A New Found Warmth

Here I am loving every minute of this buzzing, warm, creative energy xxx

Hello and wow what a week I have had!  Has yours been as sprightly?  My mind has been racing full pelt ahead with over enthusiastic ideas I can’t keep up with.  I’ve just completed the first week of Kelly Rae Roberts Flying Lessons ecourse www.kellyraeroberts.com/learn and “Wow, I’m amazed at all the content that we’ve been given and absorbed just in week one!  I envisaged this would be huge, but my gosh, this is bigger than huge!!.”  My heart’s been skipping along, sometimes fluttering like a butterfly, or so I’d like to think, but rather maybe heart palpatations due to the lack of sleep and regular afternoon caffeine hits I’ve been having.  In my efforts to keep up my poor body literally fell in a heap Friday night as I tried to fight sleep off and keep reading, but failed and fell asleep sleeping from 8pm to 9:30am!!  And yes, I was lucky enough to have Michael my husband and my two lil boys sleep in as well….well there were 4 in the bed when we awoke (o:  I’ve somehow gone from the girl who was only a morning person and so not the night owl, and focusing on one thing at a time …to the super multitasking mother who nolonger needs much sleep at all?!  And all this after years of nagging poor Michael to get off his computer, stop work and come to bed before midnight,…he just laughs now, as there I am happily sitting next to him, night after night, side by side at our desks, oblivious to the fact that it’s nearing 2am!!!  I’ve come to understand something very important this week.  I now truely understand what it means to be inspired, driven and motivated from your heart and soul.  I’ve found a new warmth from deep within me, and I LOVE IT xxx

A Lorikeet playing amongst the Wattle Trees Sunday morning

It’s been an amazing week, full of wonderful creative energy, newly formed friends, abundant inspiration and learning and a wonderful weekend of family fun, sunshine and a hint of warmth back in the air.  I awoke this morning to glorious blue skies, sunshine with warmth for a change and these Lorikeets making such a racket!  In the end there were about 6 of these colourful, bold birds dancing amongst the branches and new blooms of lemon yellow Wattle trees (our deck has a new yellow coat of colour too, lucky it’s my favourite colour) all looking at me and chirping loudly as if to say “well where’s our breakfast feast of fresh seed love?!”.  The boys loved the flirty energy of these birds and were super excited to see them and up so close, Dad was not so keen that we were all outside in our PJs and Uggs with breakfast left stranded on the table…but he soon joined us as it was such a treat to see them back to visit us again after so long.

Enjoying using some of my hordings in a collage at a new found friend's home Friday

 I’ve met and spent treasured times with some beautiful new found friends this week; new neighbours our age with twin girls same age as Tully, some parents from our boys daycare with whom we spent half of Saturday with at the most relaxed, yes that’s right “relaxed” 3 year old birthday party on a gorgeous green pocket of land in the middle of suburbia, definitely an escape to nature and I’m sure that’s why there was a general warmth and calm amongst us all; young and old!  And Friday, a special day crafting with Amanda.  She’s beautifully warm, generous, and spirited and I met her earlier this year in March when I began my newfound love and journey into art, participating in Flora Bowleys “True Bloom” workshop, www.florabowley.com  Together we created some new pieces with all the hordings of scap paper, tearings from mags, business cards, wrapping paper offcuts, treasured cards and the like I’ve shoved in desk draws, diaries and journals over the years unable to throw away because they had a little something special that captured my heart but I didn’t know what to do with.  Some made it onto my inspiration board in my studio (I shall share this with you all soon) and now some of the remaining pieces have been stuck to a canvas collage to be created into 2 new artworks.  They’re not complete yet and this is a new process that I’m trying out for some fun and recyling.  I usually just draw and paint.  I look forward to sharing where these go in time to come.  Friday reminded me of my Primary School days daydreaming with my head in the clouds, dreaming away…. 

Copyright Liza Zeni 2011

Here is one of the two canvases that I began in Flora’s class earlier this year, it’s almost completed now, which is exciting for me (o:

Ahh dreaming there’s been so much dreaming going on this week and some more should be taking place right now in bed!  I’ve been blessed with beautiful weather, warm hearted friends and so much inspiration and love from all aspects of life.  Wishing you all an inspiring week ahead and I hope this creative energy and love flows through into your lives this week.

Liza xxx

PS. Just discovered how to insert photos and links, a little over excited, will keep future posts a wee bit shorter than this one (o”


29 thoughts on “A New Found Warmth

  1. Hi there! So excited that you’ve started your blog. From what I can see at first glance, you’ll be sharing some really beautiful content with us. Did you paint the image in your blog banner? If so, it is absolutely gorgeous — so warm and full of depth.

    Also happy to see another Australian in the Flying group 🙂 I live in Melbourne so we’re not too far apart!

    • Hi Yasmeen, wow that was a quick response, thankyou!! Can’t believe you’re also in Melbourne, indeed close and this is an amazing group (o: Yes, I did paint the image in my blog banner, it’s a close up taken from the image of one of my paintings in my latest blog posting. I’m very new to painting though and have only just begun in March this year. I’m also illustrating, although I’ve always sketched and drawn, especially from nature, from a young age and this comes a lot more naturally to me than painting. I love both though, so it’ll be fun to see where my paintings head and take me. I’ve just had a very quick look at your blog, heading back now, “food & recipes” ahhh another love and passion of mine, this’ll be fun! I look forward to joining your blog roll, thanks again (o”

  2. WOW – looks like you are already taking off! Cool – just keep going, to me it looks “right”. And yes, I’ll come back, because I like your writing style and your blog ;-))

    • Thankyou, I shall keep going. I’m aiming to post twice a week for the time being. I havn’t written publically like this before so this is all very new to me. Loving the positivity and encouragement, thankyou x

  3. Greetings Liza
    Fellow flyer here. Congrats on the blog – loved that you shared all the positive energy. Your colorful artwork is wonderful. I also enjoyed seeing the photo of the Lorikeet and the Wattle tree which I have never heard of. Thanks for sharing it all. Best, Kim

    • Thankyou Kim, it’s really great receiving all of this positivity and feedback from the KRR group, what an amazing group of people! I look forward to having a wander over to your site soon (o:

  4. Hey,just had a read of your post, I love the way you right, at times like listening to my own thoughts, isn’t it funny how when you are excited and inspired you notice so much more around you- the blue skies and birds 🙂
    Only thing I would say is the post is pretty long, but I would still like reading it all, maybe just in smaller chunks
    Good job on getting started! 😉 c

    • Thanks Lauren, great to meet you, and I’m blown away by all this feedback so soon, it’s really helpful! LOL I had a giggle when I read your last part about “the post is pretty long”, yes exactly what I was thinking last night as I was proof reading it and I should now know to trust my instinct (o: I am definitely going to keep them shorter in future, I tend to write as the words are spoken in my head so I am always writting too much!! Great to have things to refine though. I totally agree about the world around you opening up as you are inspired and excited too.

  5. Good morning Liza,
    I love that you are so excited to start your blog! In fact, I have been a little overwhelmed by all of the activity on Facebook but something about your post jumped out at me and I came over for a peek…nice job! I also have a blog (very basic from godaddy.com) after seeing all of the cool things that you did on yours I am checking out wordpress asap 🙂
    I am a life coach that loves to write and have incredible creative aspirations (meaning I can’t paint, draw, sculpt etc) but would LOVE to, which is why Kelly Rae’s story is so encouraging to me.
    Feel free to check out my blog too at http://www.justbelieveinyou.com

    Have a great day!

    • Me too, really overwhelmed and I’ve actually got to put this down tonight and get back to Kelly’s actually posts and doing some work there!! It’s an incredible amount of information, feedback and such an inspiring community, very easy to get lost in and wow I wish I didn’t have to sleep!! WordPress has heaps of templates and you can just select one and run with it. I still have loads to learn and implement on here but great to hear you like it (o: I’m am definitely not great at IT, so this is an incredibly big step for me and a huge learnign curve! Will check yours out, thankyou for responding and you have a lovely day too (o”

    • Thankyou Rebecca, it’s really lovely to be receiving all of these encouraging and positive comments. I can’t believe I was so nervous and worried about starting my blog and setting it up. I thought it had to be finalised in it’s design, have all the links, buttons, badges etc, my art to be more advanced than it is and the overall blog looking perfect before I put it out there and started posting. This is a wonderful relief! Definitely take the Bloom True workshop if you get the chance, Flora is such a natural teacher and a generous warm soul, I loved every minute of it and watching her paint was a treasured experience. Thanks for coming over here to visit my blog xxx

  6. Hi! I’m visiting from Flying Lessons and I love love love your paintings. I’ve been dying to go to Flora Bowley’s classes, but can’t quite afford it yet. I would love to paint in that style–it’s so amazing–it’s hard to describe it. Any tips you’d be willing to share?


    • Hi Jill thankyou for your sweet comments X Yes Flora and her work is amazing, I was really really lucky to have done her workshop, a gift from my husband for my birthday and it was a HUGE gift as it was this workshop of Flora’s and Kelly’s blog (how I came across Flora) and both of their shared messages and encouragment that began the real start of this creative art journey for me. Some tips I can share and messages from Flora are “find your authentic voice and what’s true for you”, “what are you grateful for in life?”, “visualise what you’d love out of your life”, “flow and move intuitively with confidence”, “when you draw from your life, you’re giving it life”. These were some messages that I wrote down throughout her workshop. Flora and her work is all about intuition, following what’s in your heart and bring that to the surface and portraying that in your work. Her process is intuitive, free and explorative. She talks about getting colour and movement onto the canvas through layers of application and mark making and then seeing what pops out at you, express and highlight the imagery that begins to come through. She also talks alot about road blocks, how to free up and uses movement, yoga, music and technique to move through these trouble spots that artists sometimes encounter. I hope this helps out, I should write a blog entry at some point on the workshop and what I experienced. Although it was way back in March?! Keep aiming to enrol in one of her workshops some day, the right time will come (o:

    • Hi Jill, I’ve finally gotten around to posting that post I promised you on some tips on my painting technique and process, hope you like it and it gives you something to play with in your own work. Liza xxx

  7. Hi Liza, my partner and I used to live in Belgrave in the Dandenong Ranges and your photo of the lorikeet is really taking me back! Love your post, loved the photos. I’ve been thinking lately that I should take some in action photos of me painting but I feel a bit sheepish about it. Yours look so good I’m feeling a bit braver about it now. Just a wee suggestion for next time — I think this post could’ve been broken up into several posts and posted throughout the week. Maybe next time 🙂

    • Hi Katherine, I LOVE the Dandenongs, we used to often go for day trips up there when I was younger, taking picnics, exploring the bush and walking amongst the tall tress. That is a really special and enchanted area and holds so much inspiration and beauty. It is still a favourite place for me to visit. Yes do take photos of yourself painting and your process. To be honest I didn’t even think about it, I just got my husband to take them. I love to look back on where my work has come from, how it’s developed and its really interesting to see yourself in the moment, the expression on your face, the light radiating from withing. Certainly what I’ve found when looking at creative photos of me anyway. If not for others, do take them for yourself X Thankyou for the insight into my long post, I was thinking this at the time of writting it and I have to work on being less wordy….and here too LOL!

  8. You just ooze sweetness, Liza! Love it. Congrats on the new blog, too! I just started one as well, I’m a fellow inspired flier. WordPress looks nice; is it intuitive to use?

    • Oooooh you’re lovely, thankyou! I’m all new to this blogging buisiness and online networking and certainly not up with all the IT jargin and info. I hadn’t used anything else prior to this and decided to go with wordpress purely because I’d heard so many postive responses to it and that it was the most effective way to go long term in regards to integrating it with a website and the like. I also knew I’d have to learn something, so may as well start with what I’d prefer to use long term, no matter how hard or daunting the task first seemed. For a novice such as myself it’s been pretty intuitive to my surprise. Once I sat down, focused without distraction and got into it, following prompts for help menus and so on I soon got into it and began to learn some of the functions and ways to set up a blog. I havn’t spent a lot of time getting to know all it’s ins n outs yet so I’ll still need to develop and refine my blogs appearance. So all in all yes it’s great, go for it, and don’t put it off for as long as I did!!

  9. Congratulations on taking this giant step! It can be so daunting. I’m a fellow flyer and the fact that you mastered this so quickly is very encouraging!

    • Indeed it was very daunting for me Mona, especially setting up this blog and then putting myself out there and being confident with what I’m doing and my artwork. I constantly have to put out of my mind the worry about what people will think as it’s just not important and I need to trust within myself and follow my true path and do it for myself (o: I put off taking this first step for such a long time, so once I took it and started exploring the set up for my blog it really wasn’t all that scary (o:

  10. Dear Liza, Congrats on your beautiful new blog. I’m soooo excited for you!! I can feel the passion and excitement radiating from your writing and its sooo inspiring and infectious! I love your beautiful art and I can’t wait to see your future posts and share your journey. So happy to see you “Taking Flight”!! Wini xo

    • Thankyou Wini, you were so right, it really wasn’t that hard to get a blog up and going. It may not be the final appearance and design yet, but just getting going was fairly simple and stress free. I was such a silly worrier wasn’t I (o: That’s great to hear that my writting is coming across well. That is also very knew for me to be sharing with everyone here. I’m glad to hear it’s inspiring X If it wasn’t for you I may not have taken this step, so very grateful for your enthusiasm, sharing, encouragement and friendship xxx

  11. Hi Liza, Donna from somerville here. Congrats on your new blog. It looks great!!!Your work looks amazing and that workshop that you took sounds fascinating. How did you come to do that workshop?
    You have taken that first step towards a new creative life. Well done! I’m looking at using wordpress as well fro my blog(when I get the courage up to start it!) I look forward to coming over and checking on your blog. xo Donna

    • Hi Donna, how are you going with the course? It’s so intensive, I’ve been sitting up way too late at night totally absorbed!! Thankyou for your positive feedback, very appreciative X I actually came to do Flora’s workshop through a blog Kelly posted some time ago, here’s the link to that post; http://kellyraeroberts.blogspot.com/2011/01/flora-bowley-inspiration-overload.html
      I was so inspired by her work that I contacted Flora through her website and email, she responded and we communicated a couple of times and she mentioned she was coming to Australia to do a workshop in WA if I was interested. I said definitely, but bad timing financially and with 2 young boys under 2. Then a month later she emailed me again saying she decided to come to Melbourne too. It still wasn’t great timing but my husband saw that it was a fantastic oportunity and agreed it would be a fabulous workshop to attend (I’d never attended any other creative workshops) and it became an extra special birthday gift. We also invited Flora down to stay a night with us, which she did, it was lovely to share with her and get to know her a bit and show her a little bit of Melbourne the next day. She will be back here for sure at some point so you should join her mailing list on her website; http://www.florabowley.com
      Do, do start your blog, I put it off for ages for exactly the same reasons, was nervous about taking the plunge and putting myself out there and also the whole IT, setting up a blog with no knowledge barrier, go for it, it really wasn’t anywhere near as hard as I was envisaging! WordPress has lots of self help menus and info to find your way through the basics. Keep me posted on how you go (o: Liza xxx

  12. Nice Blog. How do you find time? Any tips? With two kids on my back I hardly manage to brush my hair in the morning ;-).

    Nice artwork. Remind me of Kandinsky’s colours. More please.

    • Zoran, hey thanks for visiting my blog and for your kind comments! Time, well as you know and talk about, what time with kids?! I’ve been up after midnight every night for the past month or two and purely from a passion point of view. I’m really loving ever minute of this creative process and journey, … so different to Architecture!!! Why I did Architecture and for so many years, ploughing away I will never know. It’s interesting where life takes you. I havn’t had time to catch up with you and your beautiful family though and it’s been on my mind. I will email you guys but in short Tully has sleep apnea so is on a wait list to have his tonsils out and then we’ll be back to normal with more normal days with Tully I hope and be able to get back to our normal catch ups and visits with friends. I will keep posting more, and plan to post a blog twice a week for the time being, so subscribe if you like it (o: Love to you all, Lxxx

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