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I love nothing more than curling up in a cosy chair, a cup of green tea with organic honey beside me, and a beautiful inspiring magazine sitting on my lap, through which my eyes can wander gracefully across each page for a solid, uninterrupted couple of hours.  I often laugh now as I reflect on those days when I had all the time in the world and a more unrestricted cash flow to endulge in this simple pleasure.  Oh how I took this for granted back then!  Life these days is now often a little too busy for little “luxuries” such as this. 

However, I have recently discovered through my blog browsing that there are some fabulous online magazines and journals popping up.  I often pinch some night hours to have a browse of these.  One can happily browse page by page, fullscreen, online, eliminating the need to spend any money at all.  I love this!  Don’t get me wrong I still prefer to hold and swoon through a gorgeous magazine that I can touch, feel, smell and see in the flesh, but at least I don’t feel as though I’m missing out anymore.  I can still get my mag fix, some fresh inspiration and ideas for my creative outlets and keep up with what’s happening out there. 

I thought I’d share a few of my favourite online magazines that you can view and read for free.  Next week I shall share with you some of my favourite magazines in print.

First up is Est, edited by Sian MacPherson and launched earlier this year.  I was so impressed with this first issue, I really couldn’t believe it was and remains free to subscribe.  It was so hot that it had 2.5 million page views during it’s first few weeks of being launched.  I can understand why as after my first glance I was one of those quickly emailing all my friends about this beautiful new online read!!  What I loved was that it had a little bit of everything to inspire and capture ones attention and the most beautiful, large, colourful images.  Visually it’s stunning you wouldn’t even have to actually read the words to fall in love with it.  It covers Architecture, design, food, travel, Artists, blogs, beautiful wares and more with photographers, stylists and trend spotters all contributing.  Issue two has just been launched on Friday 12th August.  I particularly enjoyed the article on Abbey Mcculloch, go take a look at her beautiful, bold, colourful paintings.

I’ve recently come accross a very inspiring art, craft and illustration based mag called Paper Runway.  This inspiring magazine can be read online too but you can also purchase printed issues to hold, feel and be inspired by at home.  I think it’s fantastic to have the choice.  As it’s name suggests it’s everything to do with paper; products, artists, illustrators, crafters, and even DIY projects to have fun with yourself.  This is a new publication as well and issue 2 is currently online with issue 3 available Tuesday 1st November.  I’m hooked and it just oozes inspiration from every page.  There are some incredibly talented people out there!

Finally I can’t go past mentioning the lovely Kinfolk magazine.  I love the philosophy behind this online read; simply “a growing community of artists with a shared interest in small gatherings”.  The notion of special gatherings, friendships, and the energy that is emmulated through entertaining in a way that is natural, simple yet still allowing an appreciation for design, aesthetics, and art to shine.  It’s all about gathering family and friends organically.   

Kinfolk can be viewed online or purchased in print as well, although Issue 1 is currently sold out.  One can subscribe though to receive notifications of reprints.  The images throughout Kinfolk are very reminicent of the daydreams and visual delights that roam around constantly in my head.  I have always been told my head is stuck in the clouds.  Kinfolk is visually very engaging and you can almost feel the sense of calm, timeless joy and blissful happiness that these gatherings evoke.  Do make sure you check out the short movie on their home page too.

Well I hope you enjoy these links to some online browsing as much as I do.  A visual delight full of ideas to inspire ones creativity, life and passion.  On Sunday I shall share some photos of some creative pieces I’ve been busy working on recently. 


Liza xxx

PS.  I’m sorry this midweek post is a day late, our lil man Tully (3) was home with me yesterday, and last night wasn’t feeling well or like sleeping…at all.  We gave up trying to get anything done at 1:30am and went to bed with him between us x


8 thoughts on “Inspiration: online magazines

  1. I love magazines, too, but they can really be expensive. Thanks for sharing some of your wonderful online discoveries with us! I will be checking them out (maybe not until Flying Lessons is over), but they sound too good to not take a peek!

    • Hi Kathleen, lovely to hear from you & my pleasure, I love to share any good tips and freebies I come across, magazines especially as I agree they’re so expensive these days, but oh so great for inspiration, learning new techniques or crafty ideas. I know what you mean about Flying Lessons, it’s fast paced that’s for sure!

  2. Hi Liza, how are you this week? I hope alls well with you! Thank you for sharing these lovely online zines. They are all really great….!! I also love reading mags and appreciate the convenience of being able to view them online. Have you seen Ivy and Piper? That’s a really nice mag. Gatherings is lovely too. Wini xo

    • Hi beautiful Wini, I’m hanging on by a thread this week, my head is now in a bit of a whirlpool with all that I want to get through, all I need to do, and all the goals I want to achieve, amongst maintaining a balanced, relaxed, happy home and life. My little boys havn’t been well or sleeping this past week and that’s thrown my week out a bit too. I just have to be less expectational of myself I think. No, I havn’t seen Ivy, Piper or Gatherings, thankyou for letting me know about them, I shall add them to my list of ones to go and check out. First up though I’ll have to catch up on our last two readings! Liza xxx

    • Thankyou sweetheart, if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t be doing any of this, so a very big special thankyou for encouraging & pushing me to follow my dreams xxx

  3. Hi Liza, how are you? Sorry to hear about your 2 little boys. Our house has been under the weather with all of us being crook with nasty fluy/colds. Roll on spring!! Just getting back on top of things now and getting through 2 weeks worth of washing and housework. Where is that cleaning fairy when you need her. I have found when the kids are sick that you have to go with the flow and throw out the schedule and don’t stress about what needs doing.
    Loved you online magazines, just had a look at paper runaway mag and love it, just going to go and look at the others now.
    Cheers Donnaxo

    • Hi Donna, thanks for popping by here. I’m hearing you, most of my friends with lil ones are all under the weather at the moment, always nasty bugs around change of season. Totally agree, bring on SPRING!!! Would love a cleaning fairy too, I’m always getting into a trouble with the state of our laundry, but just how exactly do you stay on top of it with kids?! Life in balance is a juggling act and I’m often up after midnight just to make sure I don’t slip too far behind in things. It was recently suggested to me to draw up a weekly schedule, day by day, hour by hour which was great to see exactly all I need to do and just how much time each task really takes. But…it’s rarely followed as there’s always something that throws it out of whack, but you gotta love some sponteneity in life I think and yes indeed just do what needs doing,…although that makes me giggle as I nearly always put time for art ahead of say cleaning the bathrooms!! (o” Liza xxx

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