Friends & Life’s Journey

A painting in progress. Copyright Liza Zeni 2011

I’m sitting here late on Sunday night reflecting on all that has been this week, all that is important & all that has put a smile on my face.  I will share some photos of these reflections throughout this post. 

Yellow is my favourite colour this is beautiful inspiration!

I’ve learned loads this week in my e-course with Kelly Rae Roberts, I’ve gained some valued feedback on my illustrations and line of cards, I’ve been inspired by wonderful, open-hearted new projects, I’ve played in the dirt outside, danced in the glorious sunshine, laughed and been silly with my boys, made much mess in the kitchen; but with tasty outcomes and I’ve enjoyed some freedom and time to paint.  But what keeps popping into the forefront of my mind is friendship & the paths we choose to follow in life.

A print run of cards. Copyright Liza Zeni 2011

 What is our definitition of friendship?  And what is it about friendship that is so special?  Is friendship an exchange, the give and take between two people, shared experiences and shared exchanges, a gift?  How do friends inspire us and we them, how do friendships grow, shift, evolve, disolve, and sometimes grow into something more, love?  What is the definition and boundaries of love in friendship?  Who are the friends we walk through life with, side by side with ease and grace, and how do we define those who don’t last the distance?  There’s also surprising reconnections, rekindled friendships, re-ignition of togetherness and shared experiences.  How is today’s time, place, technology and environment changing the dynamic of friendships?  How do we grow through this journey and experience of friendship?    

Homemade Family Pizza Night

I once thought I knew all there was to know about friendship and most importantly how to be a great friend and hold onto those I treasured and held close to my heart.  I didn’t though, I was assuming too much.  I can’t possibly ever know all there is to know about friendship.  It’s always going to evolve, shift and change with each decision I make.  I have to adapt also.  The paths we choose to follow will always offer us knew friends, ones to inspire, ones to hold close, ones to share particular adventures with, ones to embrace openly, sharing our deepest fears, our most outrageous dreams and most sacred secrets. 

This could be finished? Copyright Liza Zeni 2011

Friends are a journey; a journey of learning, evolving and growing.  My evolved understanding of friendship is not that disimilar to my journey through life.  I once thought I knew what I wanted in life, where I wanted life to go, and who I wanted to be.  I wanted to be an Architect, I wanted to be a career woman, I wanted to be married, a mum and starting a family by the time I was 30, I wanted a designer home, two kids; a boy and a girl, to travel the world, to excercise daily and have the perfect work / life / family / friends balance.  Wants, lots of wants, but also too many assumptions of what I thought I knew my life to be and what I thought I could have.  I was wrong. 

Spending time with my boys xxx

As I get older and experience more I’ve come to understand so much more; that life is to be enjoyed, respected, treasured, not taken for granted, it’s sacred.  Life if valuable and life is short.  It should be enabled, allowing us to be lead in, out and beyond, exploring and experiencing every little moment and emotion.  There is no right or wrong.  Life is a journey and there to be explored.  I now understand that life will move and flow in many different directions and I allow my heart to remain open so I can hear my that inner voice to guide me through it.  I want to learn, live freely, evolve, grow and inspire…

Liza xxx


10 thoughts on “Friends & Life’s Journey

  1. Oh Liza, how wonderful. Life, friendship, and each individual rolls in and out and changes like a tide. I’ve wanted to write something similar to what you have, because I have been having some very similar feelings the past few days. I am getting ready to embark on a girls week journey very soon, and have been giving so much thought about what I want to accomplish with these ladies during that time. You have most definitely inspired me. Best, Kim

    • Hi Kim, you are not the only one to say that to me since I wrote this post; about having similar feelings and thoughts. It appears we’ve all been having these questions and ponderings rolling around in our heads. And to think I was so hesitant in posting this…now I know to trust what’s in my heart always (o: So thankyou, you’ve helped me out too X
      You’re little getaway sounds exciting, I wish you much joy, happiness, love, of course friendship, and growth along your travels, enjoy (o:

  2. What a beautiful post full of so many important questions. Thanks for sharing your heart and thoughts with me and giving me a little different perspective through which to consider my own questions – many which are very similar to yours. So thankful to fly with this amazing flock of women!

    • Hi Kathleen that’s really lovely I’ve provided you with a bit of a different perspective. I think it’s always great to hear some other thoughts on questions and decisions we have in life. To hear different ways of looking at life, always helps me make the right decisions in the long run. It is an amazing flock of women + a man (discovered today), that’s a good thing though now we’ll all gain yet another perspective on things. I’ve been really inspired by this course and the people I’m meeting there, it’s so far been fantastic!

  3. Hi Lovely Liza, what a beautiful and remarkable post! I feel the same way, especially after some big moves int he last six months … we’ve moved house, town, school and kinder and friendships have evolved and changed too, some have been rekindled, some sadly left behind and new ones formed too! I do hope we get to meet in person soon! I have been thinking about a ferry ride… maybe we could meet beachside for lunch one day? Shae xo

    • Hello hello Shae, I think “Lovely Liza” is becoming a bit of a nick name (o” as you’re not the only one who has called me that recently, I’m not complaining though, it’s “lovely” haha, thankyou! Wow you have had a very busy 6 months, so many changes and adjustments to get used to, I think we have a fair bit in common & I’m really pleased we’ve met!!! I think you’re idea of a ferry ride accross the bay and a beachside lunch is perfect!! I’ll send you an email soon so we can talk some more. Liza xxx

  4. Love your post. Friendships are so powerful and ever changing as we are. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and questions on friendship. My friends mean the world to me. Reading your post made me think of them and it just warmed my heart and made me smile.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving lovely words to read. I loved the conversation and thought around the icon subject.

    Your paintings have such warm beauty about them, much like your words.

    • Thankyou for popping in for a read Deborah, it’s been really wonderful to meet you (o: I really value and appreciate your kind feedback too, thankyou, you’re very heartfelt.
      It’s a wonderful feeling getting moving with all of these various aspects which we’ve all been working through during this course, incredibly time consuming and overwhelming, but when words of encouragement and enjoyment start to trickle in you really do begin to believe and feel that you are on the right path.

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