Greeting Tag, inspired my travels in Morocco 2007. Copyright Liza Zeni 2011

Hello again, the days are flying by at the moment.  I’m incredibly conscious of still taking note of all the subtle, sacred moments in each of my days as they’re so fast paced and full of mega multitasking of late.  It is so important to remember to breathe amongst out busy, overloaded lives and just be grateful for those tiny little snippets in life, the space between the noise.  I have to remind myself regularly to stop, slow down and really take in all the fine detail as this is what inspires my art.  The one thing that I’m really becoming aware of this week is the many different avenues of inspiration that I actually have.   I take inspiration from; the fallen, wet leaves floating in puddles with the sky reflected along my morning walks; I have a memory bank full of colourful inspiration and detailed pattern imagery from my trip to Morocco, Spain and Paris in 2007, my senses are on full alert and always delighted to be in the kitchen (and so are my boys big & small haha); the infectious, playful belly laughs of my two little boys remind me of all the joyful delights of being a child uninhabited with an imagination unrestrained and full of life; the beautiful souls I’m meeting each day and the warmth and character in their eyes and smiles; gallery’s; books; mags and journals; music, I love my music especially when creating; other artists; and the incredible, unlimited information and inspiration found on the web.

                                Morocco 2007. Photograph taken by Liza Zeni Baker


  There is an endless, continuous supply of inspiration for us all out there, I love that!  We each see something different and unique that captures our hearts and makes us ponder on that moment for that second longer.  What is your favourite source of inspiration?

Greeting Card, inspired by nature. Copyright Liza Zeni 2011

My backyard has come alive this past week!  The Wattle Trees and Blackwood are in full bloom (making for fabulous sneezing competitions!!), the birds are busy, singing day and night, yes I said night; the magpies are warbling away at 1am?! and everything is so green and lush.  We’ve been blessed with the return of our distinct 4 seasons this year and I love the individual aspects of each.  I’m ready for Spring though now, come on, please, you can stop teasing us all with these half days of brilliance and warmth pfffft, just bring it on!!  The hint of warmth has been so invigorating.  It’s awakening my mind and refocusing my attention to detail after the lazy, long winter we’ve had.  I’m inspired to get out walking daily again as it’s not so finger and toe numbingly cold and frosty anymore.  I’m still traumatised by a childhood memory of being told to stay indoors out of the cold or Jack Frost would bite my toes off!  Maybe a slight excuse…  One thing I’ve been wondering though is where is all our birdseed disappearing to?!  There’s a lot of birds around at the moment, but we’ve been putting out a lot of seed!  Last night we discovered who’s been devouring it all…Mr Barry Brushtail Possum is the culprit!!

Today, I also want to thankyou all for the incredible response you’ve shown to my blog, the positivity, encouragement, compliments and feedback has been heartfelt and generous and I am very grateful.  A beautiful breath of relief has been breathed and a very happy smile is settled upon my face as this has been an almighty step forward, one that took a lot of work and courage.  I am especially happy that this little regular post brings you some inspiration, a moment of joy, an escape for one to reflect and ponder those inner thoughts and yearnings.  Listen to them and take note, don’t supress them for years like I did!  There’s such a beautiful, meaningful message in there if you want to hear it.  A few of you requested some images of my illustrations, so I’ve shown a couple for you today, hope you like them (o:

Liza xxx

Photograph taken by Liza Zeni Baker



2 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. Liza, I have just had my first look at your blog – it is fantastic!! I loved reading about your inspirations and true happiness at being on this new creative journey. And I will look forward to reading all your posts. Being someone who has neither a creative or mathematic brain cell, I love learning more about people who are passionate about these things, well art, not so much maths!! I am eagery awaiting the next entry!! PS Are you taking commisions for greeting card sized ink drawings yet??? Lynne x o

    • Hey Lynne, thankyou for your beautiful encouragement X I would LOVE to take on some commisions to anyone interested in wanting some. Send me an email outlining what you were thinking about or after and we’ll go from there. Really exciting thankyou xxx

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