I’ve shared in this post.  Should I keep working on it, maybe incorporate an image, or leave it as is?  Have a fabulous week, I hope you get to enjoy some creative freedom and relaxation.

Liza xxx


17 thoughts on “Why I love to paint

    • (o: thankyou Warren, although this painting kinda got off to a bit of a scary start….trusting trusting trusting, to just keep creating! A huge thankyou for all your encouragement and confidence in me, Liza XXX

  1. Hello fellow flyer! Your art work is really lovely. Your choice of color pallet is what I love best. I would only work on the mini just a bit more cause it is nice the way it is now.

    • Hello dear flying Linda, thankyou for visiting my blog. I’m getting a lots of lovely feedback about my use of colour which makes me smile from the inside out as colour lights my life, I love it! I think I’ll have to do a post all about colour soon, although I could talk on this topic and post pics forever,….hmmm maybe it’s to be a regular weekly theme? You’ve got me thinking, thankyou xxx

    • Thankyou beautiful Shae, you know, you are right! My heart is saying it’s finished I think, or at least don’t make any drastic changes such as trying to incorporate an image of some sort. I think that’s where I started to not trust what I was feeling as my paintings have always been a picture or image of something, where as this is purely the play of colour and movement and I kinda love it just for that. X

  2. I totally love all the color in your paintings! You’ll ultimately know when it’s finished, I think. Making art is relaxing for me, too. Just a need I have to express myself creatively.

    • Thankyou Laney for popping by X Everyone is commenting on my colour and how they’re loving it, which is great, as that is me all over, I love colour and everything about it. I’m thinking about making a regular weekly post just on colour. Very true, the need to express ones creativity I think is the key to living and breathing and simply being happy within. xxx

  3. Whenever I read about an intuitive’s painting process I always wonder if I’m doing it wrong 🙂 I always have an idea of my subject matter before I begin. I choose my colours, composition, technique, everything!

    • Hi Katherine, thankyou for reading my post. Oh no you’re not at all wrong lovely. We’re all different, unique, individuals with our own expression, thoughs, and emotions and projecting how we do, how we are, how we think, how we see how we love, each of us is varied from one another. That’s what’s so special each of us has our own inner essence. There is no right or wrong, especially when it comes to art and being creative. That’s just it, be creative, enjoy the process, enjoy being you, as what comes out on that page, canvas or piece is ulitimately you X My Mum is an artist in her free time and her and I couldn’t be more different in the way we paint. She’s also painted since she was a girl, where as I’ve just started in March this year. Her work is much like yours; she’ll decide on her subject manner, even have a photograph of it unless painting from something in front of her, enlarge that photo to the size of her canvas, sketch it out in charcoal onto her canvas, select her colours (she uses oils) and mix carefully the tones she’s after and paint her composition to perfection with a clear picture in her mind of how it is to be when finished. I wouldn’t dream of trying to paint in the same technique or style that my Mum does as it would be an absolute disaster because it doesn’t sing from my heart the way it does hers. So please don’t ever wonder if you’re doing something wrong. Always trust within, when you create from your heart n soul it will always come naturally and freely and beautifully. Enjoy who you are. Liza xxx

  4. Dear Liza, I love what you are creating. Everything is so colourful and vibrant, and has so much movement!! Your love of painting and the movement shines through each piece. I still have trouble letting go and being completely free. I start off loose, then for some reason I start to tighten up. Its certainly a journey and a process. I love the colours and composition in your first piece. I would say its nearly finished. You could add a bit more form and some finishing touches and I think it will be done. Wini xo

    • Hi Wini, don’t worry too much, you will find your way to feeling free. I try to focus on being in the moment. Remember some of the tips Flora gave us on freeing up and being in the moment; the yoga, the music, the movement, the affirmations, the ways to connect our heart, soul and body as one. I certainly find myself tightening up at times too. It’s always when I start to doubt what I’m seeing evolving in front of me, or what I’m doing, or not being true to my own creative instincts, and I just instantly remind myself of Flora and her words of encouragement and hints on how to free yourself from these moments and the process of painting intuitively. If it’s all too hard and I still feel tense, I just put the painting away until I feel I’m ready to delve into it again with a clear mind and open heart. Or, I start a new painting, that’s always a great way for me to loosen up as that first covering of the canvas with colour, I find so full of joy and pure freedom (o” Thankyou for always being so encouraging Wini and all your positive feedback. Liza xxx

    • thankyou Joana x Yes I’m sure there’s some Flora spirit in my paintings as I did a workshop with her in March this year which was when I first began to paint (o” She’s fantastic and incredibly inspirational and such a warm open soul. I’ve been playing with some techniques of my own this week, trying to tie my painting and drawing together, so you’ll see some development in my work hopefully over the coming weeks (o: Liza xxx

  5. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and your lovely comments. I’m not sure if people get emailed when I reply to them, so I just wanted to let you know it’s there. Wow, your paintings are beautiful. I can’t believe you just started in March. That’s amazing. Keep up the good work. Hang in there, and it should all come together for you. Jacquie

    • Hi Jacquie oh thanks for popping over here too! And my pleasure, loved reading your blog, your enthusiasm shines (o” No I didn’t get an email, but I’m pretty sure you can opt for that ie. when you leave a message on someones blog, I prob didn’t click it as I knew I’d be back over on your blog for next post. Thanks for the encouragement, lately all I want to do is paint and draw, but so much else to do especially with a family, I get a little frustrated with broken time to devote to creativity, but I just have to run with it for the time being and do what I can. Thanks lovely! xxx

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